Chapter 208: Thoroughly Surrounded by the Rat Tide

Chapter 208: Thoroughly Surrounded by the Rat Tide

Jiang Chen sat cross legged, deploying the divine art of Psychic’s Head to the extreme. His eyes were like a hawk’s as he sent the God’s Eye into the tide of rats.

Jiang Chen had no other methods at this time either. This wasn’t something that human strength could stand against. Even a spirit king practitioner would be as miniscule as a grain of corn in the wild sea in this boundless tide of rats. They wouldn’t be able to raise much of a ripple at all.

The light of wisdom had dawned on Dan Fei’s face at this time. She sat on a stone slab and was less than five to six meters away from Jiang Chen.

She also knew that if even Jiang Chen couldn’t find a way out, then the only thing they could do was the silently await the arrival of death.

Perhaps the line of defense that Jiang Chen had laid down could delay the advancement of the rats, but beneath the oppression of the endless hordes of rats, there wasn’t much difference between having that small radius and having no boundary at all.

It was like using a ladle to empty a river of its waters. It was an absolutely futile gesture and completely not on the same footing.

“Jiang Chen, just what is he thinking about right now?”...

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