Chapter 2116: The Advent of Death!

Regular gods would only be able to superficially hurt Lightford, even if they joined forces and worked together.

Two sacred beasts, on the other hand, equaled at least five ordinary gods. Moreover, they wielded abilities that embodied the profound mysteries of their own bloodlines.

The Claw of Crushed Mountains and Rivers could alter terrain with casual sweeps. There was a tremendous amount of strength there to contend with.

One claw was enough to break Lightford’s left elbow, rendering his arm falling limply down to his side.

Heavenly flames from the Vermilion Bird coagulated into a small glob of fiery essence that tunneled into Lightford’s arm injury. It exploded in the next moment, unleashing infernal energy within the old demon’s body.

Old Lightford shook uncontrollably; large beads of sweat rolled off his forehead.

Jiang Chen was very pleased. “The old demon is gravely injured already, my friends. Be careful of his death throes! Is your back alright, Ole Brother Black?”

The Black Tortoise was a cautious beast, but its bloodthirst had been ignited by the fighting that had transpired so far.

“Don’t worry,” it cackled. “My back can regenerate itself. Unless he destroys it instantly, I can heal cracks in a mere moment.”

Each sacred beast had its own uniquely marvelous characteristics. The Black Tortoise’s lay in sheer defensive bulk and fast healing.  

“You two, get behind me. I’ll cover you!” The Black Tortoise was eager to distinguish himself.

The Vermilion Bird listened readily. It knew that it was better than the tortoise on the offense, but that was definitely not true when it came to defense.

Long Xiaoxuan chuckled, clearly not thinking too much of it. True dragons were hardly slouches in their own right. He wasn’t necessarily quite as tough, but he had a different talent: hiding his body within the gaps of space. If he wanted to, he could shrink to a mote of dust and drift away, regardless of how he was attacked.

Even if he was accidentally broken out of his current transformation, he was resilient enough to withstand the hit.

A true dragon was said to heal faster than even a Black Tortoise. As long as a dragon’s soul wasn’t shattered, he could slowly marshal enough energies to forge himself anew.

This was the defining characteristic of true dragonkind.

Vermilion Birds, on the other hand, were long-lived and capable of endless rebirth. Each time one did so, it increased in vigor.

Sacred beats were uniformly wondrous creatures, embodiments of the greatest and most arcane tenets of the heavenly planes.

Now missing an arm, Lightford actually looked all the fiercer for it.

He glared madly at the three sacred beasts. “You three idiots, what do the humans have to do with you?! Why are you fighting on its behalf to the point of killing me? Aren’t you worried that I’ll take one or all of you with me?”

“Enough of that,” Long Xiaoxuan harrumphed. “Humans are flawed in many ways, but their reputation is ten times better than that of the demons’.”

“Exactly. We’re not fighting for humankind, we’re fighting for survival. A demonic reign means enslavement for everything else!” shouted the Vermilion Bird.

“Hahaha, aren’t you slaves to a human right now? Why hide it? Dare you say that you’re not that human kid’s servants? You do whatever he tells you. I don’t know how he’s managed to seduce you, but I guarantee I can give you double of what he’s promised you! If you turn on him, I will lead you to attain the height of power on Divine Abyss!”

The three sacred beasts roared with laughter in unison. They were utterly bewildered by Lightford’s baseless boasting.

“Forget it! What are you demons good for, other than killing and destroying? Your empty promises may work on the stupid and ignorant, but you can forget trying to convince ancient existences like us!” The Vermilion Bird replied with disdain.

All three of the sacred beasts knew full well that Jiang Chen gave them not only promises, but his genuine sincerity. Both the Vermilion Bird and Long Xiaoxuan intimately knew what the young man was capable of, and had already received great benefit from him.

The old demon couldn’t give them nearly the same things that Jiang Chen could.

Moreover, serving as a demon’s servants only brought danger and humiliation upon oneself. Demons were known for being two-faced, after all.

Jiang Chen was a world above that.

Their relationship with the human wasn’t built upon profit alone. They trusted and were friends with each other. Perhaps they could even be called family.

Jiang Chen didn’t interrupt because he trusted the three spirit creatures as well. He wasn’t afraid of Lightford’s provocation.

At his wits’ end, the demon glared viciously. “Fools, the lot of you! If you continue in your ignorance, then I will make you suffer – even unto my own death!”

Jiang Chen chuckled. “Are you finally admitting that you’re a divine forefather of the demon race, old Lightford? Do you think you have any room left to struggle?”

The golden bell rang loudly again. Its invincible light rushed toward the enemy with blinding speed.

The runes and images upon it were vivid to the point of becoming alive. They seemed to float off of the bell along with the light, gathering together like a demonic curse that bound itself endlessly tighter around Lightford.

The old demon finally showed fear at the sign of the inexorable bell. His funeral bell was tolling.

“If you dare kill me, Jiang Chen,” he shrieked in his final throes, “the demon armies won’t let you live!”

Jiang Chen was completely emotionless as he pushed the bell to greater heights of power. Its energy ascended, rising tenfold in radiating a blaze that naturally restrained Lightford’s demonic form.

The three sacred beasts knew that it was their time to strike and launched their strongest attacks.

“What are you waiting around for? Use all your strength to attack!” Jiang Chen’s roar sounded in the consciousnesses of every other god present.

The others were snapped awake, joining the fray themselves as well.

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