Chapter 2112: The Ten Demon Tribes

“We have to find a solution, young lord Chen.” Eternal’s forefather hadn’t joined the fight, but he was growing very anxious.

As a martial dao master, he could tell that the cultivators’ attacks hadn’t done any real damage to Lightford despite the dramatic flourishes.

Jiang Chen also knew they had to find a solution, and his brain had been racing to do exactly that. However, ways of killing demons didn’t come by easily. They didn’t seem to have any options other than putting their backs into things.

“Have you noticed, Venerated Forefather?” Jiang Chen asked coolly.

“Notice what?” the forefather asked, befuddled. 

“We’ve taken care of everyone else, leaving only Lightford, haven’t we?”

The forefather sighed. “Yes. That’s exactly why we need kill Lightford once and for all, returning Myriad Abyss to peace.”

“However, him being alone gives people the false sense of security that we’re bound to win. Have you noticed how the attackers act like they’re trying their best, but in truth haven’t been holding back for fear of dying? They’re not ready to give their lives for the cause. That’s the real reason why the fight is going on for so long.”

The cultivators hadn’t been really conserving their strength; their attacks were powerful enough. However, they weren’t ready to risk their lives, which was the problem.

It made sense that they’d be reluctant. No one wanted to die when they were so close to winning.

Despite the circumstances, Lightford was a mid divine cultivator. If someone charged ahead of the others, Lightford might kill them. Everyone believed the enemy was doomed, but no one wanted to accompany him to the underworld. 

Eternal’s forefather pondered Jiang Chen’s words. He needed only a pointer to notice the same problem. He suggested, “How about we order Lightford’s former subordinates to attack with everything they’ve got? They’re controlled by our consciousness. They have no choice but to do their best.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “That’s not enough. If any of them make a misstep, we won’t be able to kill Lightford.”

Eternal’s forefather sighed. “Are demons really that terrifying? He is but one man, yet we’ve failed to kill him with so many gods on our side. What are we going to do when demons invade in droves? I didn’t realize until now how difficult it was for our ancestors to seal the demons in the ancient times.”

He was being but truthful.

Jiang Chen glanced at Lightford. “We don’t have to think we’re lesser than our ancestors. If Lightford is an ancient demon, he couldn’t have been a regular one. I believe he was at least a demon sovereign, which is similar to the divine realm forefathers of the human race.”

There was a hierarchy in the demonic race as well.

Divine realm demons were often called demon sovereigns. Their number was limited. Below them were demon lords, who were empyrean realm beings. One example was the celestial demon lord he’d run into back in Agarwood.

However, that demon lord was as powerful as most regular demon sovereigns because of his bloodline. 

Celestial demons were the purest of demon royalty. That was evident in the way the Primosanct Sect had had to put in everything they had into suppressing him.

Before the Vermilion Bird had ascended to divinity, it was only in charge of aiding the sect in keeping watch on the place where the demon lord had been sealed. This was despite it being able to rival a regular divine cultivator.

In other words, the bird was no match for the celestial demon lord. That was why it played only a supporting role. That meant this demon lord was no lesser than Lightford.

If there was a celestial demon sovereign in the fight, the damage they’d be capable of was unthinkable.

That led Jiang Chen to conclude that Lightford wasn’t that big a threat in comparison, albeit he was powerful in his own right.

His mind continued to race.

There were ten major tribes among the demonic race. The celestial demons were the most superior of them all. They ruled over all other nine tribes like the royal family.

Although they might not make all of the calls, most demons wouldn’t dare defy their orders and summons.

He mentally went through the characteristics of the ten tribes to identify a few tribes that Lightford might belong to.

“Lightford doesn’t possess the tremendous might of the celestial demons. He doesn’t intimidate and exert dominance with his mere presence the way they do. That’s one possibility eliminated. He isn’t of the blood demon tribe either. I’ve fought Demon Emperor Bloodmalva before. The two of them share no similarities.”

Two down, eight to go. Compared to the celestial demon lord and Lightford, Jiang Chen suddenly realized the demon emperor was nothing.

“Wood demons specialize in cultivating poisonous parasites. That I’ve seen myself. Lightford isn’t one of them.

“Titan demons are behemoths similar to the ancient golem tribe. Lightford obviously isn’t one.

“Fire demons are covered in blazing fire and burnt marks. Their fire element is so aggressive that no vegetation can live in their presence. That’s out too.

“Winged demons are born with a pair of wings. They’re as agile as a bird and can move without leaving a trace. Not that.

“Gold demons are fighting machines with almost unbreakable constitution. Their fighting style is straightforward. That’s not how Lightford is.

“Yin demons are adept at mind control, possession, and refining corpses into puppets. They’re easily identifiable by the sinister air about them. That doesn’t seem like Lightford.

“That leaves monster demons and shadow demons. Shadow demons have mastered the art of stealth and assassination. They’re as difficult to detect as shadows in the dark. If they get near their victim, the victim as good as dead. 

“Monster demons are part monsters. They can demonize their blood to boost their power, and they’re adept at disguising themselves.”

All that led Jiang Chen to conclude that Lightford was very likely to be a monster demon. The old man must have activated his bloodline to boost his power.

The more he went through the characteristics of the tribe, the more Jiang Chen found similarities between Lightford and monster demons.

Had he come to the right conclusion?

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