Chapter 2145: Jiang Chen Exits Closed Door Cultivation

Jiang Chen stared at the ferule and the two sentences, overcome with conflicting emotions.

Now he fully understood.

His father had been brief, but he was able to piece together the message.

“As remote heaven and earth may extent span, 

So too, life and death in samara for man.”

He recited the words, reading between the lines. Tears streamed down his face.


He could see clearly now what his father had done for him. The cataclysm from his past life had been inevitable. Father and son were destined to part.

Perhaps his father had foreseen that. Perhaps all this was part of his father’s grand plan.

Remote heaven and earth referred to the heavenly planes and the Divine Abyss Continent that Jiang Chen now called home, the distance between which was great. However, if fate allowed it and he wished for it strongly enough, they were but a step away.

The implications were clear: Father and son would meet again.

The second sentence reiterated the same message.

Though life and death were an eternal parting, someone like the Celestial Emperor would still be able to transcend death after entering the cycle of reincarnation. That meant even the cataclysm was within his father’s control.

“I understand now, father!”

After a long while, Jiang Chen finally emerged from reflecting on his past life. He’d never been more excited since his reincarnation. His resolve was reaffirmed after a period of great emotional turmoil.

His father surely still lived. Jiang Chen didn’t know in what way, but that was the only possible truth. The heavenly planes had shattered in his past life and his father would’ve lost his position as the Celestial Emperor. Taiyuan Sky Palace might have been taken over as well.

However, his father wouldn’t have died. A way would’ve been found.

Perhaps his father had sent him to the Divine Abyss Continent through the cycle of reincarnation so that he could later help turn the tide, rebuilding the heavenly planes.

That was mere speculation, but he had a newfound confidence in his theory.

There had to be a connection between Divine Abyss Continent and the Taiyuan Realm. They both shared the ‘yuan’ character in their name. And what purpose did the ferule serve?

Jiang Chen wasn’t in a hurry to find out. His father seemed to be testing him by not giving him any clues.

He put the ruler away and inspected the chain seal consisting of the eight remaining droplets.

This time however, his consciousness aroused no reaction from the seal.

After some deliberation, he huffed. “I’ve only just ascended to divinity, making me a first level divine cultivator. Perhaps the nine light droplets represent the nine levels in the divine realm. Will I unlock one of them every time I break through?”

That was his speculation. He’d know if it was true when he ascended to second level divine realm.

After consuming an Amaranthine Clouddew Fruit, progressing through the divine realm wouldn’t be that difficult a challenge to him, not until the later stages, at least.

He felt lighter and more confident once he knew what the chain seal was. It’d been one of those unresolved worries poking at him before.

Jiang Chen shot to his feet.

A year had passed since he entered closed door cultivation in the Six Palaces of Heritage. Things could only have grown more challenging in the outside world.

The situation could change after a day, let alone a year. He couldn’t help but worry.

He stopped by the Amaranthine Clouddew Tree when he left and picked four fruit. There were now seventy-six fruit on the tree.

Taking the stairs back to the Six Palaces of Heritage, Jiang Chen turned to look at Veluriyam Palace and witnessed a screen of multicolor light, painting a picture of a celestial realm. If anyone dared trespass, they would be decimated by countless attacks.

Since he’d acquired the heritage of Veluriyam Palace, the Six Palaces of Heritage were thus liberated. The six guardians sighed in relief when Jiang Chen lifted their geas. Finally, they were free.

They made their way to the sixth palace. They knew that Jiang Chen had inherited the faction, and it was only right for them to thank him for liberating them.

The six cultivators landed at the entrance to the sixth palace with Xia Tianze taking point, awaiting the new young lord’s arrival.

As soon as Jiang Chen appeared, Xia Tianze went up to him and dropped to one knee. “Subordinate Xia Tianze welcomes the young lord’s return.”

Dressed like a wandering cultivator, there was a fierceness to Xia Tianze’s features. He was brave, but not reckless. Intelligence glinted sharply in his eyes amidst roughness. 

The others went up to Jiang Chen and raised cupped fist salutes. “Young friend Jiang Chen.”

Xia Tianze scoffed. “Young? Do you think you’re above me?”

Awkwardness flashed across the other five faces. They weren’t a member of Veluriyam Palace. They had been defending the six palaces for a variety of reasons.

It didn’t feel right for them to just pledge loyalty to Veluriyam Palace and Jiang Chen. Although some of them had recognized the reality of their situation, it was uncomfortable for them to call the young genius their master.

Jiang Chen laughed. “According to the deal, you’re free once the geas on the six palaces is lifted.”

“According to the deal, they must serve you as their young lord after regaining their freedom,” argued Xia Tianze.

Jiang Chen smiled easily and looked at the five cultivators expectantly. They were all from the ancient times. It seemed that endless waiting had softened their edges, but they still nursed their pride.

“Great Divine Veluriyam chose you not only for your might, but also for you character. Otherwise he wouldn’t have done what he did. He admired you for your integrity.” Jiang Chen showered them with compliments.

The five men remained silent. They weren’t going to talk back since the young man was the one who had set them free, but they still held a grudge against Divine Veluriyam.

They had wanted to fight in the ancient demonic war, yet the divine master lured them to the Six Palaces of Heritage and tricked them into becoming guardians. That wasn’t what they had wanted.

However, Divine Veluriyam had indeed meant well. In some way, the man had saved their lives.

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