Chapter 2085: To Rout on All Sides (I)

Jiang Chen and the others were hidden by various illusions within the defensive formation. There was no need to be worried about being seen before this first layer broke.

He observed the two gods from afar. The duo was already coming at them in a pincer move from the left and right.

Both men were obviously feckless, believing they were here to stamp out nothing more than ants.

Either one wasn’t too far from his partner, but they were still separated. Jiang Chen very much liked this arrangement. If he opened the formation up to let one of them in, the Eternal defenders had a very good shot at eliminating them one by one.

His eyes darted between the two before coming to a decision. “That cultivator with a wart on his chin, the one to the right. He looks more brash than his companion. We’ll start with him.”

Ideally, the enemy’s numbers would be reduced to make the assault more manageable. To accomplish this, they had to start with the easiest target.

The wart-faced cultivator wielded a fierce-looking spiked club. He delivered every smash of his weapon with tremendous force, boom after boom resounding upon the formation. The noise was painfully loud to listen to.

“Prepare yourselves. I will cut the formation open and give him some room to come in. Then, I’ll ensnare him with a number of abilities. Your job is to use your strongest attacks against him while he’s trapped. Whether you think you can hurt him or not, you should do your best. Do you understand?”


The second prime wasn’t very happy with how things were developing, but he knew he was fighting for the Eternal Sacred Land. If Jiang Chen noticed that he wasn’t putting in work and abandoned them, the prime would be in big trouble and Eternal, even bigger.

There were naturally no other dissenting voices. 

Jiang Chen shifted the formation about. Cracks began to appear on the part that the wart-faced cultivator was attacking.

The cultivator grinned as soon as he saw the damage.

“Just break already!” Another smash of the club. The cracks immediately widened into a huge fissure. The cultivator roared with laughter. “I’m through. I’ll see you later, Daoist Zijing!”

He was clearly a hasty man. He entered without a moment of hesitation as soon as the path was clear, brandishing his spiked club all around him in a defensive tempest.

Though he was reckless, he wasn’t exactly stupid. This kind of blind offense was also useful as protection to a certain degree.

However, he was surprised to find no attack or ambush waiting for him whatsoever. Only emptiness was around him, as if he had entered a strange void.

With a flurry of hand seals, Jiang Chen pushed his Nine Labyrinth Formation to its limits.

His past uses of it hadn’t pushed it to its fullest potential. Now that his cultivation was leaps and bounds ahead, he had gained access to more of the treasure’s power in turn.

The Nine Labyrinth Formation was designed as something that could disorient even gods.

This wart-faced cultivator was clearly extremely tough in both physical attacks and defense. He wouldn’t fear a flat-out brawl in the slightest. Finer techniques, however, were not his forte.

Jiang Chen saw no reason to meet his enemy’s strengths head on.

As soon as the formation was broken, he sprang his Nine Labyrinth Formation onto the unsuspecting god. In the moment of his entrapment, Jiang Chen called out, “Everyone, get ready. Attack!”

Kasyapa’s four demigod servants and the primes were already prepared. As soon as the order was given, they fired off their attacks at the wart-faced cultivator.

The Nine Labyrinth Formation had the potent advantage of cloaking those outside and attacks originating outside the diagrams. Anyone trapped was an easy target for the user and other observers.

The fight was a lopsided one from the start.

However, the wart-faced cultivator was quick to react. When these powerful attacks hurtled towards him, he whipped his club rapidly over his head to conjure a safeguarding vortex, stopping the attacks cold in their tracks.

Jiang Chen marveled at this. As expected of a god! A united attack from six demigods absolutely equaled one from an initial divine realm cultivator. And yet, the ambush hadn’t managed to penetrate the enemy’s defense.

“Again,” he commanded.

As he did so, his Evil Golden Eye shot two rays of piercing light toward the wart-faced cultivator’s own eyes.

This ocular ability of his was supremely domineering now. He wasn’t afraid of taking on an initial divine realm cultivator like the man in front of him.  

The Evil Golden Eye’s strength came from one’s consciousness. Right now, Jiang Chen’s was unbelievably strong, certainly more so than the wart-faced cultivator. There was no risk whatsoever of being countered.

The wart-faced god was still in the process of warding off the six attacks. 

“Foolish rats!” he bellowed. “No number of demigods can possibly touch me! I’ll crush all your puny tricks, then pound your bodies into minced meat.”

He had no idea that danger was staring him down the barrel. All of his attention was focused upon protecting himself from the attacks and examining the Nine Labyrinth Formation. It thus came as a great surprise when twin bursts of gold light entered his eyes.

As soon as they did, his very soul was paralyzed by an enormous freezing force. His movements immediately became sluggish.

As this occurred in the blink of an eye. The results were that in the next instant, his club didn’t spin quite as fast as it had a moment prior.

The six attacks crept through this gap, smashing themselves viciously onto his body.

Thankfully, the wart-faced cultivator’s skin was thick enough to protect him from serious harm. His face reddened at the impact, but he was able to refrain from spewing out a mouthful of blood.

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*whistles* Looks like gods are indeed stronger. I'd expected the guy to turn into a golden sculpture.