Chapter 2166: The Arrow Is Fit to the String

Not far from there, Serratewind and several of his comrades were gathered together.

“Brothers,” the demon declared in a low voice. “Daoist Jadeface has been keeping me updated on the goings-on. Clearly, the attacks on the other two nodes have affected the human’s judgment. He’s become impatient and irritable. He’s trying to speed up the repairs, but he is much less effective than before. Our chance has come!”

“Tell us what to do, Brother Serratewind. Let’s do him in!”

“Hehe, of course we will. Before that though, we need to carefully analyze the situation. There’s a divine realm formation master under Jiang Chen’s service who’s probably a capable combatant. But since he’s a formation master, he’s not going to be that strong. 

“We demons can take on a human god as demigods alone. Since there are five of us here, two will be responsible for that formation master. Two more will be their backup, in case more gods are hidden in the wings. The final one will launch a surprise attack in concert with Daoist Jadeface. It is imperative that we succeed on our first attempt. Are you confident in doing your jobs?” Ferocity filled Serratewind’s eyes.

There were only five demons outside. Even if one added Jadeface to their number, that was only six. And yet, that handful was daring enough to face the humans’ leader head on, creating mischief deep within human territory. This was the perfect illustration of how much more ruthless demons were as a group.

The four other demons traded a look. Their demonic eyes glowed with bloodlust.

“F*ck this, doing this’ll be a big accomplishment for us. If we can kill that twerp Jiang Chen in the process, we’ll strike it rich too.”

“Daoist Serratewind, let’s get to it. Give us our orders.”

As the obvious leader, Serratewind cackled. “Good. We shadow demons didn’t earn much credit back in the ancient war and we’ve been endlessly berated for it. If we manage this heist, the honor will reflect upon our forefather as well. He will surely reward us handsomely when he breaks free.”

“Yes. We lay down our lives in service of the forefather!”

“Hurry up, Daoist Serratewind. Time waits for no demon.”

“Alright, then. Serratemorus, Serrateblood, you two deal with that divine realm formation master. No need to kill him, just hold him up.”

“Yes,” acknowledged the two shadow demons named.

“Serratemoon, Serratecloud, you two stay in the wings. If any other gods appear, cut them off.”

The other two demons nodded and grunted as well.

“Daoist Jadeface and I will perform a two-pronged attack. With some luck, we should be able to succeed instantly.” Serratewind grinned, clearly unwilling to pass up this most vital role to the others.

The rest of the demons weren’t going to disagree. Serratewind was indeed the strongest among them, which meant he had the best chance.

Furthermore, he was their leader as well. They had no reason to disobey.

“It’s settled, then. Get ready and we’ll sneak in. Remember, we’re shadow demons. Don’t lose face for our tribe!”

Shadow demons were mysterious and clandestine. It was difficult to see them even in broad daylight. They were so adept at hiding themselves that no other kind of demons compared when it came to assassination and sneak attacks.


Jiang Chen and his subordinates were embroiled in repairing the formation still. They toiled in utmost earnest, apparently intent on finishing all their work as soon as they could.

‘Elder Yuan Chi’ was a hard worker. He diligently helped Jiang Chen wherever needed.

“Young lord, are demons really responsible for the other two attacks?” the elder seemed to be looking for something to talk about in an attempt to earn the young lord’s favor.

Jiang Chen laughed. “That should be the case, but I trust Lan Tianhao and the others. Don’t worry, Yuan Chi. We’ll be fine here.”

“Of course, of course,” Yuan Chi laughed as well. “With you here, young lord, what demonic remnants would dare make trouble?”

Jiang Chen smiled. “You’re certainly a good talker. Demons aren’t as weak as you think. If they knew I had no one here, they very well might come.”

Yuan Chi paled. “We have so many people here, young lord. What makes you say that?”

“Ah, you don’t understand. Our numbers mean nothing in a fight with them. It depends entirely on how many gods there are on either side. The two other nodes have many gods stationed there, so they’re much safer.”

“Venerated Skysoarer is a god, is he not? And so are you, young lord. I hear that sacred beasts accompany you as well. I’m confident that the demons won’t try to provoke you.”

“Ah, the sacred beasts have their own jobs. Where else would I get enough people to defend the other two nodes otherwise?” Jiang Chen sighed. “But I won’t let any demons who make a pass at this place leave so easily.”

Yuan Chi’s emotions flickered, but he continued with his flattery. “Indeed, young lord. Your righteousness reigns above any evil.”

Jiang Chen burst into laughter once more. “Your words resemble Ji Ole Third’s in their sweetness.”

Yuan Chi offered a simpering smile. “I’m only telling the truth. Look at how many changes there’ve been in the human domain since the young lord has appeared. Isn’t it your great work that has brought this place to its current state? Fortune has decreed it so, and no amount of envy will make things otherwise.”

The disguised elder was happier and happier as he went on. He could feel his comrades slowly infiltrating the base. They were fewer than ten miles from the edge of the node.

When Daoist Serratewind gave the order, the battle would begin. He would only need to attack the formation in tandem with his comrades to destroy the formation utterly.

They were on the cusp of success – in fact, he could already taste it. His flattery hadn’t been in vain, since he had been able to confirm that the sacred beasts were indeed elsewhere.

That meant there were only two gods here. There was no way they would be able to stop the incoming shadow demon warriors.

An especially malevolent thought flashed across Yuan Chi’s mind. If he attacked Jiang Chen from where he was now, he had at least a fifty percent chance of success.

This was very tempting, since slaying Jiang Chen was more effective than destroying any formation. The human domain had no one else who understood it.

If he was dead, the formation was as good as useless. Even if anyone else tried to study it, they would need several decades before they would be able to complete their studies on the subject.

The demons would long have arrived then.

Yuan Chi’s heart was incredibly conflicted.

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