Chapter 217: Pressure from the Elder of the Precious Tree Sect

Chapter 217: Pressure from the Elder of the Precious Tree Sect

Elder Iron was the epitome of frustration right now. He wanted to threaten and scare Jiang Chen for a bit and make him hand over the items. He wanted to take advantage of this to slap the old lordmaster’s face and poke holes in his bullshit.

Who knew that this kid would put up such an impenetrable front and even hint that he was picking on the weak and afraid of the strong, only picking on a young man because he couldn’t handle Ye Chonglou?

Although this was the truth, speaking the truth at an occasion like this made Elder Iron lose a great amount of face.

“You… what’s your name? What house do you belong to in the Skylaurel Kingdom? Do you understand decorum? Do you know who I am?!”

Jiang Chen flicked a baffled look at Elder Iron, thinking, is something wrong with your head? I’ve already called you Elder Iron, how would I not know who you are?

Of course, he couldn’t very well continue butting heads with Elder Iron here. He laughed wryly and decided to take his leave. Although the old mad dog barking in front of him hadn’t bitten anyone, it was still displeasing just to listen to him.

However, Jiang Chen taking a step away thoroughly infuriated the Elder Iron.

This… this was complete...

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