Chapter 2168: Struggles of a Trapped Beast

Shadow demons didn’t have the strongest physical bodies among the ten demon tribes. Compared to other races though, their bodies were still superior.

However, the claw still easily tore the shadow demon apart like he was made of paper.


The other four demons cried out in reaction, shellshocked and eyes widened to the point that they bulged out of their skulls. Although demons were a ruthless bunch, they cared greatly about their peers in the same tribe.

Their companion’s death tore into their hearts. Eyes bloodshot and hearts filled with grief, they immediately reached an understanding and charged at the giant claw as one.

Revenge was of utmost priority!

The claw belonged to Long Xiaoxuan. After ascending to divinity and consuming a piece of Amaranthine Clouddew Fruit, the dragon had been making progress at an amazing speed, gaining new insights every day.

His had soared to the point where he could rival the Vermilion Bird.

In terms of offensive power, even the Black Tortoise, who had earned its fame long ago, paled in comparison.

If the shadow demons had been gods, they might have been able to take on the dragon, but sadly, they were mere demigods.

A demigod demon was comparable to a divine human cultivator, but they had the misfortune to be faced with the sacred beasts, whose bloodlines were even more powerful.

A demigod sacred beast could rival a divine human cultivator as well.

As a result, the divine beasts’ higher cultivation allowed them to dominate the shadow demons. The demons’ advantage over humans meant nothing.

Long Xiaoxuan wasn’t intimidated by the four demigod enemies. In fact, he manifested his scaled body and soared through the sky, making circles in the air at tremendous speed.

As he moved, shadows emerged to isolate the area.

The Vermilion Bird cackled and exclaimed in the ancient beast language, “Leave some of them for us, Brother Long!”

However, Long Xiaoxuan wasn’t going to pull his punches once he activated his domain. The terrifying force continued to compress the space.

The four shadow demons were also exceedingly fast. They rushed away from the domain and tried to attack the dragon.

While their speed could rival the dragon’s, their overall strength fell short. It was impossible for them to hurt the dragon within his domain.

The Black Tortoise was feeling left out. It emerged from the side, bringing with it strands of rising mist that chilled the bones as if they’d blasted straight from hell.

The tortoise had deployed its killing move, the Black Tortoise Festering Gas.

Dealing with the dragon was already difficult enough for the four shadow demons. The tortoise made things even worse. The cold mist was a thorn in their backs. Though it was broad daylight, an unexplainable chill travelled down their spines.

At this moment, a blast of Vermilion Bird skyfire roiled over and swept one of the demons away.

The fire was intensely powerful. The demon shrieked with pain as he burned. He couldn’t put out the fire no matter how hard he struggled.

In the span of a breath, the fire burst into countless fire balls. The demon had exploded!

Another dead.

The deaths of their companions terrified the remaining three shadow demons. They’d fought in countless battles. They’d always been the ones slaughtering their enemies.

Even when their numbers were lower, the demons usually had the upper hand and were the ones on the offense.

Very rarely had they been so completely suppressed and ended up at the mercy of others.

Besides, shadow demons were experts in stealth and sneak attacks. They were assassins who relied on the surprise factor. Frontal assault wasn’t their forte.

Serrateblood, the one-eyed cultivator, and Serratemorus, a scowling demon with an impassive expression, exchanged a mutual glance and yelled, “Brother Serratewind, we’ll cover you! Flee and find the forefather!”

The unkempt Serratewind growled, “Do you take me as someone who would abandon my comrades?”

Serrateblood exclaimed, “One of us has to escape. If we all die here, who’s going to welcome the forefather when he breaks through the seal? Who’s going to tell him about what’s happened to us?”

“You’re our leader, Serratewind. Cut the crap and go! Stop wasting time!”

They were speaking in the demons’ tongue. Assuming that no one would understand, they talked candidly.

Noting that Serratewind still hadn’t moved, Serrateblood cursed, “I consider you our boss, Serratewind. Stop being a chicken now!”

“I’ll occupy the true dragon. You take on the old tortoise, Serratemorus. Whether you can break out of the bird’s defense is on you, Serratewind. Your brothers can only do so much for you!”

Serrateblood bawled out his commands. His body glowed a terrifying crimson red as he used a demon’s forbidden method.

A voice interjected, “Be on guard, Brother Long and the rest of you. The one-eyed demon and the expressionless demon are going to use their forbidden methods. They may be looking to take you down at the cost of their own lives. Be careful. Brother Vermilion, their leader is going to escape in your direction. Keep an eye out.”

It was naturally Jiang Chen.

After overcoming Jadeface, he had been observing the battle without joining in. He trusted that the three true spirits would be able to defeat the demigod demons.

He knew shadow demons weren’t adept at open brawls. They would pose no threat to the three sacred beasts.

Knowing that the demons were going to use their secret methods though, he felt the need to warn his companions. Although the methods might not be able to kill them, they could be hurt if they weren’t careful.

Long Xiaoxuan took the warning to heart. He continued to strengthen his domain and drew seals with his five claws, summoning countless bolts of lightning of different colors.

It was the Five Thunders Dragon Seal, a technique of the true dragons.

Dragons knew a great variety of techniques, making it impossible to predict their moves.

The one-eyed demon’s body was an eerie red after using the forbidden method. He charged at Long Xiaoxuan like a ticking bomb.

The dragon scoffed and created an invisible wall by manipulating his dragon domain, trapping the demon.

No matter how much Serrateblood struggled, he couldn’t break free.

Long Xiaoxuan didn’t want to waste his time on the demon. He commanded the countless bolts of lightning to hit the demon at the same time.


Serrateblood’s body exploded and was torn to pieces!

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