Chapter 2120: Attacking the Base

The cultivators who yielded were different this time. Two empyrean realm cultivators from another second rate faction, and executives just the same.

They held nothing back, relating every detail they could recall. Their contacts had promised them that once Lightford conquered Myriad Abyss, they would be given divine opportunities to increase their strength.

That had been a very attractive offer.

The only thing they’d needed to do was keep in touch with the outside world, that Lightford and his minions could be updated with what the sacred lands were up to as soon as possible.

Moreover, they’d agreed to stand forth in support of Lightford after the ten sacred lands were no more to help him win popularity. 

More and more of the late Lightford’s meticulous plan increasingly came to light. He had very carefully charted what to do at every step in his conquest. Alas, his ideas had failed to materialize due to unforeseen circumstances.

His failure at Sandplain meant that his subsequent moves were diminished. In the end, Jiang Chen had managed to turn the tables. The death of Lightford meant the end of his faction, and these traitors as well.

The two confessors were graceful enough to off themselves without hesitation after giving their accounts.

Jiang Chen didn’t particularly enjoy their deaths, but didn’t oppose it either. Wrongdoing had to be punished.

Whether they knew Lightford was a demon or not, their betrayal of Myriad Abyss was very real. There was no reason to show much compassion to turncoats.

“Those three were deceived for a time, but they proved their worth by paying for their mistakes in blood. Fifteen minutes are almost up. Are there already no more traitors amongst us?” The Eternal forefather declared coolly, sweeping his eyes across everyone’s faces.

The second and third rate factions’ cultivators became apprehensive, even those who hadn’t done anything wrong.

Who knew whether their own sect hid backstabbers that yet lingered?

What if they were still holding on in hopes that they’d scrape by? Wouldn’t they implicate innocents by doing so?

No more stepped forward before time was up.

Having already secretly communicated with Jiang Chen, the Eternal forefather’s face darkened. “If those three have no conspirators among their peers, then their individual choices have been accounted for. However, I see that some are determined to resist to the last. Very good. We’ll have to impose on everyone then. 

“All of you will head to Lightford’s headquarters and attack his remaining forces there. No one is allowed to leave on their own, or he will be branded a turncoat with ulterior motives!”

This was the common opinion of the forefathers of all ten sacred lands.

Finding a few conspirators was easy enough, but they weren’t out of the woods yet.

Under the sacred lands’ oversight, all of the second and third rate factions’ cultivators were carefully surveilled for suspicious activity.

Lightford’s base was well hidden, but guides made reaching it reasonably quick. Now that things were settled for the most part, a few days extra made no difference.

The base was located within a secret realm. A day and a half of travel brought the sacred lands’ forces to the locale, after which they surrounded the entire island.

Not a single god remained on the premises. There were only a number of demigods and empyrean cultivators left.

There was no question as to the outcome of the battle. The base was quickly taken over, and all who offered resistance were ruthlessly quashed. Those who surrendered had their blood examined, and any found to possess the slightest degree of taint were slain.

Thankfully, Lightford hadn’t infected their blood en masse. This wasn’t surprising to Jiang Chen. Yes, it was beneficial to do so, but not everyone was qualified to receive such an infusion. Demons had to choose cultivators with superior talent and potential to propagate their strength with. Lightford’s blood was especially precious, and he wouldn’t give it away so casually.

For the old demon, his blood had represented a blessing that not all deserved.

After some heated back-and-forth accusations, the late enforcers’ confidantes were identified and ratted out.

There were four loyal in total, who uniformly whitened in terror. Obviously, they thought that the sacred lands planned to individually judge them.

“Were you four the two enforcers’ trusted servants?” Jiang Chen’s Evil Golden Eye pierced their consciousnesses with a spray of sharp arrows.

The four being questioned hastily nodded.

“Yes, yes, honorable sirs. We were the two enforcers’ servants, but we didn’t commit many crimes or hurt Myriad Abyss overmuch. Please, have mercy on us.”

“Silence!” the Eternal forefather called out coldly. “If you don’t want to die, then cooperate.”

“Yes, we will cooperate! Absolutely cooperate!”

“What would you like us to do, sirs?”

Servants without their masters no longer commanded respect, either from others or from themselves. Certainly, the latter had been a luxury back in the Boundless Prison at best.

Survival there had necessitated discarding dignity for most. Life hinged on becoming lackeys and sycophants for the strongest, which wasn’t anything to be proud of.

This explained these people’s behavior very well.

“Remember, you should think carefully about each and every one of our questions. Don’t spew nonsense for the sake of it,” Jiang Chen warned.

“Yes, yes. We guarantee that we’ll respond honestly and truthfully.” Hearing that they were to answer a few questions relaxed the four.

“Lightford’s attempt at conquering Myriad Abyss means that he must’ve contacted many would-be traitors. The two enforcers were responsible for this. As their former lieutenants, you must have played a part in that as well. Now, you must list everyone you’ve ever contacted. Don’t leave a single one out, but don’t try to foist guilt upon the innocent, either!”

For these four servants, this was an opportunity to earn back their right to live. Their eyes burned with the desire of survival.

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