Chapter 2160: Collusion Between Tribes

The voice seemed to have anticipated Roguemist’s reaction. He clucked his tongue. “Tsk, I’m not telling you to be a traitor. I’m just saying we should work together. Forefather Stonefiend doesn’t know how difficult the situation in human domain is for us, but mine does. 

“The Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement must never be activated. Otherwise, we’ll be trapped as easy prey. The humans may not be able to kill us just yet, but they’re getting stronger at an impressive speed. As we make our comeback, there’s no telling if their ancient heritage will reappear as well.”

Roguemist fell silent.

He had to admit the shadow demon’s judgement was more objective than that of Forefather Stonefiend’s. The forefather had been continuously trapped in the seal, preventing him from detecting the changes happening in the human domain.

Moreover, Stonefiend was on the arrogant side. He didn’t take the human race seriously.

Deep down, he’d never recognized their defeat as a loss to the human race, but as a loss due to their unfamiliarity with the Divine Abyss Continent, leading them to employ the wrong strategy and falling for human trickery.

Therefore, Stonefiend had always considered the humans with contempt. He believed that demons would be able to sweep through the human domain once they recovered to their peak.

However, since Roguemist’s awakening and breaking free of his seal, he’d witnessed the rise in power of the overall domain.

Humans were progressing at an abnormal speed.

That told him that the heavenly law was still keeping a careful balance between things. Demons weren’t the only ones making a comeback. The Divine Abyss Continent was changing as well.

Although the shadow demon was more objective, Roguemist was a member of the yin demon tribe. He couldn’t possibly get involved with shadow demons behind Stonefiend’s back.

He didn’t dare take liberties without the forefather’s permission.

He sighed. “I’ll pretend I never saw you, Daoist Serratedwind. No matter what you say, I will not do anything behind Master Stonefiend’s back.”

“Are you going to wait for your doom?” the voice asked coolly.

“Hmph, Master Stonefiend is going to break free of his seal soon and make his return. With a divine realm forefather leading the yin demon tribe, we’ll become stronger in no time. We’re not waiting for our doom. What foolish things you mouth!” Roguemist scoffed, displeased with Serratedwind’s remark.

Serratedwind cackled. “Perhaps the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement will have already been reactivated by then.”

“So what? Yin demons can survive on our own. Don’t forget that we’re masters of turning the living into the living dead, and the dead, the living.”

Yin demons were experts in manipulating souls, corpses, and puppets, from which their reputation was established upon. They were the most sinister of the demon tribes.

“Haha, if yin demons are indeed as powerful as you claim, why are you so agitated because of Stonefiend’s rejection? Why would you fail to notice me following you for so long until I made a sound on purpose?” Serratedwind’s casually disproved Roguemist’s claim.

Humiliation at being caught out turned Roguemist irate. “We walk different paths, Serratedwind. The fact that I’m being civil with you doesn’t mean I’m afraid of you. You better stay away.”

Serratedwind gave a bark of laughter. “You may be an elite yin demon, Roguemist, but you’re growing impatient. Isn’t it unwise for you to attack the young lord of Veluriyam Capital in this state?”

Roguemist’s eyes turned cold as they settled on Serratedwind. “And who told you that?”

“Tsk, didn’t you attack the old man from the Coiling Dragon Clan?” Serratedwind remained unfazed.

Roguemist’s heart sank. He’d kept that a secret, yet the shadow demon knew of his deed. Were shadow demons truly impossible to hide from?

“Feeling guilty, aren’t you?” Serratedwind snickered. “Truth be told, you may think you’re being discreet, but nothing you did has escaped our notice. Consider my offer, Roguemist. I’m not asking you to betray Forefather Stonefiend. Our two tribes, though, should work together.”

Roguemist felt as if there was a thorn in his side.

“What do you mean exactly?” he croaked. “If shadow demons are truly so great, why would you come to me?”

“We want to cooperate because we have a need for you, naturally. Otherwise, why else would I be here? I’m not that bored.” Serratedwind knew he’d gotten his fellow demon.

“Fine, what do you need?” Roguemist spat out. “But remember, I may be working with you, but I’ll never defect to your tribe. I’ll never betray Forefather Stonefiend.”

 “Hahaha, don’t worry. We’re all demons here. We’re on the same side. There’s no such thing as betraying anyone. That’s such an ugly word. Rest assured, my forefather isn’t going to make you a traitor.”

Serratedwind continued in an assured tone, “Like you, we shadow demons believe Veluriyam Capital is a considerable threat. Once the young lord activates the formation, we’ll be separated from the main demonic army in the barren land. We’ll be sheep to the slaughter then.”

That hit home with Roguemist. It was what he’d been worried about. Unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to convince his forefather.

He remained wary, however. “Cut the nonsense,” he responded coldly. “What do you need me to do? What do I get in return?”

If there was to be a collaboration, conditions had to be decided upon.

“Come with me to meet my forefather first.”

After some hesitation, Roguemist followed Serratedwind.


Coiling Dragon Clan, Veluriyam Capital.

Ji San had gathered all the senior executives within the clan.

The patriarch’s condition hadn’t changed. He wasn’t dead, but he hadn’t come to, either. The elder who had risked his life taking Coiling Dragon back, on the other hand, had fully recovered and emerged from closed door cultivation.

Yuan Li was made a venerated elder within the family due to his contributions, granting him exceedingly high status.

Ji San had summoned everyone to officially announce Yuan Li’s promotion.

Before Ji San appeared, the other senior executives went up to congratulate Elder Yuan Li. The elder, however, downplayed things in a grim tone. “What is there to congratulate? I risked my life to bring Emperor Coiling Dragon back, but he’s yet to recover from his injury. It’s a tragedy for our clan. There’s nothing to celebrate. I’m asking for our new leader to retract his order.”

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