Chapter 2140: Three Treasures

Jiang Chen didn’t take the divine master’s words at face value. People of his status had different ideas of the notion “meager”.

Humility was not to be mistaken for truth. The gifts of the head of a leading ancient faction would be anything but meager. They would certainly be of great value. That much was obvious from what he’d received from the Six Palaces of Heritage.

Jiang Chen had benefited greatly every time he visited. The divine master’s personal gifts wouldn’t disappoint.

“The first treasure is three divine relics. Gods of Veluriyam Capital sagely distilled their life essence into relics when they realized that they couldn’t overcome their heavenly tribulations. With their bodies as medium and their consciousness as guidance, they refined these three relics. Treasure them well.”

Jiang Chen started. Three divine relics!

In a certain regard, the relics were more useful than the Divine Transcendence Pill.

If a first level divine cultivator refined the relic of a fifth level divine cultivator, they could reach fourth or even fifth level divine realm.

The relics contained all of a divine cultivator’s essence. A vehicle for transferring one’s life, so to speak.

It was extremely difficult to refine one’s relic, and only the wisest cultivators would be willing to do so. The chance of failure was also high. Only one or two out of ten would end up succeeding.

As a result, relics were extremely difficult to come by.

Here, Great Divine Veluriyam was offering Jiang Chen not one, but three relics. Shocked, the young genius smiled wryly. “Is this what you call meager, honored divine?”

Divine Veluriyam sighed. “It might be considered valuable if we were mere strangers who crossed paths. You, however, are my chosen successor. You are going to shoulder a great burden and will encounter many challenges in the future. Given those circumstances, the relics are nothing.”

Jiang Chen raised a cupped fist salute. “Even without any gifts, I’ll devote everything into doing the right thing.”

“Naturally I believe you. There are things you wish to protect and beliefs you hold true. Those like us are the reason why the human race survived the ancient times and stubbornly persist to this day. We care not about being considered fools. We are willing to persist for what we hold dear, even knowing full well that we rush into hell.”

Jiang Chen fell silent.

The divine master was right. He wouldn’t hesitate to meet the greatest dangers head-on for his father from past life, and for his family in this life. In fact, he’d already placed himself in danger for his family, brothers, and dao partner many times.

“These are mid divine realm relics,” emphasized Divine Veluriyam. “You should make good use of them.”

“I will be sure to make the most of them,” Jiang Chen’s response was down-to-earth and earnest.

“Heh, I believe you will.” Divine Veluriyam smiled leisurely. “Second, I bestow three Divine Veluriyam Talismans that underwent my own unique refinement. They’re for escape, offense, and defense respectively. Each of the talismans can be activated three times. The offense talisman can reach eighty percent of my attacking power. The defense talisman, ninety percent of my defensive power. And the escape talisman, a hundred percent of my speed. You’ll be as slippery as a fox and as fast as a shooting star, giving you a seventy to eighty percent chance of fleeing from even a demon sovereign.”

There was deep pride in his tone as he was highly confident in his talismans.

Jiang Chen’s eyes widened with shock. The ability to flee from a demon sovereign was tremendous! Such beings would have reached sixth level divine realm or higher, rivaling even Great Divine Veluriyam.

Although Jiang Chen was close to ascending to divinity, he would be helpless against a seventh level divine. It would be unlikely for him to even make it out alive.

None of the demon sovereigns were to be trifled with.

Take Lightford as an example, if he hadn’t been sealed for such a long period of time and thus seen a decline in his strength, Jiang Chen might not have been able to emerge victorious, even with so many divine beings on his side.

And Lightford was likely to be one of the lesser demon sovereigns.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath to express his gratitude. “I’m honored to receive such rich gifts from the senior.”

“There is no need for such formalities. You deserve the gifts. Before you reach your full potential, I hope the three talismans will empower you to deal with various emergencies.”

The divine master knew that Jiang Chen would be unlikely to survive an encounter with a demon sovereign. The talismans were very necessary for him at the moment.

“My last gift is the most important thing - a treasure that will help you in an encounter with a demon figurehead. This is the crowning treasure of Veluriyam Capital, the Great Veluriyam Torch!”

Jiang Chen paused. The Great Veluriyam Torch?

He hadn’t heard of the item before, but the name alone painted an impressive image! The crowning treasure of Veluriyam Capital must be something remarkable.

“The torch is more important to the capital than I was. Firstly, its radiance transforms you into countless rays of light when escaping, making it impossible for your enemies to give chase.

“Secondly, the torch can boost your speed by several times as you attack. Thirdly, its light can attack and entrap your enemies. It’s a treasure for both offense and defense! The possibilities are endless. It makes the metal attribute more piercing, wood attribute more resilient, water attribute more unstoppable, fire attribute more explosive, and earth attribute mightier! All five attributes can be enhanced by the torch.”

The great divine waxed eloquent about the Great Veluriyam Torch.

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