Chapter 2179: The Veluriyam Palace Establishes A Sect

The Veluriyam Capital of today was well-manned and well-equipped.

On the second day of the formation’s reactivation, Jiang Chen announced to the public his discovery of the ancient Veluriyam Palace. He would formally move into it and fully grasp its heritage.

The shocking piece of news made great waves in the human domain.

Everyone knew that the ancient Veluriyam Palace had led the human domain in the ancient past. It was the precursor to the current Veluriyam Capital.

If Jiang Chen received its heritage, would the human domain herald yet another major breakthrough?

As expected, the human leader gave out gifts to his subordinates in the city the very next day. Considering the ancient palace’s stores, the items he gave out were an absolute negligible fraction.

However, they meant much more to their recipients’ fortunes.

The whole city was jubilant at the occasion. The other factions in the Upper Eight Regions were green with envy; many cultivators wanted to leave their own factions and join Veluriyam Capital.

“Many factions stood at the helm of humanity in ancient times. The appearance of Veluriyam Palace only heralds its peers,” came Jiang Chen’s announcement. 

This settled down the various inhabitants of the Upper Regions. An ancient heritage of their own was something their mouths watered about. The prospect of obtaining them was a sorely needed boost that every faction could use.

However, Jiang Chen did declare that due to the current chaos in the human domain, he would take over any ancient heritage that did arise, then choose a reasonably proximate and suitable inheritor for it.

This was mildly tyrannical, but the young man who ruled the entirety of the human domain had sufficient authority to make such a proclamation.

Moreover, Jiang Chen was very clear that he wasn’t going to keep the heritage for himself. His sole objective was to ensure that the heritage wouldn’t fall into wicked hands. His point of departure was the opposite of selfishness.

This was completely understandable and believable. Considering what Jiang Chen currently had access to, an ordinary heritage wouldn’t be worth anything to him.

Veluriyam Palace’s heritage alone was enough for him to digest for a very long time.

Moreover, the other factions in the human domain lacked the ability to hold an ancient heritage on their own. Therefore, the appearance of these heritages would potentially herald a new wave of disasters.

If Jiang Chen was responsible for doling them out, that would keep both the heritage and the people safe.

Now that the ancient Veluriyam Palace was out in the open, Jiang Chen began to restructure Veluriyam Capital. The pagoda in the city’s center turned into the entrance to the palace, and every faction that had formerly belonged to Veluriyam Capital was brought beneath the banner of Veluriyam Palace – Sacred Peafowl Mountain included.

The latter had nothing to complain about.

Jiang Chen had told them already that he would take especial care of them. If Emperor Peafowl returned, he would instantly return the faction to his old friend. He prepared a large portion of gifts from Veluriyam Palace for the missing emperor as well, including a number of cultivation resources.

The young man was certainly more than considerate enough.

No faction could complain about the way he had handled the affair. Their new association with the ancient Veluriyam Palace increased their own prestige.

The pinnacle of ancient power would have been something unreachable for their entire lives otherwise. What was wrong with becoming a subsidiary faction for something so great?

Belonging to the ancient palace brought a number of benefits. Protection and resources were only part of it.

Mo Wushuang and the others immediately joined Veluriyam Palace, becoming the first generation of cultivators to do so after its reestablishment.

Jingzhong Hui, Mo Zhe, Lin Yanyu, Gouyu, Xue Tong…

Jiang Chen’s old friends, students, and subordinates asked to join the palace as well. Understandably so, given their connection to its lord.

Xia Tianze was elevated to venerated elder, commanding a standing and dignity that was second only to Jiang Chen’s own.

As for the gods under his command like Lan Tianhao and Yu Gong, Jiang Chen preferred to ask their opinion.

“Your time as my followers will eventually come to an end. When the circumstances are ripe, I will return your freedom to you. Still, you are my attendants at this point in time. I’d like to give you the choice to join the new Veluriyam Palace. Are you interested?”

Veluriyam Palace’s reputation of superlative strength was known far and wide by anyone who had even a passing knowledge of ancient affairs.

“Of course, milord,” Yu Gong answered instantly. “I am willing to contribute my strength to you and to the palace.”

“The same is true for us, milord.”

Who wouldn’t want to belong to the greatest sect under the heavens, given the option? Who would want to be a wandering cultivator who roamed about in beggarly homelessness?

These cultivators had never had a particularly good time in Myriad Abyss Island. None of them came from the ten sacred lands. Of course, they had eventually been imprisoned for various reasons in the Boundless Prison.

They were no stranger to inferiority.

And yet, a chance to change their fate was put right in front of them. They could join the ancient faction which had led all of mankind. Wouldn’t that give them loftier status than any member of the ten sacred lands?

What were the sacred lands? Small splinters of the ancient factions that had come from the human domain. They didn’t have a full claim on being the rightful heirs of their ancient predecessors.

The present Veluriyam Palace was another matter. Its ancient resources and heritage had been so well-preserved that it was like the faction’s second coming.

Moreover, there was no worry whatsoever about being oppressed by experts stronger than they. Aside from the head of the palace and a mysterious venerated elder, they would be the strongest ones in the faction!

If they joined now, they could very well become elders in their own right.

Veluriyam Palace would be a new home for them. A place that granted them equal standing with even the ten sacred lands’ forefathers.

All the gods that Jiang Chen had brought from Myriad Abyss knelt in unison.

The young man nodded coolly and refrained from showing excessive emotion. “Everyone deserves one chance at redemption. You followed Old Lightford because you were deceived. Now that you are members of Veluriyam Palace, you should know better than to make the same mistake. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Each man braced himself. They all knew what the young lord was implying.

Once they joined Veluriyam Palace, betrayal would be a much more serious matter. In fact, betraying one’s sect meant death.

“As members of Veluriyam Palace, we will defend our faction’s honor to the death. May you be our witness, sect head!”

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