Chapter 2175: Nefarious Intentions

Jadeface had been dithering around outside, wondering if he should go to Forefather Evilshadow. He wanted to, but he still had his doubts. What if all of this was part of Jiang Chen’s plan?

Perhaps Jiang Chen himself didn’t know where the forefather was. Otherwise, why hadn’t the human done anything yet?

Perhaps the human leader was waiting for him to reveal the forefather’s location!

However, he was the only active shadow demon at the moment. The others had gone silent in the ancient times. Jadeface had no one to turn to other than Forefather Evilshadow. He couldn’t very well turn to yin demons for help, could he?

“Wait, the yin demons!”

A bold idea flourished in his mind. He could let yin demons take the fall for him!

The malicious idea took root and flourish. The more he thought about it, the more he found the plan to be a solid one.

He’d direct Jiang Chen’s attention to Forefather Stonefiend of the yin demons. Then Stonefiend would be the one targeted!

Demons were prohibited from fighting and selling out one another, but it wasn’t rare for demons to plot against their peers.

Jadeface soon found a reason to justify his behavior. He was simply going to find Roguemist. He wasn’t selling anyone out.

Shadow demons were talented trackers. Jadeface found Roguemist in two days.

Roguemist had believed Serratewind’s word and summoned a great number of ghouls to attack two of the formation nodes. But not only had the plan failed to be effective, more than half of his puppets had been taken out! 

The resulting backlash damaged him greatly, and when he’d recovered enough to investigate what had happened, he found out that the entire shadow demon force had been wiped out!

The terrifying realization gripped him in a claw of fright. 

He was fortunate to have been in charge of keeping the other two formation nodes occupied. If he’d attacked Jiang Chen with Serratewind, he would’ve stepped right into the human’s trap.

Lingering fear deepened his dread of the human leader.

As soon as he saw Jadeface, his immediate reaction was that this was an imposter!

“Hear me out, Daoist Roguemist, I swear on the supreme god of demons that I’m not an imposter.” Jadeface worried that Roguemist would just leave.

Roguemist considered Jadeface carefully and the two sensed the other’s bloodline. Only after making sure that this was the real Jadeface did Roguemist relax.

However, he maintained an impassive expression. He didn’t want to get too involved with shadow demons again.

“Why the cold treatment, Daoist Roguemist? We may be from different tribes, but we’re all demons, aren’t we?” Jadeface wore an innocent look while he spoke in a dejected tone.

Roguemist scoffed. “I warned Serratewind that your plan was too risky, but he didn’t listen. Look at what happened to him. He’s dead, isn’t he?”

Jadeface sighed. “Stop rubbing it in. We have a chance to turn the tides, Daoist Roguemist. Don’t you agree?”

Roguemist sneered. “You turn the tides yourself. Don’t drag me down with you. I’m not playing this game again.”

“What’s this about, Daoist Roguemist? I’m not the only one who should help our race. You yin demons should make your contributions as well. Once the young man reactivates the formation, we aren’t the only ones who will suffer now, are we?”

Roguemist exercised the highest degree of caution now when it came to shadow demons, like he would with humans. No matter what the shadow demon said and how he said it, Roguemist didn’t believe him.

He’d made up his mind to ignore the demon and stay far, far away.

“The human domain is not to be underestimated. We shadow demons have risked and given our lives to gain insight into the domain’s strength. If we let humans activate the formation, those of us left here will be trapped. You don’t need me to tell you what will happen next, do you?”

Roguemist picked at his ear lazily. “Are you done? If you’re done, scram!”

He wouldn’t fall for any shadow demon trick again. The previous operation’s failure was a stain on his record. If the forefather later found out that he’d been suckered in again, he’d pay with his life several times over!

Jadeface pouted. “Why are you being so stubborn?”

Roguemist huffed. “You shadow demons are going to bring me misfortunes of ten lifetimes. You wanna stick around? Fine, then I’ll go!”

He vanished in a puff of smoke.

Jadeface sneered. He wouldn’t let the yin demon go just like this. He shadowed Roguemist closely.

Noticing his tail, Roguemist had had enough with the harassment. He stopped Jadeface with a fierce expression. “Are you haunting me now? Should I send you to the underworld?”

Jadeface smiled fawningly. “We demons aren’t allowed to fight each other. My companions are dead now, Daoist Roguemist. I have no one to turn to. Of course I’m going to go with you. There’s strength in numbers. It’s better for us to stick together than fight on our own.”

“Cut that crap,” Roguemist snapped. “I told you to bounce and you better do so. Don’t anger me further, or I’ll refine you like a ghoul!”

Jadeface continued shamelessly, “You wouldn’t do something so reckless. Neither of us can take the punishment for fighting each other.”

Roguemist would love to squash the shadow demon. Unfortunately, even infighting was strictly prohibited, let alone killing a peer.

He tamped down his rage  with effort. “You’re Forefather Evilshadow’s man. Your companions are dead, but you can go to your forefather. What are you following me around for?”

“I made a mistake,” responded Jadeface. “I’m worried that the forefather will punish me.”

Roguemist scoffed with disbelief. Suddenly, realization dawned on him. His face tightened into a scowl and his eyes blazed with fury.

“You conniving bastard, Jadeface! You just escaped from the humans. You didn’t return to your forefather for fear of exposing him. But you came to me. You...”

It suddenly came to him what Jadeface was planning.

He could no longer contain his rage. He could take a little harassment, but he wasn’t going to tolerate such a despicable plan!

The bastard dared let yin demons take the fall?! If humans had been watching Jadeface, Roguemist must have been spotted as well!

If he then returned to Forefather Stonefiend, he’d be unknowingly revealing his forefather’s location!

Roguemist burned with fury.

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