Chapter 2067: Two Great Enforcers Arrive

The attack on the Eternal Sacred Land grew increasingly fiercer.

Compared to the rebellion, the group attacking the sacred land this time was much smaller, but every one of them was a top-level escapee from the Boundless Prison. They were experienced and mighty fighters.

Thus, the pressure on the sacred land was greater than last time. More importantly, neither the first prime nor the venerated forefather was here.

Divine Kasyapa’s words were a wake-up call. The air grew heavy.

Yan Qingsang was the only one who voiced his defiance, mumbling, “The sacred land’s elites will make it back in time. Then the crisis will be resolved.”

“Haha, make it back in time? Firstly, the ‘elites’ who are away for the grand competition aren’t that much compared to two divine cultivators. Secondly, that old bastard Lightford planned this attack beforehand. Do you think he hasn’t thought of keeping your elites from returning?

“This seat isn’t being purposefully pessimistic, but the ten sacred lands are in great trouble. I don’t know where the grand competition was held, but as long as that old jerk knows, he has many ways to trap those people and even keep them there forever!”

Lightford was a powerful cultivator. That, even Divine Kashyapa had to admire him for. That was why he didn’t think the ten sacred lands could turn things around.

“I don’t know about the other sacred lands, but Jiang Chen will come back,” Yan Qingsang argued. “He’s never let us down.”

“Brother Chen will return safely,” Huang’er agreed.

Divine Kasyapa didn’t disagree and smiled faintly instead. 

“That young man is extraordinary. Given enough time to grow, he may intimidate even Lightford. Although he’s too talented, so I hope Lightford doesn’t notice him too soon. Otherwise I’m not sure if he will let Jiang Chen live long enough to grow stronger.”

He voiced his concerns for Jiang Chen as he knew what kind of a person Lightford was.

Lightford was an ambitious, ruthless man who wouldn’t allow a potential rival to become a real threat. 

A mountain couldn’t house two tigers.

Although Jiang Chen was still a cub, Lightford might not give him the chance to come into his own.

Personally, Divine Kasyapa wanted Jiang Chen to have the chance. After all, this was his grandson-in-law! He had high hopes for the boy.

“Enough, it doesn’t matter if Jiang Chen will return and when. You have to come with me, Huang’er. You, too Yan Qianfan. I don’t want to lose my granddaughter. Neither do I want my daughter to lose the man she loves. The rest of you are free to stay.”

He’d never liked the Yan family, or he wouldn’t have slaughtered its members. He’d only spared Yan Wanjun because he was Yan Qianfan’s father, his in-law.

Noting Huang’er’s reluctance, Divine Kasyapa was about to forcefully take her away, but then a howl cut through the silence like a lightning splitting the air. 

“An Kasyapa, I hear you’ve been causing trouble,” a deep voice boomed. “My master has sent my brother and I to meet you. Why don’t you come out and show us how bold you are?”

Divine Kasyapa’s face clouded over. He said in a low voice, “It’s the old bastard’s left and right hand men. This will be tricky.”

“Left and right hand men?” asked Yan Qianfan. “Are they powerful?”

“Neither is good enough to defeat me in a duel, but the two of them together will be a challenge to take on. Moreover, there are two other divine cultivators as well. I can’t take on all four of them at once. Even if we’re only thinking about escaping, the odds that we’ll succeed have dropped to about forty percent.”

His tone was grave. It was clear that the situation was growing out of control.

“You should leave now, grandfather,” urged Huang’er. “Eternal has little to do with you. If you leave now, they will let you off the hook.”

Kasyapa smiled faintly. “I wouldn’t have come if I were the kind of person to abandon you. Silly girl, I spent countless years in the Boundless Prison. The only thing I care about is my family, which is what sets me apart from Lightford.

“For his ambition, he’s willing to sacrifice his wife and children, abandon his parents, kill his friends, and disregard morality. I’m different. Even to this day, I haven’t forgotten that I’m human.” There was a mocking edge to his tone, and his eyes glinted with conviction.

“Since they’ve come, a fight is inevitable. Do you hear me, my four personal guards?”

He was calling for his demigod servants.

The four servants approached him. “We will fight to the death for you, master.”

Divine Kasyapa waved a dismissive hand. “There’s no need. Not even you are good enough to fight this battle. I’m going to attack them and catch them by surprise. Hopefully I’ll be able to severely injure a couple of them. Then there’s still some hope. If I’m trapped by the four of them, only the heavens if I can survive. Remember, once I make a move, their attention will be on me. Seize the opportunity to take Huang’er away. Do not hesitate!”

The four servants froze, too hesitant to take the order.

“Oh? Are you going to disobey this seat?”

“The two primes can break her out of the sacred land,” the four servants said in concert. “We live and die with you, master!”

“Silence!” snapped Kasyapa. “This seat’s words are your orders. I tell you to get out of here with my family, and you must! Live to fight another day!”


“Enough, it’s so decided,” Kasyapa said faintly. “You’ll only be cannon fodder if you become embroiled into a battle between gods. I’m by myself. I can improvise. If things aren’t looking good, I’ll run away. It’s four of them against one of me. No one will judge me for fleeing.”

The four servants refused to listen. They knew their master was ready to sacrifice himself for his family. He was going to face four opponents on his own. Even if he wanted to retreat, there was only a forty percent chance that he’d succeed.

As servants, it was their duty to assist their master and even die for him when the time came. They’d never abandon their master and run away.

However, Divine Kasyapa was determined. It was clear that nothing they said would change his mind.

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