Chapter 2141: The Final Unresolved Concern

Jiang Chen’s interest was piqued. Before he could say anything, the divine master continued, “And still the Great Veluriyam Torch can do more than that. Its radiance can expose all demons for what they are, no matter what disguise they’ve donned. With it, no outsiders will be able to slip through your notice.”

Jiang Chen’s heart pounded. That would be invaluable! He knew of some rare treasures in the heavenly planes that could also reveal a being’s true nature, such as monster-revealing mirrors or demon-revealing mirrors. A casual reflection was sufficient to reveal their subjects in full.

“The torch has many other uses, but I leave them for your discovery. Work diligently to refine the item to make it yours as soon as possible.”

The fact that the divine master had gifted the crowning treasure of Veluriyam made clear his generosity. Jiang Chen was excited, but also felt the weight of his responsibility even more keenly.

The torch might have been the reason why Xia Tianze had been able to detect all the minute changes in Jiang Chen’s emotions.

All in all, the torch was a rare treasure and an invaluable asset to him.

Divine Veluriyam weakened considerably after the explanation. He narrowed his eyes, on the verge of collapsing.

The realization hit Jiang Chen hard. He knew the divine master had died back in the ancient demonic war. However, once this strand of consciousness fell apart as well, there would be nothing left of the divine master in this world.

Jiang Chen didn’t have a history with Divine Veluriyam, but the short interaction was enough for him to become fond of the old master.

He didn’t want Divine Veluriyam to disappear, if it at all possible.

Nonetheless, even the Celestial Emperor would have to pay a heavy price to go against the principles of life and death. Jiang Chen couldn’t do anything despite his sorrow.

It dawned on him that Divine Veluriyam had brought up his personal gifts and the various heritage of the capital, including the vault, pill room, herb garden, armory, and libraries, but not the Eternal Amaranthine Tree.

Was the tree not as important in his eyes?

The curiosity niggled at Jiang Chen.

Although the divine master’s consciousness was about to dissipate, he sensed the question in Jiang Chen’s mind. He struggled to open his eyes. “What else do you wish to know, Jiang Chen?”

“I do have one question still, senior.”

“Oh? What is it? Seek answers while I can still provide them.”

Jiang Chen set aside his hesitation. “Before entering the palace, I saw a tree at the entrance. Do you have anything you’d like to say about that tree?”

The divine master’s unfocused eyes opened wide, as if he’d gained a newfound strength. “A tree, you said?”

“That’s right.” Jiang Chen was befuddled. Wasn’t the divine master reacting a bit too strongly?

“Do you mean in the front yard of the palace?” The god’s breathing quickened, compounding Jiang Chen’s confusion.

Still, he nodded. “That’s the one.”

Divine Veluriyam glanced at the young man expectantly. “Quickly, tell me, what has happened to the tree? What is it like now?”

“What is it like? Does it change shape?” Jiang Chen explained, “It’s spread its branches and leaves and borne a number of fruit. From a distance, the tree top looks as elegant as a dancing fairy.”

“Really? Do you speak the truth?” The divine master’s eyes shone with yearning. It seemed like he’d like to run out of the palace to see for himself.

Unfortunately, his consciousness could no longer leave the palace.

He heaved a long sigh. In a remorseful tone, he lamented, “What a shame that I can never see it myself. The tree has finally grown and even borne fruit! I waited for a hundred thousand years and saw nothing. But after another hundred thousand years of slumber, it’s grown and matured. Is this the capriciousness of fate?”

“I don’t understand, senior,” Jiang Chen responded.

“It’s no regular tree, Jiang Chen. It’s said the seed comes from the primordial times. It took a hundred thousand years for it to sprout, and another hundred thousand years to grow its trunk. Before I took the final stand against the demons, it still hadn’t matured, let alone bear any fruit.” He continued in a regretful tone, “The tree must be a remarkable species. What a shame I won’t have the chance to see it again. It’s said that the tree is the linchpin of Veluriyam Capital’s fortunes. Nothing else can grow in the garden outside. All other plants end up wilting.”

His speech slowed and his words slurred and stumbled. His consciousness faded in and out of existence as he murmured to himself.

Jiang Chen fell silent. He knew the divine master would soon leave this world once and for all.

On an impulse, he exclaimed loudly, “The tree is a heavenly plane species called the Eternal Amaranthine Tree, Great Divine Veluriyam. It’s one of the treasures on the heavenly rankings. Its fruit can greatly benefit a divine cultivator. It should exist only a heavenly plane, yet here it is. That’s evidence for the capital’s bright future!”

Divine Veluriyam gargled some intelligible noises. It wasn’t clear if he’d understood Jiang Chen’s words, but his unfocused eyes were joyous.

Sadly, his consciousness turned vague and indistinct, slowly evaporating like water. 

Sensing that filled Jiang Chen’s heart with grief. They’d only met today, yet he felt as if he’d lost a close friend he’d known for hundreds of thousands of years.

Sadly, the divine master hadn’t known what the tree was and hadn’t been able to witness the tree reach maturity in his lifetime.

A question arose in Jiang Chen’s heart. Just how long had the Divine Abyss Continent been around? Why would the tree appear in a mundane plane like Divine Abyss?

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