Chapter 2167: Turning the Tables

Jiang Chen sighed softly. “Elder Yuan Chi.” His voice was so low that he seemed to be talking to himself. “Do you really think righteousness can overcome all evil?”

The elder blinked. “Of course,” he remarked offhandedly. “Heaven and earth distinguish right from wrong. Evil never triumphs. Why wouldn’t the former triumph over the latter?”

The young man nodded. “I suppose you’re right. Why then, do evildoers come like moths to a flame?”

Elder Yuan Chi blinked. It felt like something was in his throat. “Young lord,” he choked out. “Are you talking about those evil spirits attacking the nodes?”

“Those evil spirits are only demonic puppets,” exhaled Jiang Chen. “They are not the evildoers I am talking about. Actual demons, Elder Yuan Chi… but shouldn’t you know that better than me?”

The elder’s entire body shook. His body was paralyzed by utter fear, a feeling that also showed in his eyes.

A single thought filled his mind. He had been found out!

This wasn’t good!

He wanted to spring into an attack, but his reflexes were too slow.

When his body finally reacted, a golden bell had already appeared at his back. It slammed down upon him, enveloping him squarely within.

Yuan Chi felt the weight of several mountains bear down upon him. He was entirely immobile no matter how much he struggled.

“What crime have I committed, young lord Jiang Chen, that you should treat me thus?” he shouted.

“What crime have you committed? Is there any need to ask? You were the one who told me that my righteousness would triumph over evil. Why weren’t you on alert then?” Jiang Chen’s tone was cool. “I don’t care who you are, but I do have to thank you for bringing your comrades. I’m going to go play with them for a bit.”

Elder Yuan Chi – or rather, Jadeface – felt his heart sink. This was very bad indeed. His shadow demon allies had infiltrated nearly to where the node was located.

But Jiang Chen had been clearly aware of their actions from the start. It could be said that they had walked into a trap. How laughable their previous confidence in victory had been! They had thought the leader of humanity a fool.

It was more than clear by now that they were the fools.

Anxious and frantic, Jadeface desperately wanted to contact his allies, but the golden bell upon him prevented him from moving at all.

It was at this time that Jiang Chen leapt into the sky, tossing something aloft. The heavens were illuminated with virtuous brilliance, spreading a blinding radiance into every corner down beneath. It was the Great Veluriyam Torch!

Its light revealed all evil within its range of influence.

Under the light of the torch, Serratewind and the others were forced to appear in their true forms.

The sacred beasts appeared from thin air, locking down the space in every direction. Xia Tianze didn’t even have to involve himself; Serratewind and the other demons were already cornered rats.

Serratewind instantly noticed the problem when the Great Veluriyam Torch’s light appeared. “Not good,” he yelped. “We’ve been had!”

He remembered Roguemist’s warning not to underestimate Jiang Chen.

How unfortunate that that demon had spoken true. A demon that he didn’t think much of normally had been right for once.

Shadow demons excelled at concealment and sneak attacks. They had a reputation for being an inexorable threat because of that.

When their natural talents were hindered, their strength was already effectively halved. There were no shadows for them to hide in under the light of the torch.

The five demigod demons felt the how dire of a situation they were in. They gathered together, keeping their backs upon each other’s as they scanned their surroundings. Their eyes were fierce and their stances resolute.

The one-eyed demon, Serrateblood, spat angrily. “Daoist Serratewind, did that Jadeface get found out?”

Serratewind was extremely confused. He didn’t know what was happening. “It’s useless saying that now. Our enemy already knew we were going to come, and he set up his forces in wait for us.”

“This is a trap!”

“Daoist Serratewind, didn’t Daoist Jadeface tell us that the sacred beasts were elsewhere? What crap has he fed us?”

The shadow demon demigods were uniformly furious. They felt they been sorely wronged by their comrade.

If Jadeface hadn’t sworn up and down that Jiang Chen only had a divine realm formation master nearby, they wouldn’t have been nearly so reckless.

Serratewind cursed to himself. Though Jadeface had provided incorrect information, he had been the one who’d decided on the strategy. He had thought nothing of its foolhardiness at the time, but the trouble he was in finally tipped him off to the venture’s risk.

Wildness flashed across his eyes. “Are you lot afraid?” he called out. “Even if there’s an obstacle in front of us, do we shadow demons not have the courage to fight to the death?”

The other demons respected Serratewind a great deal. Their blood rose up at his words. “We’ll give it all we’ve got!”

“Yes! Why should we brave demons be scared of a few beasts?”

“Hmph, how could these so-called sacred beasts be stronger than us demons?”

“Kill them all!”

Having decided to fight to the last, fighting spirit erupted from their bones. They darted at the sacred beasts in streams of shadow.

The Vermilion Bird chuckled. “A few old demigod demons dare flaunt their strength before us?” it called out to its allies. “Friends, shall we show them the meaning of pain?”

Sweeping its wings as it finished, the Vermilion Bird painted the air all about them with a crimson inferno. The very clouds seemed to be burning up.

The four sacred beasts were far stronger than shadow demons in terms of bloodline strength. Only the celestial demons could remotely compare. Shadow demons were far inferior.

Aside from their natural ferocity, these shadow demons had no advantage whatsoever.

Before they could even approach the sea of fire, they were already nearly melted away by the burning vermilion flames.

Panicked, they attempted an emergency landing that was interrupted by a draconic roar.

A flash of lightning heralded the arrival of a terrifying claw that grabbed a shadow demon right out of the air.

A ripping sound was heard; the hapless victim was torn to bloody shreds in the next instant.

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