Chapter 2142: Foundations of Heritage

With Divine Veluriyam’s death, it’d be impossible to get an answer anytime soon. Perhaps not even the divine master himself had a clear answer.

Judging from his last words, he didn’t know much about the Eternal Amaranthine Tree either. He knew only that the seed had been planted in the front yard of the Veluriyam Palace, and that the tree hadn’t yet matured when he died.

The tree’s existence was quite bizarre.

Jiang Chen didn’t have the time to search for an answer. The tree was an unexpected find that imparted confidence about the future.

There really was something different about the Divine Abyss Continent. Compared to a mundane plane, it stood out in many ways, including the tree, the four divine beasts, and the abundance of divine cultivators in the ancient times.

It greatly exceeded what a mundane plane should be.

It made Jiang Chen wonder if the continent had something to do with his past life. Given how it stood out from the mundane plane, it didn’t make sense for his father, the Celestial Emperor, to not be involved somehow.

“With heaven’s blessing, I’ve finally ascended to ninth level empyrean. Godhood is but a step away. Perhaps the answer to this mystery will come to me soon.”

The closer he was to divine realm, the calmer he became.

He crossed his legs and took in the atmosphere of the palace, silently mourning Divine Veluriyam’s parting. Finally, he rose to his feet and made his way to the statue.

Without the divine master’s consciousness, the statue had lost its liveliness. It was still lifelike, but it was now nothing more than an inanimate object.

As per the divine master’s instruction, Jiang Chen found a jade slip beneath the statue. Written on it was the manner of how the spirit veins had been sealed and how they could be unsealed, an overview of the Veluriyam Capital’s heritage, the heritage and locations of the ten leading ancient factions, and other speculations the divine master had made.

Then there were the three gifts the divine master left to Jiang Chen.

The three divine relics were laid out to the left of the statue, and the three Veluriyam Divine Talismans to the right.

The Great Veluriyam Torch stood atop the altar behind the statue. The light flickered like a regular lamp would. It was so static in its presence, it seemed as if time had come to a halt.

The torch’s radiance had remained unwavering throughout the ages.

Jiang Chen put away the talismans, the relics, and the jade slip, then went up to the torch and considered it solemnly.

As if activated by his presence, the torch shot out of the altar in a flash of light and hovered before Jiang Chen.

The torch was unassuming as there was no prismatic or blinding light. And yet, when it hovered before Jiang Chen, he could feel a tremendous power emanating from it, threatening to destroy heaven and earth.

He gingerly communicated with the torch with his consciousness.

Fortunately, the torch seemed to have received the command to recognize Jiang Chen as its new master. It morphed into a ray of light and disappeared into the young genius’ body.

He sensed it with his consciousness and was surprised to realize that the torch could take on different forms to hide itself. How remarkable!

Even he was impressed for a moment.

Although the Great Veluriyam Torch had recognized him as its master, he still had to refine it. Only after that would the torch become a personal treasure that was part of himself, able to be wielded in actual battles. Otherwise it’d be too clumsy to use.

It was fortunate that the method to refine the torch was written on the jade slip as well.  Great Divine Veluriyam had plainly valued the torch a great deal. 

Jiang Chen wasn’t in a hurry. Without ascending to divinity, it’d be next to impossible for him to refine the torch.

He didn’t want to senselessly waste time. Refinement could wait until he reached godhood. It’d take him much less time and effort then. There were many more important things to turn his mind to.

First, he had to at least explore the heritage of the capital.

At the center of the capital were the most fundamental and important facilities - the vault, pill room, armory, libraries, and herb garden. They encircled the palace and formed an integrated structure. Safeguarding the core structure was a powerful formation.

Even Jiang Chen shuddered when he set his eyes on the formation. If he hadn’t entered through the Six Palaces of Heritage and received the acknowledgement of the capital’s heritage beforehand, he would’ve been outright killed by it!

It was night and day compared to the mundane Veluriyam Capital he knew. This was what the heritage of an ancient leading faction should be like!

Jiang Chen marveled at the scene unfolding in front of him. This was the real legacy of Veluriyam Capital. The mundane city outside was nothing but a red herring. The same was true of the pagoda.

The empyrean decree rumored to have been hidden in the pagoda was a distraction as well. The real treasure were the Six Palaces of Heritage and the ancient Veluriyam Palace!

Jiang Chen toured all of the facilities around the main palace. Every one of them left him impressed with the past prosperity of the ancient faction.

The palace wasn’t as well-established and well-stocked as the Celestial Palace from his past life, but it was more impressive than anything in a mundane plane had any right to be in many aspects.

He had to admit that the Veluriyam Palace did deserve to be a leading faction in the ancient time.

The abundance of resources and foundation gave Jiang Chen newfound confidence. He’d been pessimistic about the future of the human domain, but now there was hope. The human domain had a very real chance of seeing things through to the other side!

Veluriyam Capital had been but one of the ten leading factions. He would uncover the other respective heritage he’d yet to find.

Once he unsealed the spirit veins as well, the human domain could very well become what it had been in the ancient times!

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