Chapter 209: Jiang Chen as Beautifully Eloquent as a Lotus

Chapter 209: Jiang Chen as Beautifully Eloquent as a Lotus

“What a pity, what a pity. What a pity that the bloodline of the ancient Goldbiter Kingrats tribe has decayed so much that as they lived on, the word ‘king’ present in their ancient ancestors’ names has disappeared entirely. Remember, you’re the descendents of the Goldbiter Kingrats. Being called the Goldbiter Rats now is indubitably the greatest insult to your ancestors.”

“What do you mean?” The Goldbiter Rat King’s gaze was cold and sinister.

“What do I mean? The race of the Goldbiter Kingrat was the smartest and most ancient tribe with the most magniloquent speech. To think that their descendents have become so unreasonable and are unable to communicate at all!”

“Communicate? You humans slaughter us spirit creatures, and yet you want speak of communication?” The Goldbiter Rat King laughed coldly.

“Every injustice has its perpetrator, every debt - its debtor. Don’t prattle as though you spirit creatures don’t brutally kill one another. Natural selection, law of the jungle, these are the rules of survival. Spirit creatures hunted by humans, humans devoured by spirit creatures. This is the rhythm of life that’s...

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