Chapter 207: The Tide of Rats Is Coming!

Chapter 207: The Tide of Rats Is Coming!

When he saw the heavily injured spirit creature, Jiang Chen’s brow creased vaguely and he asked, “Where did you discover it?”

Xue Tong pointed ahead, “Not too far ahead. There was a trail of blood along the way. I wonder who was so perverse as to kill a spirit creature by slowly torturing it to death.”

Jiang Chen didn’t answer, but looked at the spirit creature again and again. “This wound was purposefully inflicted. It looks like this wasn’t done to kill it at all, but rather to torment it.”

“Yes, could it be that Ye Dai and them who did this?” Ye Rong frowned. “Ye Dai doesn’t seem like such a person to do this, it isn’t his style.”

“Let’s take a look ahead.” Jiang Chen didn’t know what to say either, and couldn’t offer any conclusions by just looking at this brutally injured spirit creature, which didn’t have an inch of unmarked skin left.

When they arrived at the location where Xue Tong had found the spirit creature, they saw traces of blood all along the way, extending all along the path. There was blood everywhere. It seemed that the spirit creature had bled an unknown amount of distance.

“Did this spirit...

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