Chapter 2158: Forefather Stonefiend

Jiang Chen decided to prioritize the node closest to him, the one in Ninesuns territory. The wandering master Pei Xing had been responsible for it long ago.

The Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect had deployed the node in the Myriad Domain.

The mid region’s node had belonged to the Earth Bodhisattva Sect.

These three linked the formation together into a reinforced, coherent whole, protecting the majority of the human domain’s territory within.

The person who had come up with the design was certainly a genius. Moreover, a formation of such proportions would have cost immeasurable amounts of time, energy, and resources.

Though Jiang Chen was aware of how to handle everything in abstract, the details demanded a lot of effort from him. The actual repair wasn’t an easy job.

Since Pei Xing had been responsible for this node, Venerated Skysoarer wasn’t able to give much advice. He could only execute the young lord’s orders.

The young man would be solely responsible for everything that was to be done. He knew the formation the best, after all. Venerated Skysoarer didn’t even entirely understand the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect’s portion, so he wasn’t going to be able to offer much constructive advice.

Jiang Chen meditated near the node he had chosen for five days before a clear path came to light. Having come up with a course of action, he set it into motion.

The countless years that had passed since the formation’s last operation meant that much of its systems and pathways had rotted away. These fundamentals needed to be attended to in order to reactivate it.

Jiang Chen scrutinized the formation’s every nook and cranny with great detail. Even the slightest deformity and decay was painstakingly repaired.

Because of this, the process was destined to be a long and arduous one.

Jiang Chen managed to complete about half of it in about a month. Venerated Skysoarer felt a bit embarrassed when he saw how hard the young man was working, but his offers to help were turned down each time.

“Let me fix this node myself,” Jiang Chen said to him. “I will gladly accept your assistance with the other two, providing the necessary blueprints.”

Repair and reactivation were two separate matters.

The latter would need all three nodes’ simultaneous operation. Spirit energy would be sent from the three points down the formation’s pathways, creating a powerful resonance that instantly brought the defensive matrix into being.

Despite the significant effort required to do so, reactivating the formation would provide the human domain with a huge advantage. It would be a natural barrier against outside invasion that stood to benefit its inhabitants for generations to come.


While Jiang Chen diligently worked to repair the formation, several undercurrents moved in the underbelly of the human domain.

In a certain cave somewhere on the outskirts of Veluriyam Capital, a tombstone suddenly tunneled out of the ground. The tombstone shook to emit a strange blue smoke, from which a shadowy figure materialized.

The figure appeared humanoid at first, but was too indistinct to capture. In some ways, it was also like a ghost. It floated deeper into the cave.

As it did so, a number of green phosphoric flames lit up the entire cavern. A face appeared on one of the stony walls. The visage looked extremely peculiar, as if it had been squeezed from the rock itself.

The shadowy figure instantly approached to salute. “Hail, Forefather Stonefiend.”

An old, sinister voice emanated from the face that was one with the stone.

“Roguemist, did I not tell you to leave me alone unless there was something of particular import?”

That was the shadow’s name.

“O forefather, I did not wish to intrude. I know you are a crucial time in the breaking of your seal, but…”

“What?” Forefather Stonefiend harrumphed. “Don’t tell me you failed in your task?”

“No, no, not at all. I am entirely devoted to your cause, milord. I’ve meticulously done everything you asked me to.” Roguemist was obviously very afraid of the face on the wall.

“Then why are you disturbing my peace?” Stonefiend retorted with displeasure. “Don’t you know that increased frequency of your trips here will only cast more doubt upon this place?”  

Roguemist sighed softly. “I didn’t want to bother you, forefather, but that human domain kid let wind out that he was going to reactivate the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement.”

“Hmph, his boasting has no substance to it. The current human domain doesn’t have even a hundredth of its former glory. Where’s he going to get the wealth and manpower he needs, eh?” Stonefiend seemed rather dismissive of this.

“But he really has been working on something in secret. I tried to get close – apparently, he’s at one of the nodes of that formation. He’s working on fixing the first one! And he’s almost done, too.” Roguemist felt much better after he got all the words out, but Forefather Stonefiend remained unconvinced. 

“Roguemist, you’ve been a trustworthy lieutenant since ancient times. Why are you startled at mere showboating? Our second awakening means that the humans’ end is nigh. Didn’t you tell me? Their spirit veins are utterly destroyed, and their strength is less than a fraction of what it used to be. What is there worth worrying about in a human domain like that?”

These words made enough logical sense, but Roguemist was beginning to doubt their absolute truth these days.

“Forefather, the human domain is indeed weak, but that Jiang Chen kid is beyond comprehension. He brought back a bunch of gods from Myriad Abyss Island, and moreover commands several sacred beasts. The strength of his forces is formidable!”

“You told me that last time, too. Those gods are only initial divine realm, are they not? When I recover my strength and break free of this seal, they will be mere clowns before my might!”

Roguemist sighed softly again. “I hear that they already slew a mid divine realm cultivator back in Myriad Abyss. According to them, it was one of our demonic forefathers.”

“The monster demons, yes? You’re repeating yourself. Worthless! We demons have many gods among us. If he can kill one or two, so what? Of we yin demons alone, four forefathers came to Divine Abyss Continent. The monster demon forefather’s death is nothing to be worried about. He may not have been in peak condition, and was ganged up on to boot. Unlucky, that’s all he was!”

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