Chapter 2098: Successful Capture

“There’s something wrong with the looks in their eyes! This man definitely isn’t Daoist Han. I felt it when he swept his consciousness over us. It’s much more powerful than Han’s!”

The gods sent to Sandplain were stronger than they were, but this man was even stronger than Daoist Han. This was a formidable foe. Despite their caution, they’d been tricked!

“Charge in! Back into the formation!” Panyuan transmitted to his companion.

Divine Kasyapa laughed and manifested his trident with a twist of his wrist. A point in the air sent a strong torrent of air over the two cultivators.

“Shit, it’s An Kasyapa!” Panyuan wasn’t that strong compared to the others, but he was one of the most knowledgeable among Lightford’s people. He knew a lot about the other gods. A few clues were enough for him to identify someone.

As soon as he saw the trident, he knew it was An Kasyapa.

Both he and Divine Yuxian shuddered at the realization. An Kasyapa didn’t submit to even Lightford, and he was never afraid to defy their master. Someone like Kasyapa would have no trouble taking on the two of them on his own.

The man next to An Kasyapa might not be as powerful, but he couldn’t be that weak, either. He must be a divine cultivator as well. Their enemies were much stronger than they were, and the way back to the formation was blocked by An Kasyapa.

Regret washed over them. What had they been thinking? Why would they let these two men take the lead? They’d left themselves with no way out!

“We’ll try it anyways!” Yuxian gritted his teeth, readying to charge.

“No, we have to escape! We must meet up with Master Lightford. An Kasyapa isn’t someone we can take on.” Panyuan was nervous, but not panicked to the point that he couldn’t think.

As they spoke, the trident locked on them, forcing them to respond.

The two cultivators didn’t dare underestimate the attack. They made their moves at the same time and just barely blocked the weapon. Meanwhile, Yu Gong also joined in.

He was at about the same level as Panyuan and Yuxian, but with An Kasyapa keeping them occupied, his attacks felt especially fierce.

Panyuan and Yuxian had to deal with An Kasyapa’s powerful hits while keeping an eye out for Yu Gong’s lethal attacks.

After a few rounds, they were at a clear disadvantage. There was no hope for them to win.

“Daoist Yuxian, we can’t win. Let’s go!” Tremendously agitated, Panyuan couldn’t be more regretful after realizing they’d been fooled. It was futile to keep fighting. Defeat was inevitable.

Yuxian knew very well how good An Kasyapa was. They blocked his relentless attacks together and made for the fringes of the sacred land in a flash.

However, their enemies had come prepared. As soon as they tried to flee, they realized that all possible escape routes, be it in the air or underground, had been sealed off.

A sea of red clouds loomed over them, obscuring half of the sky.

The Black Tortoise had quarantined the space with powerful gravity, preventing them from flashing anywhere else.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen flung the golden bell at the two divine cultivators.

His offensive power had progressed enough to threaten even gods, and the mighty golden bell made his attack even more powerful.

Panyuan and Yuxian realized belatedly that they’d been surrounded. Their attackers were twice or even thrice stronger than they were. They were doomed!

They fell into unfathomable despair. No matter how they struggled, they couldn’t find a way out. Every attempt pushed them further into the abyss of despair.

Their injuries grew increasingly worse as their enemies’ attacks landed on them.

“Divine Kasyapa, we have no qualms with you. It’s fine that you don’t want to take Master Lightford’s commands. Why must you help these villains terrorize us? Why are you helping the ten sacred lands attack us?” Panyuan wasn’t ready to give up.

“Old Lightford is a tyrant. You are the ones helping a villain terrorize the world.” An Kasyapa didn’t want to waste his breath. His trident grew increasingly ferocious.

The two cultivators could barely stand upright. They could taste the blood in their throat.

The Vermilion Bird and the Black Tortoise then joined in the fray. As soon as the two sacred beasts exerted their terrifying might, the pressure on the two cultivators became even more unbearable.

Jiang Chen and Long Xiaoxuan could both rival a divine cultivator. Yu Gong had been harassing them as a distraction too. The two men were caught in the middle, at the mercy of their enemies.

It was clear how the battle would end.

An Kasyapa’s trident slammed Panyuan down to the ground. The Vermilion Bird cornered Yuxian, who ended up trapped by the golden bell.

The tides at the Radiance Sacred Land had been turned. With the two divine cultivators out of the picture, there were only a few demigods and a group of empyrean cultivators left. They posed no threat.

They didn’t dare resist before Jiang Chen’s group and surrendered one after another. Without hesitation, he turned them into puppets of his consciousness. He would now be able to kill them with a single thought.

His manipulation might not work on divine cultivators, but demigods were of no challenge to him.

Divine Kasyapa had benefited from the fight as well by taking Panyuan. With the yellow-faced cultivator he captured in the Eternal Sacred Land, he now had two divine cultivators under his control.

Even if they refused to yield, Kasyapa could turn them into punching bags. If things came down to that, he could also refine their life essence and take their divine decrees.

He had four loyal servants under his command. He always had some use for the divine decrees.

“Haha, things went more smoothly than we anticipated. We reclaimed the sacred land in less than two hours. How wonderful!” Divine Kasyapa was in high spirits.

All of the Radiance Sacred Land members were released. They were surprised and ecstatic that it was Eternal’s young lord who had come to their rescue.

Finally, their allies had arrived! Survival after certain death seemed like a sort of rebirth, of which delight felt particularly sweet.

Jiang Chen went to check on the transmitting formation immediately.

There was one in the sacred land, and a high-level one at that. Upon inspection, he could tell the formation hadn’t been activated during the fight.

He relaxed.

“This hasn’t been used. They weren’t able to contact the other sacred lands. We can use the same trick again.” Jiang Chen’s lips curved into a conspiratorial smile.

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