Chapter 2134: A Genius Chosen By Heaven

If Jiang Chen could receive the torch of authority from the sixth palace, then Veluriyam Capital’s stored wealth really was meant for him.

What did he have to complain about then? The fact that he was benefiting from serendipity?

Under those circumstances, making any choice would’ve required considerable determination. The great divine and his peers’ choice had preserved a trump card for the human domain, which was at least preferable to all of those resources being misused, no?

Jiang Chen finally realized the noble reasoning behind what he had previously doubted, disapproved, or even scoffed at.

All of the available paths would’ve been difficult to take, since they had the potential to decide the direction the human domain would head in for hundreds of millennia to come.

The fact that the human domain had managed to avoid losing the last dregs of its essence amid civil strife meant that this particular path had been sufficiently correct.

“Heh. If you have anything else you don’t understand, ask away while I’m still in a good mood.” Xia Tianze chuckled.

The young man responded with a shrug. “I’ve asked pretty much all I’ve wanted. The rest can wait.”

“Good,” Xia Tianze grinned. “It’s my turn to ask questions then.”

“You want to ask questions of me, senior?” Jiang Chen was astounded.

“Obviously. You’ve asked me a small mountain of questions, so why shouldn’t I respond in kind? Plus, I’m the guardian of this place, aren’t I? You’re supposed to be tried here. You haven’t passed my test yet!” huffed Xia Tianze.

Jiang Chen coughed a little. “Okay, okay. Feel free to ask anything you’d like to know, senior.”

“You had no idea about any of this before you came to the sixth palace, yes?”

“Absolutely not,” Jiang Chen affirmed honestly.

“Why don’t you fear the impending demonic invasion then? Don’t you know how strong the demons are?”

“I wasn’t entirely aware of their capabilities at first, but I’ve gained some knowledge after trading a few blows with them.”

“Oh? You’ve fought demons already? Tell me the specifics.”

Jiang Chen had fought demons three times in the past. Demon Emperor Bloodmalva, a celestial demon lord, and Old Lightford, the monster demon sovereign.

He related the details of the three conflicts to Xia Tianze in brief.

“Tsk, tsk. I can’t believe you really fought against a celestial demon lord yourself. The Primosanct Sect succeeded in sealing him? Well done. They didn’t let the rest of us down. Old Lightford, on the other hand… mid divine realm, the sovereign of the monster demons?”

Xia Tianze knew many things about demons, but he didn’t know everything.

“I’m not exactly sure about whether he was the sovereign, but Lightford was definitely both mid divine realm and a monster demon,” Jiang Chen replied with confidence.

“Could be him then. In the ancient era, many divine sovereigns of the demons made an appearance, but not all of them were in the human domain. These monster demons were part of the fighting here, but I never heard of the death of their sovereign. Perhaps he really was running amok in Myriad Abyss Island? But wasn’t that place supposed to be pristine from the threat of demonkind?” Xia Tianze had some unanswered questions still.

Jiang Chen smiled. “No place is absolutely safe in the face of the demonic invasion, I suppose. Maybe the monster demon sovereign followed the ten sacred lands’ ancestors there. Monster demons are all too capable of disguising themselves, after all.”

“A valid point,” nodded Xia Tianze. “If the monster demon sovereign is dead, that’s excellent news. The elimination of one of the ten demon sovereigns before the invasion is an indescribable boon to us.”

Chuckling gleefully, he continued. “You were truly chosen by heaven, the destined genius that the great divine foresaw! You slew the sovereign of the monster demons even before inheriting Veluriyam Capital’s heritage. You come from an incredible background yourself!”

Xia Tianze was no fool. He knew that after the spirit veins and the ten factions’ heritages had been sealed away, the human domain had no resources left to speak of.

It was impossible for any particularly strong cultivators to pop up. That Jiang Chen, under such harsh conditions, was able to develop to ninth level empyrean realm… he had proven himself to be above comprehension.

It would be difficult for the human domain to foster an initial empyrean cultivator, much less a ninth level demigod.

Thus, he held the belief that Jiang Chen’s strength didn’t fully originate from the human domain alone. Myriad Abyss might have offered him far greater opportunity in this respect.

“Senior, the great divine’s plan was wonderful indeed, but it wasn’t entirely perfect. The Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect was one of the ten ancient leaders, correct?”

“The Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect? One of the greatest in formations, the equal of the Earth Bodhisattva Sect. I would rate them slightly lower, since the latter has an eponymous Earth Bodhisattva Orb. That heavenly treasure placed somewhat above its technical peer. When it comes to formations alone, the two sects are entirely comparable.” Xia Tianze gave his evaluation, then asked, “Why do you mention it?”

“I have obtained the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect’s heritage. With some circumstantial luck, I was able to crack the seal upon the secret realm in Mt. Rippling Mirage.”

“Hahaha!!” Xia Tianze roared with laughter. “Is that so? Then you are Venerated Skysoarer’s peer.”

“Yes. He showed me a great deal of respect and esteem,” Jiang Chen answered truthfully.

“Why wouldn’t he? He didn’t know that the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect’s heritage was sealed away. Before you showed up, he must have believed that his sect had been utterly decimated. You gave his life renewed meaning! Hahahaha.”

“Senior, you don’t understand what I mean. If the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect’s heritage could be exposed, what about the other leaders’ heritages?”

This was the crux of Jiang Chen’s argument.

“I see what you’re implying,” replied Xia Tianze seriously. “The seals over those leaders’ heritages are much easier to discover and break compared to the seal over the spirit veins. However, that’s all in a relative sense. Without exceptional fortune and coincidence, they wouldn’t possibly come into the open. I can only say that you were fated to encounter it, I suppose.”

“I must’ve been fated to come across the Earth Bodhisattva Sect’s heritage as well then.” Jiang Chen cracked a crooked smile. “I have its crowning orb.”

“What?” It was Xia Tianze’s turn to be blindsided.

Jiang Chen’s revelation had taken him unprepared. The Earth Bodhisattva Orb was the most precious treasure the sect possessed!

Everyone knew how blessed it was. The orb carried incalculable fortune with it and was precious beyond compare.

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