Chapter 2123: The Sacred Forefather’s Attitude

The second prime fell silent. Jiang Chen didn’t even need to bother with the ten sacred lands. Why would he care about someone like a mere prime?

“I’ll enlighten you if you yet remain ignorant of the situation. Jiang Chen singlehandedly turned the tides of battle. Without him, the ten sacred lands would already lie in ruins! In this case, who dares object to him claiming what is rightfully his? Who has the right to do so?”

Eternal’s forefather denounced coolly, “Do you think Jiang Chen is still the young man you can order around? You better change the way you treat him, or he can take your title from you with a few words. Do you understand?”

The second prime broke out in a cold sweat. He knew Jiang Chen was good, but he didn’t expect the forefather’s indulgent attitude toward the young genius. It didn’t stem from only appreciation or respect for talent, but from wariness or even fear.

Realizing that he’d been too harsh, the forefather sighed softly. “I may have gone overboard, but that’s for your own sake. Jiang Chen has fully spread his wings. Even I have to show him some respect. Given his power and the three sacred beasts under his command, even I can’t stop him from anything he wants to do. An Kasyapa is also another one of his powerful helpers. 

“A good number of divine cultivators also pledged their loyalty after the battle. The only thing stopping Jiang Chen from leaving us is our prior relationship. If you destroy what little attachment he has to the sacred land by starting a feud with him, he’ll treat us as strangers.”

The ten sacred lands had been lofty rulers for a long time. Senior executives like the second prime were used to being superior to everyone else. Although Jiang Chen had played an important role in the resolution of the rebellion, it was still difficult for him to recognize the fact that the young genius had become more influential than he. 

He’d been displeased with Jiang Chen since the moment the young man was introduced into the sacred land by Ziju Min, blaming the newcomer for taking the spotlight from the other young geniuses.

Sui Chen, especially, had lost his place to Jiang Chen, and he belonged to the second prime’s faction. That was why the second prime couldn’t let go of his grievances for the young man.

Therefore, he kept butting heads with Jiang Chen.

The forefather’s words were a club to the head. He suddenly realized how immature he’d been. If Jiang Chen had taken personal offense, the second prime would’ve long lost his title.

More importantly, it was the young genius who had made Eternal the head of the alliance.

If they had a falling out with Jiang Chen, Eternal would be nothing more than any other sacred lands. In other words, the lad’s strategic importance exceeded even the forefather’s.

They’d made an investment in Jiang Chen, but the young man’s progress had far surpassed their imagination.

“Think hard on it.” The forefather concluded by flinging down this parting shot. He wasn’t interested in wasting further breath. If the second prime refused to see reason, the sacred land would happily get rid of the man. Jiang Chen was the irreplaceable one. There was no choice at all.

Jiang Chen didn’t mind the second prime’s attitude. He’d foreseen the man’s reaction, but he no longer needed to care about other people’s opinions.

He would do what he had to do.

Eternal’s forefather sought Jiang Chen out. He wisely didn’t mention a word about the divine decree or the second prime, but instead asked Jiang Chen for his opinion regarding Ziju Min.

“Elder Ziju has been helping you and making substantial contributions, Jiang Chen. I plan to make him the fourth prime. What do you think?”

The forefather knew Ziju Min was the tie between the sacred land and Jiang Chen. They had to get on the elder’s good side to stay in Jiang Chen’s good graces.

Jiang Chen wasn’t surprised. “What does Elder Ziju think?”

He wasn’t particularly enthused. Ziju Min had sworn to take Jiang Chen’s side. No matter how high a status he was given in the sacred land, he would be Jiang Chen’s confidante first. Besides, Ziju Min had received a divine decree from Jiang Chen. He would ascend to divinity sooner or later. The title of the fourth prime would then be beneath him.

“Elder Ziju has never been one for fame. He doesn’t fight for personal power. I’d like to make the decision myself.” The forefather was trying to keep Jiang Chen happy through Ziju Min.

“You’re in charge of the sacred land, but it’s better to ask the elder himself.”

“Sure, I’ll ask him.” The forefather was no fool. Jiang Chen had brought up Ziju Min’s opinions a few times. He wasn’t going to ignore that.

“Things are settled at the moment in Myriad Abyss, Venerated Forefather. I plan to return to the human domain tomorrow and reactivate the Great Formation of Heavenly Souls Confinement. I won’t return anytime soon. Once I do, I’ll go to the offworld battlefield.”

They were facing both demons from the inside and invaders from the outside, but Jiang Chen believed they should prioritize the former. He at least wanted to prevent the human domain from being dragged into a war against demons.

That had always been his goal, and the forefather knew it as well. He had hoped Jiang Chen would go to the offworld battlefield as soon as possible, but he wasn’t going to force the young man.

He nodded. “Then I wish you good luck.”

To the forefather’s surprise, Ziju Min turned down the offer to be the fourth prime, showing little interest. The greatly astonished forefather couldn’t help but ask, “Would you explain your reasons, Elder Ziju?”

Ziju Min didn’t try to find excuses. He explained, “Jiang Chen gave me something for my pursuit of martial dao some time ago, Venerated Forefather. I’ll like to take the opportunity to ascend to the divine realm. Therefore… I’m unable to serve the sacred land well just yet. I hope you’ll forgive me.”

“The divine realm?” The forefather started. As if remembering something, his eyes widened in surprise. “Did Jiang Chen give you resources for the divine realm?”

“Yes, he gave me a divine decree. I’ve been refining it and making good progress.” Ziju Min added earnestly, “I hope you’ll keep the secret for me, Venerated Forefather.”

The forefather still hadn’t recovered from the shock. He hadn’t expected Jiang Chen to do that.

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