Chapter 213: Jiang Chen Has More Plans (Teaser)

Chapter 213: Jiang Chen Has More Plans

The sight of the Goldbiter Rat holding Ling Xuan’s body in its paws and biting down hungrily at it caused Ye Qiao’s scalp to go numb. It was as if his entire body had been struck by lighting. He trembled uncontrollably all over and his teeth chattered.

Ling Shi and Ling Feng looked at each other with a despairing but resolute intent to kill in their eyes. The two shadows swept left and right as they once again charged towards Jiang Chen.

They had no other choice now. They had hope to live only if they captured Jiang Chen. This goal hadn’t changed even with the death of their boss Ling Xuan.

If they couldn’t take down Jiang Chen, they were dead without a doubt.

At this moment, they only hoped that boss Ling Xuan’s death would distract the Goldbiter Rat so that it wouldn’t be interested in taking the two of them.

Their arts and speed were deployed to their extreme in this moment of life and death.

Ling Feng and Ling Shi could almost see hope again at this point.

The Goldbiter Rat moved again at this time. Its speed was so fast that it surpassed their powers of comprehension.

Golden light flashed.

Pa pa!

Two crisp sounds rang out as Ling Feng and Ling Shi’s hovering bodies...

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