Chapter 2083: Engaging Old Man Lightford

“It’s him.” An Kasyapa looked up at the figure hovering in the sky some distance away, the look in his eyes deep. “That old bastard was always arrogant and prideful.”

Whether in the Boundless Prison or Myriad Abyss, Lightford topped the list of people Kasyapa hated. The old man plagued An Kasyapa like a nightmare.

“You of the Eternal Sacred Land, listen up!” a voice boomed. “Master Lightford has come to you personally. You clowns should be coming out to greet him!”

Jiang Chen snorted. “Such hypocrisy. He’s here to assign blame. Does he actually expect us to throw him a welcoming party?”

“That’s just a suck-up’s doing. Don’t...

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