Chapter 2159: Yin and Shadow Demons

Forefather Stonefiend wasn’t happy with Roguemist’s words. His minion had relayed the same thing already. There was no need to repeat the same intelligence.

In the ancient times, the ten tribes of demons invading the Divine Abyss Continent had been exceptionally powerful. Almost every tribe had sent their best, bringing at least three to four divine realm forefathers to the continent.

Those who entered the human domain were but a small part of the army. What was more, every demon forefather was a formidable fighter.

In Forefather Stonefiend’s eyes, if the humans hadn’t occupied homeground advantage, if the demons hadn’t fallen for human trickery, the demonic army wouldn’t have ended up killed or sealed.

The Divine Abyss Continent was bound to be much worse than how it’d been in the ancient times. The demonic army would be unstoppable once it made its comeback!

There was absolutely nothing to worry about.

He didn’t care the slightest about “young lord Jiang Chen”, the so-called human genius.

Stonefiend believed that as soon as he ended closed door cultivation and recovered his peak, he would be unrivaled in the human domain. He would head straight to the Sacred Peafowl Mountain and take Jiang Chen’s head.

However, he was just beginning to break free of the seal. He mustn’t attract any attention to himself. If Jiang Chen threw all the forces available to him to attack the demon forefather, Stonefiend could very well die.

He had to keep a low profile until his recovery.

Nonetheless, he was displeased with the way Roguemist talked up their enemies at the expense of themselves.

The subordinate was also concerned by the forefather’s reaction.

Although he might be scolded for it, he insistently emphasized, “I’ve reported the matter before, forefather, but the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement can disrupt our grand plan. Once it’s activated, we’ll be separated from the main demonic army. Although a good number of demons have been sealed in the human domain, we’re scattered with no means of communication. If we allow the formation to divide us, we’ll be...”

Stonefiend scoffed. “What?”

“Sitting ducks,” Roguemist gritted out.

“Nonsense!” raged Stonefiend. “Even if the formation can be activated again, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Without the demonic army here, this seat will be able to claim the entire domain as my own. Hmph, the ancient human domain was abundant in resources. It can’t have become so barren in such a short time. There’s something fishy going on here. It may be an opportunity for great gains.”

“It may feel good to claim everything for yourself, forefather, but it’s unwise to allow ourselves to be trapped on our own,” Roguemist plead. “Once the human domain becomes an inescapable trap with us in it and no allies to call upon, it’ll be our doom.”

“Shut up!” Stonefiend snapped. “I’ve heard enough. Not another word about this. Once I recover my strength, I’ll be able to destroy Sacred Peafowl Mountain as easily as wringing a chicken’s neck. What’s there to worry about?”

Roguemist sighed. He knew his forefather had failed to take his words to heart. Resignation rose in his heart. He concluded desolately, “This subordinate will take my leave, forefather.”

Forefather Stonefiend huffed. “Remember, Roguemist, there’s no need for you to worry. Don’t make any reckless moves. If you expose this seat’s location, you’ll never be able to redeem yourself for the mistake.”

Roguemist responded in a trembling voice, “This subordinate wouldn’t dare.”

Stonefiend scoffed. The wall collapsed into itself and the face disappeared.

Roguemist didn’t stay. He drifted disconsolately out of the cave. Not long after, a figure flashed through the sky. He growled, “Who’s there?!”

A peal of clear laughter broke the silence, exceedingly eerie in the middle of nowhere. Even Roguemist shuddered.

While he was a yin demon - the most spine-chilling tribe of all demons, no beings were immune to fear. After all, this was the human domain, not a territory of the demonic race.

He was but a demigod yin demon. If a divine realm human cultivator attacked him, he’d be exposed, if not killed outright. If there were a few divine cultivators, he was as good as dead.

“It’s been a while since we parted in the ancient times, Roguemist,” sounded a chilling voice. “You’re still as cowardly as ever. You yin demons work better with corpses.”

Roguemist’s lips twisted into a meaningful smile. “So it’s you. I didn’t expect you to survive the ancient war as well.”

You’re still alive. I wouldn’t want to die before you.” The voice retorted.

Roguemist frowned. “Fine, I don’t have time for chit-chat. Treasure your life well. Don’t follow me around. Our two tribes aren’t so close that we should stick together.”

The voice snickered. “You were frustrated by Forefather Stonefiend, Roguemist. You shouldn’t take that out on me.”

Roguemist’s frown deepened. He didn’t expect the other to know about that as well. This was indeed a powerful shadow demon.

The shadow demon was a demigod as well, yet he’d managed to eavesdrop on them without Stonefiend noticing.

Though the forefather remained sealed, his senses remained keen. That was further proof that shadow demons’ mastery in stealth couldn’t be underestimated.

“Out with it, what do you want?” Roguemist asked with a scowl.

“Haha, don’t be impatient. I have important matters to discuss with you.” The voice remained unfazed and impish.

“Hmph! There’s nothing for us to discuss. We serve different masters and we belong to different factions.” Roguemist wanted nothing to do with the newcomer.

“Listen to yourself. We’re both demons, are we not? You’ve seen how obstinate Forefather Stonefiend is. If you continue to follow him, you’re bound to meet an untimely demise. I was ordered by my forefather to contact our fellow demons. It’s time for us to set aside our differences and work together. That human youth isn’t to be underestimated.”

The voice was earnest.

Roguemist’s voice raised an octave. “Are you trying to create tension within the yin demons? Do you think I won’t alert Forefather Stonefiend to your presence now and have him take your life?”

“Haha, don’t try to scare me,” the voice responded lazily. “That’s not going to work, anyway. Firstly, you won’t say so if you’re going to do that. Secondly, Forefather Stonefiend hasn’t broken out of the seal yet. It’ll take too much effort to kill me. It’s just not worth it. Thirdly, I have feet. Even if I can’t win in a fight with him, I can always run.”

Seemingly resigned, Roguemist growled, “Don’t even think about turning me against Forefather Stonefiend. Yin demons don’t betray our own kind!”

He didn’t waver at all.

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