Chapter 2169: End of the Fighting

At the same time, Serratemorus was trying to launch a suicide attack on the Black Tortoise with his forbidden method. 

However, even Lightford hadn’t been able to break through the tortoise’s defense, so how would a demigod shadow demon be able to do so? Serratemorus was enveloped by the Black Tortoise Festering Gas as soon as he deployed the forbidden method.

Meanwhile, Serratewind had spotted an opening. In a flash, he soared to a high vantage point in the sky.

The Vermilion Bird had long been waiting for him. It stared at the demon with a smirk.

Serratewind matched its expression and, with a turn of his body, shook out countless strange dots from his body like lice. They turned into an infinite amount of shadows that scattered in all directions.

It was a shadow demon technique, shadow clones!

Even the Vermilion Bird was caught by surprise.

Jiang Chen sprang to action. 

“Do you still want to run?” he exclaimed as he activated the Great Veluriyam Torch. Although he had yet to fully finish refining the torch, the item’s power was impressive enough.

The torch blazed harshly like a blinding sun. No matter how fast Serratewind was, he couldn’t outrun the torch’s radiance, the light of which hit him in a single second.

Serratewind was immediately exposed, standing out like a sore thumb in the sky. He would transform himself into a small particle if he could, but he couldn’t.

Enraged that it’d been disoriented by the shadow clones, the Vermilion Bird shrieked and cast its skyfire at the shadow demon. Waves of flame blocked the demon’s escape route.

“Let’s see where you’ll run to now!”

Serratewind panicked and attempted to scramble in another direction. And yet, the skyfire was no regular technique. It could be manipulated with tremendous flexibility.

As soon as the demon changed direction, the skyfire followed.

Like a caged animal, he charged around looking for a way out. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t outrun the skyfire.

From above Serratewind, Jiang Chen cast his Evil Golden Eye and paralyzed the demon in an instant.

Jiang Chen’s cultivation was higher than Serratewind’s, and his consciousness mighty. The shadow demon screeched to a halt. His mind shuddered as a mysterious power restrained it.

Another sacred beast emerged from the sky at this point. It was the Astral White Tiger. He was still one step away from ascending to divinity, and therefore wasn’t powerful enough to stop shadow demons from running away. In an open fight, however, the tiger was no lesser than the demons.

He roared fearsomely as he charged at Serratewind.

“Behave, Little White,” snapped Jiang Chen. “He’s mine.”

If it’d been the Vermilion Bird or the other divine beasts who’d given the command, the white tiger wouldn’t have listened. He would’ve continued its momentum and taken down the shadow demon.

However, neither him nor the other sacred beasts would ignore Jiang Chen’s words.

Embarrassed, the white tiger slowed to a halt and mumbled unhappily, “They’ve all got some kills, young master Chen. I’m the only one who’s left out. This is unfair.”

Jiang Chen chuckled. “Don’t be impatient. This is just an appetizer before the main course that is the demonic war. Why the hurry?”

With a scowl, the white tiger yawned lazily and curled up his tail, dropping his fierce expression. Like a lazy cat, he curled up in a corner like he wanted to take a nap.

The Vermilion Bird shook its head and smiled wryly.

It’d gained its fame as a sacred beast since the ancient times, whereas Little White had yet to ascend to divinity. The tiger was a young cub in its eyes. It wouldn’t get angry at the tiger.

The bird was surprised when it saw Jiang Chen trapping Serratewind with his Evil Golden Eye. The young lord was a human cultivator, yet able to dominate a demon with his mind! Such things happened only once in a blue moon even back in the ancient times!

The bird had no words to describe the young man.

As the human strengthened his consciousness, conviction drained from Serratewind’s face. In its place was confusion and obliviousness.

The demon had been thoroughly suppressed by Jiang Chen’s consciousness.

“Down you go!”

The battle concluded with one demon torn to bits by Long Xiaoxuan’s claws, one turned to ashes by the Vermilion Bird, one killed by the Black Tortoise Festering Gas, one decimated by the dragon’s Five Thunders Dragon Seal, and Serratewind taken captive.

Little White hadn’t done much of anything other than making an appearance. However, Jiang Chen didn’t expect much from the tiger to when he had yet to ascend to divinity.

In addition, Jadeface had already become a captive before the fighting.

Xia Tianze had been watching the battle play out from the dark. There were a couple reasons why he’d refrained from making a move. 

Firstly, the battle didn’t warrant his involvement. Secondly, he worried that a demon forefather was lurking somewhere. Thus, he remained hidden in case a demon forefather attacked.

Not it seemed that his worries were unfounded. He was stunned by the way the battle panned out.

The young lord and his companions exceeded his expectations. He’d thought that as a young man who’d just received Veluriyam’s heritage, Jiang Chen’s cultivation and strength must be greatly lacking.

Surprisingly, it turned out that not only was Jiang Chen tremendously powerful, so were the divine sacred beasts.

With some reluctance, Xia Tianze had to admit that Jiang Chen and his companions would be able to handle a regular demon forefather even without him.

Only a top level demon forefather would pose a threat to them.

Knowing that Elder Yuan Li was a demon, members of the Coiling Dragon faction dropped to their knees in terror and plead for mercy from Jiang Chen.

Elder He Gang came in a hurry as well. His face paled when he received the message, fearing for their clan’s future.

The Coiling Dragon faction should’ve been the young lord’s most steadfast support, yet there was a demon in their ranks. It had managed to get to a formation node and almost wreaked havoc!

Their crime was serious if Jiang Chen was to hold them responsible.

“He Gang and the rest of you, do get up. I’m not going to blame those who aren’t responsible. Elder Yuan Li must have been killed in the previous attack. The shadow demon was one who infiltrated your clan. Your young patriarch and I foresaw everything. We were simply trying to lure the demons out. What should you be blamed for?”

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