Chapter 212: Second Prince, Enjoy Your Last Moments

Chapter 212: Second Prince, Enjoy Your Last Moments

Ye Qiao also knew that right then, time was life so there wasn’t much time for him to deliberate.

“Alright, let’s make for the mountain valley!” Ye Qiao made the decision on the spot.

The group of people didn’t bother thinking about chasing after Ye Rong now. In their eyes, by this time, Ye Rong had definitely already been swallowed by the tide of rats.

This was because the tide had come from the direction they’d just left in. Since they’d left in that direction, they would naturally run into the tide of rats. There was no way they could survive!

Although he was also running for his life now, Ye Qiao was actually a bit excited apart from feeling nervous.

For Ye Rong to die in this fashion was even better than him sending someone to assassinate Ye Rong. If everyone died beneath the tide of rats, Ye Qiao would emerge an innocent man. His reputation would bear no stain and this result was absolutely perfect.

Ye Qiao’s group made haste and quickly arrived in the mountain valley.

Ling Xuan analyzed the terrain. “Second prince, there are two roads in this area that will both take us around the mountain valley. We should be able to make it to open ground after this. At that time, the power of...

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