Chapter 2148: Convening the Horde

Jiang Chen didn’t hesitate to give the order. 

“Pass my words on. All factions in Veluriyam Capital are to convene at Sacred Peafowl Mountain tomorrow morning with their geniuses.”

Given his status in the human domain, no one would ignore his order.

Early next morning, all of the factions around the capital answered his summons.

Veluriyam Capital had great influence, and many of Jiang Chen’s old subordinates lived in Sacred Peafowl Mountain. 

The great emperor factions in the capital had made great progress under his guidance. The reclusive empyrean hermits also laid down their pride and answered Jiang Chen’s summons as well.

The young man had gifted them with a cultivation method that had benefited them greatly. They’d also caught wind that there were many gods from Myriad Abyss Island with him. That shocked and intimidated the prideful empyrean cultivators.

Thus, they voluntarily responded to Jiang Chen’s call without hesitation.

Forefather Embittered Bamboo of the Embittered Savage Tribe came at short notice as well.

The forefather had made substantial progress and ascended to advanced empyrean realm, making him one of the strongest in the human domain.

The stronger empyrean cultivators in the Veluriyam Capital, including Mo Wushuang, Jingzhong Hui, and Sabledeep, were a step away from reaching advanced empyrean realm, while some of their peers had fallen behind after breaking through to empyrean realm.

Among the youths, there were a few who stood out.

Ji San and Jiang Chen’s personal guard had made great progress with the additional help they’d received.

The same was true of Xu Qingxuan, Jiang Chen’s sister. With his help, she’d become a young genius who could rival Ji San. She’d ascended to empyrean realm and was close to reaching mid empyrean.

Jiang Chen was proud to sense everyone’s improved cultivation as he watched them arrive. This was his legacy in the human domain. Their fates had been changed because of him and the resources he’d brought to the domain.

He cast his gaze at the Coiling Dragon Clan and noticed that Ji San was now its leader. Emperor Coiling Dragon must have suffered a great injury.

He exchanged a glance with Ji San, silently showing the young man his appreciation and encouragement. Ji San’s eyes reddened and he almost shed a tear.

He remembered the time when he and Jiang Chen had run rampant through Veluriyam Capital. Jiang Chen had always taken great care of him and the bonds of their friendship ran deep. Seeing his old friend commanding the domain as its leader filled Ji San’s heart with admiration, appreciation, and warmth.

Jiang Chen hadn’t forgotten about him despite his current status. They were still brothers!

Meeting Jiang Chen had been the best thing to happen to him in his lifetime.

It was also because of Jiang Chen that House Wei had grown so much stronger and gained the status they now enjoyed in the capital.

Wei Jie had grown from an immature young man to the heir of House Wei, making a dramatic leap and ascending to empyrean. Although his breakthrough was recent, it was obvious from his confident aura that he was in high spirits.

The young man was thrilled when he noticed Jiang Chen’s gaze. He felt the urge to wave at the young lord. Jiang Chen smiled encouragingly, filling the young man’s heart with glee.

More and more cultivators from a variety of factions arrived. The biggest and the most impressive group of all was the Sacred Peafowl faction.

Back when the mountain had been under Emperor Peafowl’s rule, some of its members had still harbored the thoughts of challenging the emperor’s faction. Emperor Shura, for example.

The rebellion now seemed like a complete farce. Even if Emperor Shura were to come back to life and gather ten thousand of his clones, he wouldn’t be able to topple the current order.

It was time. Countless cultivators had gathered together, forming a massive crowd.

Jiang Chen rose from his throne and cast his eyes downward, releasing some of his aura as a god.

His divine followers were shocked, and Yu Gong was especially so. He stuttered, “Young yord, you… you’ve ascended to divinity?”

Jiang Chen hadn’t announced his breakthrough when he exited closed door cultivation, and he’d been obscuring his aura. That was why his followers had failed to notice his ascension.

Yu Gong’s remarks sent a ripple through the crowd.

Divine realm?

All eyes were on Jiang Chen’s face, their gazes expectant, curious, surprised, or shocked.

He didn’t keep it from them. With an easy smile, he affirmed, “I seem to have made some progress in the past year.”

Yu Gong and Lan Tianhao exchanged a glance before falling down to their knees in front of Jiang Chen. “Congratulations on your ascension, young lord. From now on, the world is yours to gain!”

Once a cultivator ascended to divinity, that flung open the doors to the peak of martial dao.

Jiang Chen’s followers wouldn’t have been so surprised if it hadn’t been Jiang Chen who’d made the breakthrough.

Their young lord, on the other hand, was so very young. Perhaps he was the youngest cultivator to ever ascend to divinity!

He’d rivaled them and even defeated them in battles before his ascension. Now that he’d become a god, how powerful must he be?

The thought immensely excited them.

Jiang Chen’s other followers followed suit, falling to their knees to congratulate him.

The Veluriyam ruler smiled slightly. “No need for such formalities, everyone. I’ve summoned you today for two things. The first to announce my breakthrough, the second to inform you of my plans to activate the Great Formation of Heavenly Soul Confinement. I need a number of formation experts to help me.”

Reactivating the formation wouldn’t be as challenging as setting it up, but it’d take a lot of effort. He could use some help. 

More importantly, he wanted to pass down the method of activating the formation, giving more in the human domain the knowledge.

It was better to teach one how to fish than to gift them with fish.

Jiang Chen had a feeling that he’d be leaving the continent after defeating the demonic army. He must pass the heritage on. Therefore, he had to recruit some formation experts.

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