Chapter 2151: Emperor Coiling Dragon’s Injuries

Hearing Jiang Chen’s detailed plan put their minds at ease. Finally, the human domain had a strong leader who could rule with the big picture in mind!

Humans were prone to infighting.

Ages in which the human race were most prosperous were oftentimes when an expert with overwhelming power emerged to rule the domain.

It was human nature to fear and obey the strong. Without such leading figures, those who fancied themselves great cultivators would grow ambitious and plot for their own gains.

That was often the start of internal tension.

“I told you the news so that you may be at ease. Concentrate on cultivating and don’t focus on the short term losses. Humans have survived many calamities, which is proof enough of our resilience. This may be a trying time, but it won’t last.”

Jiang Chen’s gaze was confident and determined, which did wonders in convincing everyone.

“The young lord is right. The human race is known for our resilience and our ability to carry our bloodlines onwards. This little challenge isn’t going to intimidate us!”

“What do we have to fear with the spirit veins coming back?”

Everyone had gained a newfound confidence. Previously, they’d been worried about the human domain. They’d only borne hope due to their blind admiration for Jiang Chen.

Now, Jiang Chen had bequeathed to them not only inspiration, but actual good news!

All signs showed that the human domain stood a chance against the demonic army. They could survive another calamity!

There would be great casualties, but the human race had begun to rise, revealing its actual strength. The reappearance of the spirit veins added to their confidence. So too did the gods and divine spirit creatures Jiang Chen brought with him.

“Alright, everyone, keep the information to yourselves at the moment. There have been thieves and petty villains stirring up trouble these days. They’ll get what they deserve!” Jiang Chen’s voice was grimly furious.

He’d only been in closed door cultivation for a year, yet there had been so many attacks. He took that as a personal offense.

He’d thought the human domain was under his control, that everyone had come together under his banner, but it seemed that threats still lurked about!

It was time for some housekeeping, with which they could prepare to activate the great formation.

Once everyone left, Jiang Chen asked Ji San to stay to ask after Emperor Coiling Dragon. It was clear from Ji San’s tragic expression that things weren’t looking good for the man.

Coiling Dragon had long ascended to empyrean realm. Ji San had then caught up with his patriarch and seemed vaguely poised to overtake Coiling Dragon, thanks to his potential and true dragon bloodline.

Ji San never intended to usurp Coiling Dragon, though. He didn’t want to shoulder the mantle of the clan so soon, but the patriarch’s injury changed things.

“Come, let us check on Emperor Coiling Dragon.” Jiang Chen liked the man. Back when he was merely an unknown pill king, Coiling Dragon had taken him under his wing and supported him. Even after Jiang Chen became the young lord of Sacred Peafowl Mountain, Coiling Dragon continued to be his most loyal supporter.

He was Jiang Chen’s most reliable subordinate.

Emperor Coiling Dragon’s injury was very serious, so much so that it caught Jiang Chen off guard. He took a long time inspecting the injury. Then, he entered the man’s mind with his consciousness.

Jiang Chen’s grave expression worried Ji San. He rarely saw such solemnity on the young lord’s face. Emperor Coiling Dragon’s injury must be difficult to deal with.

After a long while, Jiang Chen opened his eyes and gave the unconsciousness man a conflicted look. He sighed. “The injury isn’t a simple one. I can’t quite figure out what to do, either. It seems that I still have much to learn.”

Ji San’s heart sank. Even the unconscious clan leader trembled, seemingly despairing at hearing Jiang Chen’s words.

The senior executives of the Coiling Dragon Clan looked mournful as well. If even the young lord, who had created many miracles, was at a loss, was their clan leader really beyond hope? 

They silently padded out of Coiling Dragon’s room.

“Perhaps this is a tribulation the senior must face, young lord,” Ji San said seriously. “You shouldn’t feel guilty about it.”

There would always be things people couldn’t resolve.

Although Jiang Chen was known for creating miracles, he couldn’t always do so. No one would blame him for that.

They’d sought out many pill masters who’d also failed to come up with a solution. It was evident that Coiling Dragon’s injury was simply too serious.

Killing intent flashed through Jiang Chen’s eyes. “Don’t worry. I won’t let this slide. I’ll locate the perpetrator and avenge Emperor Coiling Dragon. Veluriyam Capital isn’t what it was before. Anyone who dares make a move against us must prepare to die!”

“Thank you, young lord.” All the senior executives cupped their hands in gratitude.

Jiang Chen waved a hand in the air. “This is on me as well. If I hadn’t gone into closed door cultivation, perhaps things wouldn’t have been as bad. Emperor Coiling Dragon is a good friend. My heart is uneasy with his injury.”

“You have the world on your shoulders as the leader of the human domain, young lord,” a senior executive spoke up. “It’s important for you to improve yourself through closed door cultivation. You shouldn’t feel guilty.”

“That’s right. You’re the last person who should be blamed, young lord.”

The senior executives were understanding, which only deepened the grief on Jiang Chen’s face. He stayed in Coiling Dragon territory for a long time before departing.

Before he left, he turned to Ji San. “I acquired an item in Myriad Abyss that I’d like to give you, Brother Ji. I forgot to bring it with me in my hurry. You should come with me to fetch it.”

“Thank you for the rich favor, young lord,” blurted out Ji San.

Ji San gave some orders before accompanying Jiang Chen back to Sacred Peafowl Mountain.

Once they arrived, Jiang Chen brought Ji San to a secret room.

He’d gained countless items in the battles he fought in Myriad Abyss. He presented them to Ji San. “There are many empyrean weapons for you to pick from. Once you enter advanced empyrean, I’ll give you a demigod weapon.”

Ji San’s eyes lit up in delight.

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