Chapter 2156: Venerated Skysoarer’s Weighty Thoughts

Just like Huang’er, Xu Qingxuan was reluctant to accept Jiang Chen’s offer. It took some convincing for his sister to finally take the piece of Amaranthine Clouddew Fruit.

Nevertheless, it was challenging for someone of Xu Qingxuan’s level of cultivation to consume the fruit. Jiang Chen personally refined the forces of creation within for her and didn’t relax until he was sure nothing would backlash onto her.

Xu Qingxuan was warmed by her brother’s selfless love. Thinking back to how her sect was located in the northwest of the Upper Eight Regions, she realized how different her fate was compared to her peers.

Even the combined might of the three heads of Tilted Moon’s Moon God Sect trailed far behind her now. If not for her brother, she wouldn’t be who she was today.

“Brother...” Xu Qingxuan choked out.

“Alright, I know what you want to say, silly girl,” Jiang Chen said with a smile. “What happened to you is fate’s doing. You don’t have to thank me. If you want to thank anyone, thank our parents. They made us siblings.”

Xu Qingxuan punched Jiang Chen’s shoulder with mock anger, but her reddened eyes betrayed her true feelings.

“You’ve said that the heavenly law grants us immortality,” she said in a melancholy tone. “Will mother and father get to live an eternal life like we do?”

Jiang Chen sighed. “Don’t worry. I’ll try my best to make that happen.”

Jiang Feng and Xu Meng were both lacking in foundations and had missed the best window to cultivate. Xu Meng, especially, had missed the time to establish her foundations. Although she was born with good potential, it’d been wasted due to being imprisoned. As a result, her cultivation left much to be desired.

There was a chance that they could both ascend to great emperor, but whether they could gain the recognition of the heavenly law and ascend to empyrean would depend on fate. The divine realm was an even taller goal that not even Jiang Chen had a good grasp of.

However, nothing was absolute in this world. One simply had to bide their time.

In his past life, he’d been unable to cultivate, but his father had still managed to give him millions of years of life.

After giving away the three pieces of fruit, Jiang Chen received a report from Yu Gong, saying that someone was here to see him outside the mountain entrance.

Noting Yu Gong’s grim expression, Jiang Chen asked curiously, “Who is it that put that look on your face?”

Shamefaced, Yu Gong responded, “The man is powerful, young lord. This subordinate isn’t his match. Thankfully, he claims to be your friend rather than foe.”

Jiang Chen’s eyebrow quirked. A friend? Who can it be?

Regardless, he wasn’t too worried. This was his home turf. Even a demon sovereign would be asking for humiliation by attacking him here. He could summon the four divine beasts with a single thought. He really didn’t fear anyone.

“Show him in.”

Yu Gong started. “He may have nefarious intentions, young lord.”

“Worry not. Neither friend nor foe dares start anything here,” Jiang Chen responded firmly without any doubt. “They’d only be asking for trouble.”

Yu Gong wasn’t going to argue with that. He left the room to walk their guest in.

Once the man entered, Yu Gong and the other divine cultivators flanked their young lord. Wariness tightened their faces as they worried that the man would spring into a sudden attack.

Jiang Chen laughed when he saw the guest and dismissed them with a wave of his hand. “You may go. He’s one of our own.”

It was Venerated Skysoarer, who had left the Six Palaces of Heritage not long ago.

Noting his dejected and frustrated look, Jiang Chen speculated that Venerated Skysoarer had experienced life outside this place, and the experience hadn’t been a pleasant one.

“Please have a seat, Senior Skysoarer,” Jiang Chen said politely.

Venerated Skysoarer sighed. “You’ve become the head of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect, Jiang Chen. You shouldn’t call me senior anymore.”

The old man reminded Jiang Chen of that title for a reason. He wanted to prod Jiang Chen into not forgeting about the sect and his duty to it just because he’d gained the heritage of Veluriyam Capital.

Jiang Chen chuckled. He could read between the lines, but wasn’t offended. He did indeed care about the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect.

“Then I’ll call you Venerated Skysoarer,” he responded with a smile.

The old man nodded and sighed again.

“What have you gained from your travels, Venerated Skysoarer?” Jiang Chen made some conversation.

“Not much.” Skysoarer pursed his lips. “I didn’t expect the human domain’s decline to be this dramatic. Heavens, how prosperous and mighty we were back in the ancient times!”

Jiang Chen shrugged. “It’s already gotten better. We were at least ten times stronger than we were decades ago.”

“Does that mean you’ve changed the human domain for the better?” Venerated Skysoarer’s tone was conflicted. He’d asked around a bit during his travels. No one in the domain had a single bad thing to say about Jiang Chen. They had only praise for the young man.

That concerned him. Jiang Chen’s supreme status in the human domain made him the leader of the human race. Under the circumstances, would he spare enough attention for the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect?

That was why he’d lost his desire to travel and returned in such a hurry. He wanted a satisfactory answer from Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen smiled, but didn’t volunteer an answer.

“Alright, I’ve asked around. You certainly are an unrivaled leading figure in the human domain.” Skysoarer’s tone was somewhat antagonistic.

Jiang Chen smiled. “If you have something to say, Venerated Skysoarer, please just say it. Talking in riddles is tiring for you as the speaker and me as the listener.”

The old man flushed red. After a moment of silence, he nodded. “Then I’ll be frank with you. As the leader of the human race, will you keep the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect in mind?”

Jiang Chen laughed. “I knew you’d ask me that. I admit I can’t put all of my attention on the sect at present, but I’ve never forgotten about rebuilding it. Since you’ve been freed from the palace, Venerated Skysoarer, why don’t you give me some help as well?”

Skysoarer hurried out, “I will. If there’s anything you need, just tell me. As long as it’s something I can do, I’ll do it!”

He worried that Jiang Chen would forget about the sect. That was why he wanted nothing more than to stay by Jiang Chen’s side and be a constant reminder.

“Our top priority now is to activate the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement. The clues you provided me before helped me greatly. I’ve collected all of the needed information. If you can be my second-in-command in this matter, your name will spread far and wide in the domain, which will make it easier for you to rebuild the sect.”

What Jiang Chen said made sense upon reflection.

Skysoarer laughed heartily. “Alright, I’ll help you with the formation.”

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etvolare's Thoughts

Wtf, this senior seems so petty. I'd thought he'd come back because he was disillusioned that all he'd ever known and love was changed beyond recognition, but this is just more of the usual scrabbling for personal benefit...