Chapter 216: Returning with Rich Rewards (Teaser)

Chapter 216: Returning with Rich Rewards

Jiang Chen finally walked out of the cave five days later. The Flaming Heart of Ice had been fully refined by now and became a seed within his spirit ocean, becoming an additional ability in his arsenal.

There was less than two days left until the day the exit would appear. Jiang Chen didn’t dare tarry as he hurried to the appointed time and place.

There was only half a day left when he finally made it there.

Dan Fei and Xue Tong were all very anxious as there was such a short amount of time left until the deadline. If Jiang Chen missed it, he wouldn’t be able to get out even with all his abilities.

“Haha, Brother Jiang Chen, you’ve finally appeared. Sister Dan Fei was about to head back and look for you if you still hadn’t appeared.” Ye Rong happily walked up.

He was sincerely grateful from the depth of his heart towards Jiang Chen. Without Jiang Chen, he likely wouldn’t even have made it out alive from the Autumn Hunt this time round.

It was because of Jiang Chen that he had benefited from misfortune and swept away all the contestants for Crown Prince.

Dan Fei was slightly embarrassed to hear Ye Rong’s exaggeration, “Ye Rong you little...

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