Chapter 2124: Returning to the Human Domain

Eternal’s forefather couldn’t be more surprised. He’d thought Jiang Chen wouldn’t share the divine decrees, but in truth, the young man had been giving some out in private already. And not to any of the primes, but Ziju Min!

Ziju Min might be a figurehead in Eternal, but he was no match for the three primes in status. However, Jiang Chen had chosen to give a decree to him.

The implication was clear: the young genius trusted Ziju Min the most.

Eternal’s forefather wasn’t resentful or jealous, but slightly regretful.. He’d failed to show Jiang Chen enough honesty and respect.

He did hold Jiang Chen in high regard, but to some degree, he’d been using the young man. He’d failed to make Jiang Chen feel at home. Such was their mistake and loss.

The forefather mourned the lost opportunity.

Finally, he took a deep breath and looked at Ziju Min earnestly. “Perhaps I’ll have to call you Brother Ziju in a year or two, Elder Ziju. I’ve seen what you’ve done for the sacred land. You’re one of the few who truly have the sacred land’s best interests at heart. You found us Jiang Chen, which is substantial enough on its own. It’s a shame that the sacred land failed to make the most out of it.”

“Hasn’t the sacred land done good enough?” Ziju Min asked. “Jiang Chen played a crucial role in our fight against Lightford, and he helped us become the alliance head. What more does the sacred land expect from him?”

The forefather sighed. “That’s not what I mean. I’m saying that we have failed to make Jiang Chen feel welcome. What he’s done for us is all out of a sense of duty. It’s different from what he’s done for the Regal Pill Palace and the Veluriyam Capital. Those are his homes, and he protects them like he would his family.”

Ziju Min didn’t voice the complaints in his heart. He remembered how the others had criticized and denounced him when he’d first brought Jiang Chen into Eternal’s fold.

Jiang Chen hadn’t received the treatment that a top genius deserved. He’d had to undergo trials, suffer provocation, and dealt with limited resources. The sacred land had even tried to haggle with him. When Jiang Chen fought Xiahou Zong for Yan Qinghuang, the sacred land didn’t immediately give its full support. It wasn’t until his outstanding performance that the sacred land learned its lesson too late and raised high the banner of support.

It was thus unrealistic to expect Jiang Chen to consider the sacred land his home.

However, Ziju Min kept his thoughts to himself. There was no use in saying any of that as there was no changing the past. Jiang Chen could now fight even the ten sacred lands on his own. He had no reason to care about what Eternal wanted.

The fact that Jiang Chen had done so much for the sacred land was a testament to his character. It’d be greedy of them to ask for more.

Eternal’s forefather was quick to admit his faults. “It’s all because of the offworld battlefields. If I hadn’t been preoccupied, I would’ve spent more time observing him and given him the attention he deserved. Perhaps then he’d be more attached to the sacred land. What we have now though, is good enough.”

Ziju Min smiled faintly. “Yes, we’re lucky compared to the other sacred lands.”

“Jiang Chen’s liking is a blessing. Focus on your cultivation. I look forward to seeing you become another divine cultivator in Eternal!”

That was the honest truth.

“Thank you for your kind words, forefather,” expressed Ziju Min. “This subordinate will do my best.”


Jiang Chen spent some time taking care of some unfinished business in Eternal. At the same time, he summoned Shi Xuan and lifted the brand of a pill slave on him.

“You humiliated Eternal and caused the death of one of our elders, Shi Xuan. Your servitude was a way for you to atone for your crimes. Now that the ten sacred lands have formed an alliance, it isn’t appropriate for you to remain here. I crossed paths with Shi Qinglu on Sandplain Island. Your family is indeed full of great talents. You are free to go now. Your fate is in your hands.”

Life in the Eternal Sacred Land had been very mediocre. The greatest blow of all had been a psychological one.

Shi Xuan had ever lived a life free of challenges, fancying himself superior to anyone else. He’d only then realized that there were people better than he. Reflecting upon his previous ignorance and the knowledge that he would never again achieve fame in this life, his mentality changed again and again.

He was at a loss now when Jiang Chen set him free.

“What, don’t you want to go?” Jiang Chen smiled faintly.

Shi Xuan gave him a pointed look and cupped his hands. “It’s said that young lord Jiang Chen is a remarkable young man. I could certainly do worse than being defeated by you. Since you offer me freedom, I won’t turn the opportunity down. Farewell!”

The lesson was going to stick. Shi Xuan was bound to be more reserved and self-contained now. Even if he wasn’t, it didn’t matter to Jiang Chen. Someone like him posed no threat.

There were also some others Jiang Chen had to settle first..

He’d taken in a group of servants from the genius selection on Sandplain Island. They were reliable folks who had nothing to do with Lightford. Some of them he had high hopes for. Given enough time, they had the potential to be great.

Unfortunately, circumstances didn’t give Jiang Chen that much time to cultivate them. Still, he wasn’t going to just leave them to their own devices.

They wouldn’t be of help in battle just yet as their cultivation prevented them from joining any crucial fights.

The divine cultivators who had surrendered to Jiang Chen, on the other hand, would be able to make substantial contribution. Yu Gong, Xu Yigu, Lan Tianhao, and the four divine cultivators who surrendered later would be fighting for Jiang Chen in the foreseeable future.

Jiang Chen formed them into a team, making Lan Tianhao the captain and Yu Gong and Xu Yigu the deputy captains.

The next day, Jiang Chen departed with his people via Starfate, heading toward the human domain. They reached Winterdraw in a day.

Lu Che and the others stationed on the island had done their jobs admirably. Territories around Winterdraw, including Rejuvenation and Tritalent, had been integrated into Winterdraw, forming a solid local faction.

Bluesmoke was farther from Winterdraw, and Jiang Chen didn’t intend to extend his grasp that far. Besides, there was no future for Bluesmoke. It would be divided and claimed by the ten sacred lands sooner or later. He didn’t want to get involved and be criticized for being greedy.

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