Chapter 2136: The Amaranthine Clouddew Tree

If Veluriyam Capital’s heritage had had the requisite spirit stones all this time, had he wasted his time going to Myriad Abyss Island?

After some thinking, he could confidently respond that he hadn’t. How else could he have slain Old Lightford otherwise, that wily sovereign of the monster demons?

How could he have gathered together such a capable group of subordinates, or found the remaining sacred beast he needed? How would he have gotten his hands on those pentacolor crystals? They were important instruments in the war effort against demonkind!

The two trips he had made to Myriad Abyss had not been in vain!

“Senior, were the seasons and battles I saw after entering the sixth palace recreations of ancient events?”

“Yes, they were images captured during our battles with the demons. Did you take away anything from what you saw?”

Rather than answer immediately, Jiang Chen grew pensive.

“Well, you’ll need time to muse all that out. After waiting so long since the ancient times, the Six Palaces of Heritage can finally welcome their new master. Jiang Chen. Before you properly receive the heritage here, is your mind and heart ready? Do you have the resolution and courage needed to take on the demonic invaders for a second time?”

Jiang Chen took in a deep breath, his eyes glittering. “Even without this heritage, I’ve never lacked the resolution and courage for that. My house and home, my family and friends. It’s up to me to protect all these things and people.”

“Good. A home is irreplaceable. A sacred place that we’re willing to give up our lives to protect, eh?” Xia Tianze murmured.

“You may pass.” The ancient expert sighed softly. As his voice fell, a previously transparent door in space flared to life.

Pristine stairs stretched down from it all the way to Jiang Chen’s feet. The young man stepped on with consummate serenity.

“Remember, when you obtain the heritage, you will also grant freedom to the rest of us.” Xia Tianze’s voice echoed behind him.

Though he himself was Great Divine Veluriyam’s trusted servant, the others had been brought here through various less-than-honorable means.

When the heritage found a new owner, the palace guardians would be released from their shackles and regain freedom.

The stairs sent Jiang Chen to a different world. A completely new realm.

This was the site of ancient Veluriyam Capital’s heritage. Despite the passage of countless years and seasons, the venerable city didn’t show the slightest sign of dilapidation. It was as if time had crystallized around this place, preserving it perfectly amid its flowing stream.

Aside from a marked lack of inhabitants, he couldn’t find any traces of its antiquity aside from a telltale archaic aura of solemnity.

As the son of a celestial emperor in his previous life, Jiang Chen had lived in a grand palace in the heavenly planes. No place in any lower plane could compare to the luxury of his former home, and Veluriyam Capital was no exception. However, the city did hold its own unique style.

Stepping into the palace proper, Jiang Chen stopped to take in every inch of land he could see.

Was this the real heritage that Great Divine Veluriyam had left behind? Everywhere Jiang Chen went, he found the facilities well-kept and functional. There were storehouses, pill chambers, formations, and libraries.

An instant of intentional immersion was enough to engulf Jiang Chen in the austere aura of the greatest of ancient sects. He was exuberantly giddy at the sight before him.

He never would’ve expected Veluriyam Capital’s heritage to be so impeccably preserved. Everything was as it once was.

The sparkling perfection of the city before him gave rise to excitement. “This is the true Veluriyam Capital… am I the master of this place from now on?”

The flash of elation was quickly replaced by utter calm.

The young man’s goal quickly pivoted. He wanted to see exactly what heritage had been left for him.

He walked straight on ahead, guided by a cryptic force upon his path. He soon arrived before a palace.

“This must be the core of the city!”

Jiang Chen took in the splendidly built citadel of a building. Its awe-inspiring presence immediately garnered his respect.

Upon the ancient Divine Abyss Continent, this building must have once represented the highest authority in the world of martial dao.

He pushed open the doors to enter an empty courtyard. It was almost barren save for a single tree. Despite the plant’s lack of companionship, its verdure tremendously enhanced the beauty of the palace.

It was as if the tree possessed a natural charisma that drew Jiang Chen’s eye.

He stormed toward it as quickly as he could.  

“Is this… an Amaranthine Clouddew Tree?” He wasn’t too sure yet at his current distance, but his heart told him that he had identified it correctly.

The tree’s allure became more evident with each step he took.

It was neither a soaring trunk of colossal proportions, nor a blossoming umbrella with a humongous crown.

Among the countless trees in the heavenly planes, the Amaranthine Clouddew Tree was the prettiest. Its shape was an object of entirely organic artifice, and a real treat to behold.

It was so perfectly melded into creation that one might almost think it had existed since the dawn of time.

Jiang Chen took in the ambience beneath the tree. His eyes passed over every detail upon every leaf and branch.

“It really is an Amaranthine Clouddew Tree!” His heart raced. “What is this tree doing on a mundane plane?”

The young man could hardly be faulted for his enthusiasm. To his knowledge, the tree should only exist in the heavenly planes, and very rarely at that.

In fact, this species of tree was ranked among the top five in the heavenly planes. It was important to keep in mind that in such a ranking, it was difficult to differentiate superiority between the very top positions.

“How can this be?” Jiang Chen was bewildered. If Divine Abyss Continent could produce and nourish an Amaranthine Clouddew Tree, it should have been blessed to be far more than a mundane plane.

His head spun in confusion.

Had he actually misjudged what tree it was? No, he hadn’t. Every aspect of the tree he could perceive matched up perfectly.

The fruit upon the tree’s boughs only validated his conclusion all the more!

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