Chapter 2113: Reveal of the Original

Jiang Chen had gotten to know the demon race in his past life. All ten of the demonic tribes were considered serious threats in the heavenly planes. They’d left great destruction in their wake in many realms.

Lightford was a monster demon!

Jiang Chen searched through his memory. With his vast knowledge about the demons, he could list out specific ways to deal with each tribe.

Monster demons weren’t among the top, but they had a clear advantage.

As master shapeshifters, they sometimes paraded as human cultivators or cultivators of other races. Their disguises were too convincing to see through.

There wasn’t a special method to deal with such demons. The only option was to prevent them from tapping into their demonic bloodline, which would weaken them to some degree.

That, however, was no easy task.

Fortunately, it wasn’t impossible, and there were options readily available to the ten sacred lands. The Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise, for example, were able to suppress the demon monster bloodline in Lightford, which was why the two were able to keep him busy.

Roughly seventy percent of Lightford’s attention was on the two sacred beasts.

It was unfortunate that the sacred beasts were two to three levels below Lightford in cultivation. If they were at the same level as him, they could’ve easily taken him down.

Jiang Chen began to itch to take to the field himself. He, too, possessed bloodlines that could suppress Lightford’s - the blood of true dragon and golden cicada.

Both were among the top bloodlines in the world.

The true dragon bloodline, especially, was one of the most superior bloodlines even in the heavenly planes. The bloodline’s supreme energy was a serious threat to monster demons.

It was time to take on Lightford himself!

Jiang Chen summoned the golden bell and activated it with true dragon energy. The bell keened a low, ancient rumble. It was as if the sound had travelled from the primordial times, deafening and powerful.

The glyphs on the surface of the bell came to life like countless living spirits, hovering around the bell.

Jiang Chen had always been fascinated by the golden bell. He could tell the symbols and patterns were ancient, and there was a sacred air to them. He knew he hadn’t tapped into its full potential, that he’d utilized only a small part of its power.

Under the influence of the true dragon energy, the surface of the bell emitted an increasingly blinding light. The restraining might of the symbols and patterns grew steadily stronger.

Like a caged primordial beast breaking out of its prison, the force within the bell seemed to be breaking through its seal. Jiang Chen looked on with wonder.

As he chanted, the golden bell grew bigger, radiating countless rays of aureate light, shooting at Lightford with tremendous momentum.

At the same time, two rays of light shot out of Jiang Chen’s Evil Golden Eye, splitting the air to reach Lightford.

Jiang Chen had used the golden bell before, so it was far from the first time the Vermilion Bird witnessed its might. Nonetheless, the bird was surprised to feel its changes. The bell demonstrated exponentially stronger power with this particular deployment.

The ancient patterns on each grid of the bell leapt out and charged at Lightford like countless beasts brandishing their claws and fangs.

The attacks from the gods were a big enough threat to the prison escapee. Only with his increased power was he able to keep himself from the brink of desperation.

When the golden bell fell from above with tremendous presence, he felt as if his heart had been seized in a tight grip. He broke out in a cold sweat and looked up at the bell in shock.

THe old man zigzagged in the air. Violet waves of mist shot out of his broad sleeves and soared through the sky. It was obvious that the waves were meant to block the bell’s might.

Jiang Chen emitted a dragon howl and brandished his Holy Dragon Bow, circulating his true dragon bloodline to the utmost. “Are you going to hide your true form still, Lightford?”

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

One after another, arrows shot out of the Holy Dragon Bow.

The bow had been a sect’s signature treasure to begin with, a divine weapon in its own right. Jiang Chen had turned it into a powerful killing tool, and he was able to boost its power even more.

Arrow upon arrow flew toward Lightford in a flash of golden light, their might terrifying. It was as if the arrows would break through their current plane and reach for others.

The torrent of golden arrows descended upon Lightford.

Even someone as powerful as him had been struggling to keep up with the attacks. If his defenses hadn’t been as solid as they were, he would’ve died several times over.

He reacted to the arrows with lightning reflexes. Even so, he didn’t manage to dodge all of them.

A golden arrow whipped past the space next to his rib.

It didn’t cause any physical injury, but it’d taken a bite out of the violet mist enveloping him. It was plainly no ordinary arrow!

The missing chunk exposed Lightford’s true form and odd physical traits for all to see. Everyone stared at him in shock.

He now looked vastly different from before. He was taller, his limbs stronger, and his feet bigger. They resembled the giant feet of the ancient beasts. His torso was covered in strange, inhuman scales.

“What is that?” Those not in the know were taken aback by Lightford’s physical transformation. His face was now distinctly inhuman as well.

A long, pointy nose obscured his nostrils; his sunken eyes were as red as lanterns. Brows merged into his face, and fangs protruded from his cavernous mouth. He looked absolutely monstrous.

Jiang Chen’s lips twitched, not at all surprised. He’d anticipated the change. Now he could say for sure that Lightford was a monster demon. He showed all the appropriate traits.

What surprised Jiang Chen was that the golden bell seemed to be a natural bane to monster demons. Its golden light dispersed Lightford’s violet mist as soon as they came into contact.

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