Chapter 218: Jiang Feng’s Martial Dao Goals

Chapter 218: Jiang Feng’s Martial Dao Goals

“Chen’er, I heard Xue Tong say that you got into a conflict with an elder of the Precious Tree Sect when you left?”

“Father, don’t worry about this. It’s just a small matter.” Jiang Chen knew that his father was worried about his future. But in Jiang Chen’s eyes, a mere elder of the Precious Tree Sect was really not someone worth worrying about.

Jiang Feng sighed, “Chen’er, your father still thinks it a bit incredible when I ruminate over all that has happened to you. My abilities are paltry so I can’t smooth the way for you any longer. It will be up to you to pave your own road step by step in the future.”

“Oh right, father, you’ve lingered at the peak of true qi for long enough. It’s about time to start assailing the spirit realm. I have a Five Dragons Opening Heavens Pill here. It’s a wondrous medicine for making any attempt to reach the spirit realm. It will give you a ninety percent chance of success.”

Jiang Feng was greatly astonished, “What did you say? Ninety percent?”

In fact, Jiang Chen had given a conservative estimate as he taken out an upper rank pill this time. An upper rank actually gave the user a 99% chance of...

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