Chapter 210: The Goldbiter Rat King Compromises

Chapter 210: The Goldbiter Rat King Compromises

The Goldbiter Rat King had actually been persuaded by Jiang Chen.

“Human, I admire you. You’re the first human to make me voluntarily call for a retreat. However, I hope that you can fulfill your promise.”

After saying this, the Goldbiter Rat King emitted three short, hasty whistles to the boundless sea of rats. This was the signal to retreat.

The Goldbiter Rats who received the signal all turned their heads and began to retreat.

Within the span of a few breaths, all the Rats that had been occupying the peak of the mountain had fully cleared out. When the humans looked again at this mountain slope again, there was no upright tree apart in the expanse of brown dirt across the slope.

“I only have a month here and now, there’s only less than half a month left. Either all of you leave with us, or I’ll pass all I know on to you within the span of this half month!”

The Goldbiter Rat King creased its brow. It understood a slight bit about the maze realm and knew that no humans survived here.

It was impossible for these humans who all came from the outside world to live here in the long run.

“Perhaps leaving this place is a good decision?” The Goldbiter Rat King thought. “I’ve long since heard that this is a closed off world that’s completely separated from the...

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