Chapter 2153: Soothing the Four Sacred Beasts

Guilt flooded Ji San’s heart. He’d been somewhat displeased, but when had Jiang Chen ever done anything the young lord wasn’t sure of?

If it’d been demons who attacked Coiling Dragon, the entire clan would be in danger! 

Perhaps he was their next target!

“There are only a handful of people I truly admire, young master Chen, and you are the one I admire the most.” Ji San stopped agonizing over the issue once realization struck him. He turned to Jiang Chen for answers. “Please tell me, what should we do next?”

“Protect yourself and the clan. Beware of a demon plot. There must be a reason why Emperor Coiling Dragon was attacked, but his life spared. The elder’s reaction is suspicious as well. I can’t tell what they’re planning just yet, but you must be on your guard.”

Demons were an unpredictable bunch. Jiang Chen couldn’t quite put a finger on what their strategy was.

Ji San pulled a long face. “I will be careful, but demons are almost impossible to stop. I worry that I may let a few slip in the end.”

”Don’t worry. They don’t dare make any obvious moves within Veluriyam Capital. If they do, they would’ve come out and make trouble already.”

That reassured Ji San somewhat.

“Go back. Be discreet and don’t wake the sleeping lion!”

Ji San nodded. “Alright, let me see how powerful the demons can be. If they want to play, I’m game.”

The new Coiling Dragon leader departed, leaving Jiang Chen brooding on his own.

The demons had finally risen again.

These demons might not be able to do more than targeting a few individuals, but they couldn’t wait until the demonic army invaded to react. It’d be too late then. 

They had to be prepared. Naturally, their top priority was to improve their strength. In addition, they had to embark on reactivating the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement.

Within a secret realm in the Sacred Peafowl Mountain, Jiang Chen summoned the four divine beasts. Among them, the Astral White Tiger was the only one who had yet to ascend to divinity.

The four divine beasts were rather curious why Jiang Chen would summon them for a private meeting.

They remembered what the young lord had said about their bloodlines. Was this about the ancient secret regarding the four divine beasts?

They were quite excited by the prospect.

Were their bloodlines truly that wondrous? With the four divine beasts gathered, could one really refine the five elements, recreate a world, and construct the heavenly law?

“There’s no need to be so formal. You’re all my companions. No matter how long we’ve known each other, we’re all comrades-in-arms here.”

Noticing their serious expressions, Jiang Chen sought to lighten the mood.

The Vermilion Bird smiled. “We aren’t being formal. We’re just excited.”

“Excited?” Jiang Chen blinked in confusion. “I haven’t said anything. What are you excited for?”

The bird looked at him in surprise. “Uh, didn’t you ask us to come for the secret behind the four divine beasts, young master Chen?”

Jiang Chen snorted. “I’ve told you about that already. Do you really think we’re ready for that? We’re far from it! Little White hasn’t ascended to divinity yet. Even once he does, there’s still a lot of work to do. It’s not something that can be achieved overnight.”

Everyone was slightly disappointed.

Jiang Chen chuckled. “It seems that you’re more eager than I am. That’s not going to happen anytime soon. I summoned you today for some other good news. I’m going to fulfill a promise I made to you.”

“What promise?”

Jiang Chen gave them a warm smile. “I’ve promised to make you continuously stronger if you followed me. I’m naturally going to honor that promise. I have something to give to you that can boost your power, and the benefit will last for a long while.”

The four divine beasts exchanged a glance, surprised.

Little White was the most impatient. “What are you giving us, young master Chen? Please tell us.”

The tiger was the youngest and also the weakest at the moment. It always felt as if it was dragging the others down, which made it especially eager to get stronger.

The Vermilion Bird’s eyes lit up. It hadn’t made a breakthrough for several years. The bird had joined Jiang Chen because it’d be wise to have a team in the coming chaotic times, and because Jiang Chen had made a promise to it.

His words filled its heart with anticipation.

Jiang Chen didn’t beat around the bush. He presented them with four Amaranthine Clouddew Fruit.

“This is the Amaranthine Clouddew Fruit, an item listed in the heavenly rankings. Do you know anything about it from your heritage memories?”

“The Amaranthine Clouddew Fruit?” The Vermilion Bird looked at the fruit in Jiang Chen’s hands and shook its head.

The Astral White Tiger shook its head as well, but its eyes shone with eagerness. It wanted nothing but to tackle Jiang Chen and devour the fruit.

The Black Tortoise muttered with a confused look. “I remember something about the rankings, but not the fruit.”

The Vermilion Bird nodded. “Same. I remember a thing or two about the rankings from my heritage.”

Long Xiaoxuan cackled. “Inexperience makes you ignorant. The fruit is a magical item formed by the power of creation in the heavenly planes. It shouldn’t exist in a mundane plane such as the Divine Abyss Continent.”

He was of the true dragon bloodline alright!

Jiang Chen gave him a thumbs up. “You’re right. That’s exactly what I’m most curious about. As you can see, the fruit does appear on this continent.”

Long Xiaoxuan’s eyes lit up. “It’s said that the Amaranthine Clouddew Tree is a sight to behold, resembling a dancing celestial from a distance. It’s also said that the tree blooms and bears fruit every hundred thousand years, yielding eighty one pieces of fruit every time, a number of utmost perfection.”

Jiang Chen slapped his thigh. “Your knowledge is impressive, Brother Long.”

Long Xiaoxuan cackled, his smile brimming with a reserved pride. It was obvious that he felt good about himself.

“What can the fruit do, young master Chen?” asked the Vermilion Bird.

“The Amaranthine Clouddew Fruit contains the force of creation. It can turn stone into gold and make a mundane man a god. Even an empyrean cultivator with atrocious potential will ascend to divinity after consuming the fruit. For divine cultivators, the fruit can greatly boost their potential and strength. After consuming the fruit, their cultivation will make a dramatic leap, and their potential improved. It can truly change one’s fate.”

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