Chapter 2110: The Mystery Is Resolved

Lightford’s strength exceeded expectations. Even after years of imprisonment in the Boundless Prison, his background, identity, and degree of power were still unknown.

Increasing numbers of gods joined the fight. It didn't take long before half of them were all attacking Lightford.

The other half formed a circle around him under Jiang Chen’s command in case Lightford made a run for it. Never had an army this powerful worked in concert before.

Yet Lightford proved himself to still be a mighty foe. Even the relentless attacks failed to faze him.

Jiang Chen frowned as he watched the battle from afar.

Lightford seemed to have become stronger to meet his enemies’ offensive. Even when surrounded by so many gods. he hadn’t given an inch. Although he was unable to go on the attack, his defenses remained strong.

They weren’t going to break through anytime soon.

He was enveloped in a layer of faint, violet mist, giving him an air of mystery and eeriness. The mist seemed to have a strengthening effect, enhancing his defenses.

“Strange. His power is still rising.” Jiang Chen was an expert in martial dao. The change didn’t escape his eyes; it was tremendously baffling.

An unreadable look flashed through his eyes as he watched Lightford. He’d thought he’d gotten a good grasp on the enemy’s strength back in Eternal. Now though, Lightford had become at least fifty percent more powerful.

There was a limit to how powerful a mid divine cultivator could be. It didn’t make sense for Lightford to be pulling back in the last fight.

After all, that battle had been crucial for him. There was no reason for him to flee simply because he didn’t want to show his true strength.

However, Jiang Chen was sure he hadn’t misjudged Lightford’s strength. It left him with many questions.

Teamwork between the sacred lands weren’t the most efficient, either. They hadn’t yet formed a united front and their attacks were unorganized.

“You’re powerful as individuals, but you have to work as a team,” Jiang Chen commented thoughtfully. “Such unorganized attacks aren’t going to threaten him.”

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect a young man like you to be able to order these old gods around,” Lightford remarked in an unreadable tone. “So I’ve underestimated you.”

He was able to speak even when he was fighting, which showed that he hadn’t reached his limits yet and had the effort to spare. That was an insult to the cultivators attacking him.

Doubt flashed through Jiang Chen’s mind. Something really was off with Lightford. He shouldn’t be having such an easy time with so many people attacking him. What was wrong here? Why had Lightford grown so much stronger?

Perplexed speculations filled the Eternal young lord’s mind. 

Eternal’s forefather whipped to Jiang Chen’s side like a gust of wind and whispered lowly, “This man’s moves are impossible to predict, Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen nodded wordlessly. What was it about the Boundless Prison that had created such a formidable cultivator?

“It’s not going to be easy to defeat him,” the forefather said with a sigh.

“We have to take him down, or the ten sacred lands and Myriad Abyss at large will never know peace.” Jiang Chen’s tone was determined. He stared at Lightford and the strange purple mist around him, utilizing his God’s Eye to the fullest so as not to miss any details.

The Vermilion Bird approached Jiang Chen in a flash of red.

“Have you noticed, young lord Chen?” the bird said in a grave tone.

“What?” Jiang Chen asked without thinking.

“There’s demonic energy hidden within him,” the bird said solemnly.

Jiang Chen’s face tightened. “Demonic energy?”

“That’s right. He’s been hiding his volatile demonic energy with the violet mist, but I fought demons in the ancient time. I know their presence signatures first hand. There’s something unorthodox about Lightford.”

Realization dawned on Jiang Chen. Could Lightford be a remnant of the demons?

He turned to Eternal’s forefather. “Venerated Forefather, were there any demons in Myriad Abyss in the ancient times? Did the Boundless Prison keep any?”

The forefather paused, unsure. “The Boundless Prison has been around since the ancient times. I’ve always known the prison as an ancient inheritance. Countless unredeemable, untamable villains and violent spirits of different generations are kept there. Lightford isn’t someone of our generation. At least, I never heard of him when growing up.”

“Which means Lightford was imprisoned before your time,” Jiang Chen responded lowly.

The forefather nodded. “That should be the case.”

“That’s cause for suspicion,” the Vermilion Bird mumbled, looking at Jiang Chen with a blazing look. “Young lord Chen, if Lightford is a demon, we mustn’t let him escape. All demons must be eradicated!”

The bird had been through the turbulent ancient time where demons ran rampant. It was ingrained in its nature to be wary of them. Thus, not even it could remain calm when it came to demons.

Killing intent flashed through Jiang Chen’s eyes. He finally realized why Lightford’s power had increased seemingly with no explanation.

Lightford must have awakened his demonic energy, which allowed him to tap into the hidden potential of his body, making him stronger. That was one of demons’ methods of fighting.

What made demons difficult to deal with were the myriad of strange tricks they had at their disposal. It was almost impossible to defend against all of them.

“If he’s a demon, we can’t allow him to live,” Jiang Chen said seriously. “If he’s left to his own devices, he’ll disrupt the order of the entire Divine Abyss Continent. If he acts against us from within, the entire continent may even collapse!”

The Vermilion Bird and Eternal’s forefather nodded with a grave expression.

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