Chapter 2149: Sharing Secrets

There weren’t that many masterful formation experts in the human domain. That, Jiang Chen was aware of.

He wasn’t asking for great formation masters. He wanted to select a group of experts with good character to cultivate their talent.

There were endless possibilities in formations. It was understandable that there weren't any particularly great experts in the human domain given its limited foundations.

“I need a group of formation experts, but I’m not looking for people with a certain level of cultivation,” Jiang Chen added. “I value your potential and integrity more. Those I’ve picked will not only help me reactivate the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement, but they’ll also train under me in the long term. The human domain needs such talents. These formation experts will play a crucial role in the domain’s future.”

Formation experts had always been important throughout history. Human cultivators were at a disadvantage when fighting demons and other races, but they had a couple of advantages - a superior capability in procreation, and the ability to leverage outside forces.

The human race was much better at the latter than many other races, using external resources such as pills, talismans, and formations. Even in the heavenly planes, humans were most adept in that regard.

Human intelligence filled in the holes left by innate disadvantages.

Everyone perked up when they heard Jiang Chen. All members of the human domain knew how important the great formation was strategically.

Once activated, the formation would provide the human domain with a natural barrier, enabling it to avoid demons’ first wave of attacks. That would be wonderful news.

Mo Wushuang, an old friend of Jiang Chen, immediately voiced his eagerness, “Although the formation isn’t going to protect the human domain from all dangers, it’ll at least give us some breathing room. We won’t be demons’ first target, and we’ll have time to grow stronger.”

He was more influential in Veluriyam Capital than many of the great emperors in the past. He was also one of Jiang Chen’s earlier followers. His loyalty to the Sacred Peafowl Mountain as its resident expert had earned him a great deal of Jiang Chen’s help.

The young lord had given Mo Wushuang fantastic resources many times, enabling him to keep improving. Therefore, Mo Wushuang was one of Jiang Chen’s most devoted supporters.

Jingzhong Hui chuckled. “I may not be a traditional formation expert, young lord, but I know a thing or two about formations. Might I offer my help?”

Jiang Chen smiled. “Naturally you’re welcome to the team, Old Brother Jingzhong. Any cultivator in the human domain from a spotless background, with good character, is allowed to volunteer.”

It’d be unwise to limit the call for talent within the capital. Widening the scope to the entire human domain would give him many more options.

His subordinates in Veluriyam Capital naturally wouldn’t object.

They too knew the great formation would affect the entire human domain. Veluriyam Capital mustn’t consider only their benefits. Besides, Jiang Chen was the entire domain’s leader at this point.

The original political order had been toppled. Other than Veluriyam Capital, not even the Upper Eight Regions combined could rival one of Jiang Chen’s divine realm followers.

The harsh truth was that the young lord could destroy all of the other factions in the human domain with a wave of his hand.

Originally, he’d wanted to tell everyone about the seal on the spirit veins and the heritage of the ancient Veluriyam Capital, but now he thought better of it.

After all, it was clear from the recent news that the situation in the domain had begun to deteriorate. Perhaps the demons were already making their moves.

It’d be less than ideal if the secrets were leaked. Although the demonic army hadn’t invaded in droves, a small group would pose a great enough threat.

They could stir up considerable trouble.

Therefore, Jiang Chen decided to keep the information from the public at the moment.

After the meeting, he asked for some of his confidantes to stay.

Those he’d selected were all empyrean cultivators. They were the backbone of Veluriyam Capital due to their loyalty and strength.

It excited them to be handpicked by Jiang Chen. The young man’s easy grace filled them with deferrence and admiration.

Many of them had witnessed his rise to power. It was surreal to think about how far the young lord had come.

“You’re my trusted allies and the pillars of the human domain,” Jiang Chen began with a smile. “There are things you have a right to know.”

Touched, Mo Wushuang and the others looked at Jiang Chen expectantly. They knew the young lord must have some good news to share.

“First, the human domain has practically reached rock bottom since its descent from the ancient times, but our humiliation ends here. From now on, the human domain will only become better, and you will be its hope!”

No one was going to argue with that. It might sound hyperbolic from anyone else, but it made sense coming from Jiang Chen.

He had indeed led the domain to a better future. The overall strength of the domain had grown several times stronger due to his appearance.

“It’s been two hundred thousand years since the ancient war. The human domain has been through many changes and encountered many challenges before getting to this point. It’s time for the domain to rise again. There’s a secret that all of you should know, but you have to keep it confidential. I’ll need you all to take an oath.”

Jiang Chen’s gaze swept through everyone assembled.

Mo Wushuang laughed. “Of course we’ll keep the classified information a secret. If I utter a word about it outside this room, may the heavens take my life.”

The others eagerly followed suit and swore as well.

Jiang Chen nodded in approval. “Good, since you’ve all made an oath, you’re entitled to the good news. You all believe the reason behind the domain’s decline is the damage the spirit veins suffered in the ancient times, don’t you?”

Everyone nodded with hesitation. That was common sense in the human domain. No one questioned it.

Jiang Chen had expected the reaction. He smiled. “That’s what everyone believes, but in actuality, that’s not the truth.”

Shock rippled through those assembled.

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