Chapter 2068: Divine Kasyapa’s Observations

No matter how insistent the four servants were, Divine Kasyapa didn’t give an inch. There was no room for negotiation.

Huang’er was going to protest further, but then Kasyapa knocked her unconscious with a single stroke. He ordered his four servants, “Your duty is to protect Huang’er. She is my one and only hope. As long as she’s safe and sound, I’ll return in one piece.”

He loved Huang’er very much, even more than he did his daughter An Yu’er.

An Yu’er wasn’t jealous of her daughter. She knew Huang’er had much more talent in martial dao than her. Besides, she’d missed the best age for cultivation.

She was happy that her daughter had the opportunity to grow stronger. She harbored a lot of guilt toward her girl.

She and Yan Qianfan hadn’t been able to show their daughter any love since her birth. Worse, she’d suffered greatly because of them, shouldering burdens that shouldn’t have been hers.

If fate hadn’t been merciful, they wouldn’t even have seen their daughter after leaving the Boundless Prison. She would’ve long become a pile of bones.

Eternal’s second prime and third prime learned of Divine Kasyapa’s assessment of the situation. They knew they had no choice but to attempt an escape.

They were very conflicted.

Their attempt to break through enemy lines might fail, but if they didn’t even try, it was only a matter of time before their enemies broke in. Then, they’d all die.

What was worse, the sacred land’s heritage, foundation, and all the treasure they’d accumulated would fall into enemy hands. If that happened, they would be vilified by generations to come.

No matter how slim their chance of escape was, it wasn’t impossible. But if they stayed, their doom was assured.

If even someone as powerful as Divine Kasyapa had given up on winning, that made it clearer than anything that the enemies were too formidable.

And now they were facing four divine cultivators! That turned the two primes’ knowledge of the world completely upside down. Was the Eternal Sacred Land worth the attention of four gods?

How powerful must their enemies be for them to send so many divine cultivators to attack the sacred land? Four gods were a lot in Myriad Abyss, even by the ten sacred lands’ standards.

“You have one hour. Pack up! Take the most valuable items with you. Get ready to break through enemy lines!”

They were breaking out!

Every member of the sacred land had received the order. They could no longer keep the sacred land’s foundation intact.

Their only chance was to force an escape.

As soon as the two enforcers showed, the sacred land’s defense wavered even more. If Jiang Chen and the forefather hadn’t improved the defense system several times, the four divine cultivators would’ve broken in in less than fifteen minutes.

It was a race against time.

Eternal needed time to gather their members and pack up their personal items and valuables.

Meanwhile, the attackers were trying to break through the defenses as quickly as possible so that they could fully loot everything from the sacred land.

Divine Kasyapa and House Yan stayed on their guard. As soon as Kasyapa made a move against the divine cultivators, the others would force their way out with every last trick in their arsenal.

Divine Kasyapa was in a dark mood as well. Even if he managed to attract all four of the divine cultivators, it didn’t guarantee that the others would be able to escape.

If the four cultivators reacted quickly, some of them would be able to go after his family. Would his four servants be enough to take them on? Could they persist under divines’ attacks?

He didn’t have an answer.

He finally understood the problem of having no allies. Although he was a divine cultivator, there was little he could do as one man.

“Remember, you must keep running no matter what happens on my side,” An Kasyapa stated. “Keep going and don’t look back. Don’t worry about me. Don’t even think about coming back for me. You won’t be of any help in a battle at this level.”

With that, he hid himself with the sacred land’s defense as his cover and watched the four divine cultivators. The four men had each picked an area and brimmed with supreme confidence.

Truth be told, the four of them would be enough to destroy the Eternal Sacred Land twice or three times over.

An Kasyapa stayed in the dark, waiting for an opportunity to strike. He was in the dark while his enemies were out in the open. That was his only advantage and only hope.

Only by exploiting that advantage did he have a chance of turning the tide.

After all those years in the Boundless Prison, he’d learned to wait for the right moment. Like a wolf hunting for prey, he wouldn’t expose himself before he was sure he could take down his enemies.

However, the only thing keeping him hidden was Eternal’s defense system that yet stood, but could fall at any second.

One it did, he’d lose his cover and be completely exposed to his enemies. Then, he would have no choice but to fight them head on.

“I have to make this attack count. I have to hit at least a few of them and injure them. I won’t survive a fight against all four of them.”

An Kasyapa remained level-headed, a crucial mentality for the underdog.

The different ways the four cultivators held themselves were telling. The sallow man seemed to harbor hatred for the sacred land as he looked the most eager.

Lightford’s personal guards had arrived later. They stayed at the back like they were the last line of defense. They weren’t in a rush to attack the sacred land, but instead kept an eye on the battlefield, seemingly looking for An Kasyapa.

The remaining bald cultivator took the other side as his defense post.

The four of them had sealed off the escape route.

Divine Kasyapa kept calculating his chances.

The sallow cultivator was the only one he could target. The bald man was on the other side and wasn’t a main attacker.

Meanwhile, the two enforcers looked untouchable. It didn’t seem like they planned to intervene, which either meant that they considered themselves much more superior, or the teamwork between the four divine cultivators wasn’t as good as they’d expected.

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