Chapter 2178: The Formation Reactivates!

All preparations were complete. Those who arrived to bear witness were instructed to stay outside. The surroundings were heavily guarded.

Jiang Chen stood high above the crowd and declared, “The formation will be reactivated today. Remember, all of you may spectate, but crossing the warning lines will be considered an attempt of sabotage no matter who you are. The consequences will be yours to bear.”

His tone was severe, making it clear that he wasn’t joking.

Everyone fell silent, as did the world around them. It was as if even the insects could sense the young lord’s solemn killing intent.

Those assigned by Jiang Chen flooded in to set up the spirit stones.

Once he activated the first mechanism, it would set off a chain reaction percolating throughout the entire formation. At that point, the rest would fall into place naturally.

He had set up an impenetrable defense at each of the formation nodes. At this critical juncture, not even the supreme god of all beings could disrupt his plan.

Whoever came stirring up trouble, Jiang Chen’s vengeance would be swift and mighty.

“The time has come. Reactivate!”

Jiang Chen infused his divine power into the first mechanism. Once come back to life, the energy pulsed through the other formation veins, building upon itself like waves upon waves at a speed faster than the eye could follow. One after another, an increasing number of veins lit up, akin to lanterns in the dark.

The tremendous scene inspired thunderous applause from the crowd.

Unfazed, Jiang Chen swept his God’s Eye over the area like an eagle.

At this time, an escape route opened at the center of the formation node. It would last roughly eight minutes, after which the doorway would close again, permanently.

Mang Qi at the fore, alien cultivators swarmed out of the opening. Bedraggled and dressed in tattered clothes, they raised jade slips over their heads like shields from death.

Those waving a jade slip over their heads were let out by the four sacred beasts.

Those who weren’t met with their ends in a swift and uncompromising fashion. The brutal executions sent chills down many a spectator’s spines.

Eight minutes wasn’t long at all, but it was long enough to admit a thousand cultivators. They all looked unkempt and battered. Being sealed for two hundred thousand years had humiliatingly turned them into savages.

Fortunately, they still retained their senses. Once out, they shrank into a corner and obediently listened to instructions without protest.

“Take them to where they should be, Mang Qi,” exclaimed Jiang Chen. “And don’t move after you get there.”

Mang Qi obediently took the cultivators to the designated location.

The reactivation of the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement threatened to move the earth and shatter the skies.

Strange phenomena cascaded, one after another.

If even the reactivation of the formation created such magnificent reactions, it was easy enough to imagine how awe-inspiring the sights must have been when it was set up for the very first time!

After a long while, the reactivation was completed!

Jiang Chen breathed out a long sigh of relief. Finally, it was done! The reactivation had gone unusually smoothly. The veins flared brightly with vigor as they came together to form a complete formation.

The formation integrated offense and defense into one system. It’d be next to impossible for the demons to destroy it.

Any two points of the formation held the same level of offensive and defensive power. Anyone without an understanding of the essence of the formation would be killed if they so much as touched it.


Venerated Skysoarer was visibly pleased. He hadn’t contributed much when the formation was first set up, but he’d been deeply involved this time.

Satisfaction from seeing his work come into fruition delighted him.

Even the prideful Xia Tianze sighed in relief when he saw the formation come fully back to life. Of course, he didn’t let it show. He never wanted anyone to see him when he wasn’t at his dashing best.

“The reactivation is complete! I hereby announce that the human domain will no longer be the first target once the demonic army invades,” Jiang Chen declared. “If demons are to enter the human domain, they’ll have to traverse the entire Divine Abyss Continent to get to us. From now on, the human race is to work hard to make the final preparations for the coming war!”

“All hail the mighty young lord Jiang Chen!”

“Heavens bless the human domain!”

Thunderous cheers clearly denoted everyone’s sense of relief. The formation had been around since the ancient times. Everyone knew what it meant to the domain.

The human domain was finally protected!

Cultivators from all sects and factions cried tears of joy. Even the less emotional ones had reddened eyes.

A graceful figure looked on some distance away from the crowd. A gratified smile tugged at the corner of his lips. The man had a handsome face and kind eyes. Those who knew him would’ve recognized him immediately. He was Emperor Peafowl, marked by his long absence.

He’d long ascended to empyrean realm, and was close to reaching advanced empyrean. He was very satisfied with the accomplishments that the Veluriyam Capital of today could boast of.

He’d stayed hidden out of support for Jiang Chen’s rule and authority. He didn’t want to put the young man in an awkward position.

What the young man had achieved was all he could hope for.


Further away from the formation node were Roguemist and Jadeface. They lurked in the dark, highly displeased, but also resigned and remorseful.

The formation was operational again. They couldn’t do anything now. They’d wanted to disrupt the process, but they knew they’d be moths to the flame given their limited power.

Xia Tianze’s voice sounded from beside Jiang Chen. “Those demons linger on the fringe, Jiang Chen. Shall we bring them here as sacrifice?”

Jiang Chen cackled and responded through transmission, “Don’t be impatient. We’ll have them sooner or later. I’m still waiting for them to take us to Forefather Stonefiend and Evilshadow. We need to know where those two are.”

With the formation reactivated, the human domain could finally have some peace, which boosted morale greatly.

Overnight, the human domain sank into a frenzy of celebration.

Jiang Chen remained unusually calm. He knew this was but the start of their fight with demons. The Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement wasn’t enough to win them the coming war.

They still had a long ways to go.

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