Chapter 2162: Traces of Demons

Repairs of the formation node in Ninesuns Sky Sect territory had entered the latter phase. With the experience gained in the previous phase, things went very smoothly.

Jiang Chen was about to get to work for the day when he received the news that the Coiling Dragon Clan had sent a team, led by Venerated Elder Yuan Li, to deliver spirit stones. He masked his reaction and smiled. “Ji Ole Third knows just what I need.”

He took a group of men to meet them.

Elder Yuan Li had brought a team of Coiling Dragon cultivators with him. The spirit stones they carried were laid on the outskirts. The stones might be meager in the grand scheme of the activation process, but they were a great fortune for the clan.

“This subordinate is Yuan Li of the Coiling Dragon Clan. Greetings to young lord Jiang Chen.”

“Greetings to young lord Jiang Chen.”

Many of the Coiling Dragon Clan had seen Jiang Chen before. At the time, the young man hadn’t risen in power and had been but a regular guest to the clan. They were thus familiar and felt a connection to him. Upon meeting him again, they found him to be personable. Moreover, Jiang Chen and their young patriarch were brothers.

Jiang Chen waved a hand casually. “No need for formalities. We’re all well-acquainted with each other here. I’ve seen all of you before. It’s not the first time we’ve met either, Elder Yuan Li, is it?”

“In the early days, I often saw the young lord in the clan’s manor,” the elder said respectfully. “At that time, the young lord was still an aspiring young genius. After all these years, you’ve become the leader of the human race. I greatly admire you for your achievement.”

“You’re too kind. I simply encountered some opportunities and were able to seize them. You’re all Ji Ole Third’s men. That makes you my own people. I hear that you’re not just here to deliver the stones, but also to help study the formation. Is that right?”

“This subordinate and a few other cultivators from the clan know a thing or two about formations,” Elder Yuan Li hurried out. “Therefore, I daringly came to ask for an opportunity to study under the young lord, hoping to gain some more knowledge.”

“Alright, I need all the talent I can get. Many things have to be considered in order to reactivate the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement. I can’t possibly do it all myself. I need your help to facilitate the success and create a shield for the human race.”

“I’ll happily serve the young lord and the human race,” the elder said with deferrence.

“Then I’ll take you to a formation senior. Learn what you can under his command. It’ll be an invaluable experience.”

Elder Yuan Li nodded. He and his team followed a guide to Venerated Skysoarer.

Jiang Chen turned his attention to another group from the clan. Their leader, He Gang, was a man of few words. He’d been silent the whole time.

He Gang’s face flushed red with excitement when Jiang Chen turned to him, but he only managed to say “Greetings, young lord Jiang Chen.”

“He Gang, isn’t it? I recognize you.”

He Gang nodded earnestly. “I… I… the young patriarch sent me here to help.”

“I’ve been informed. Take your people to patrol the parameters of the formation.” Jiang Chen warned, “Remember not to stray too far.”

It was good that they’d like to help, but if they drifted too far away and were targeted, it’d be troublesome.

Jiang Chen didn’t actually expect them to offer substantial help. They could be his eyes on the ground, though. If anything happened, one more person was one more voice to sound the alert.

He Gang was a straightforward man. He followed Jiang Chen’s instructions without thinking too much.

The young lord’s expression turned grim when he returned to the tent.

He opened his hand to materialize the Great Veluriyam Torch. As Divine Veluriyam had said, the torch could detect demonic bloodlines and expose demons.

Jiang Chen had been keeping the torch hidden on him. He’d tried it earlier and indeed found many interesting things about Elder Yuan Li.

A thoughtful smile tugged at his lips.

“The demons are certainly getting bold. They dare pull a trick on me so openly? How reckless of them.” After some consideration, Jiang Chen nodded to himself and walked out of the tent.

He contacted Xia Tianze in secret and told him to be on guard. At the same time, he sent a message to the four sacred beasts with a secret method, asking them to leave Veluriyam Palace discreetly and come to him.

Then, he sent a message to the other two formation nodes through the Goldbiter Rats and told the cultivators stationed there to keep an eye out. They weren’t to be distracted no matter what happened. They had to protect the nodes.

He also warned them of the tricks that the demons might pull.

The demons’ endless tricks were almost impossible to guard against. Honored Master P’eng, Mad Fiend, and their other two companions were from the ancient times. They’d had their share of encounters with demons and so knew a thing or two about the race.

Yu Gong, Lan Tianhao and their team, however, lacked the experience of fighting demons. It’d be asking too much for them to deal with the intruders should any demons attack.

The best way to go about this was for them to ignore whatever was happening and focus on defending the formation node.

The Goldbiter Rats enabled Jiang Chen to keep in contact with the two other nodes. That gave him a great edge.

Within a secret hideout between the Ninesuns Sky Sect and Veluriyam Capital, a few figures emerged in the dark. Among them was a specter-like figure, Roguemist. Another eerie looking shape was Serratewind from the shadow demon tribe.

There were a few more demon cultivators who were dressed similarly to Serratewind. It was clear that they were of his kind.

Serratewind cackled and flipped his hand. A message transmitted in a way only demons knew landed on his palm.

The others looked at him expectantly.

“Any updates, Brother Serratewind?”

Serratewind smiled knowingly. “Good. Everything is falling into place. Daoist Jadeface has infiltrated our enemies and gotten close to Jiang Chen. Our opportunity has come, everyone!”

A one-eyed demon asked cautiously, “We can’t allow ourselves to be careless. Jiang Chen is surrounded by many powerful beings. How many divine cultivators are with him at the moment?”

“According to Daoist Jadeface, there’s only one mysterious divine formation master,” said Serratewind. “There’s no other gods around.”

“That can’t be. Jiang Chen isn’t that careless.” The one-eyed demon wasn’t convinced.

Roguemist scoffed. “I don’t know this Daoist Jadeface, Daoist Serratewind. Is his information truly reliable? How did he get close to Jiang Chen? Don’t underestimate the young human. He’s a cunning one. We don’t want to fall for his trickery.”

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