Chapter 2066: In Dire Straits

“Daoist Kasyapa, why are you helping the Eternal Sacred Land? To not respond to Master Lightford’s summons is one thing, but who do you think you are helping?” A sallow god with a rather patchy beard demanded an explanation.

“I do what I want. It’s none of your business.” Divine Kasyapa was hardly the most cordial of people. He treated the question with scorn.

“Alright. If you’ve resolved to oppose Master Lightford, you deserve our contempt!” The response he got incensed the sallow god.

He traded a look with his companion. That the two gods couldn’t take down Divine Kasyapa for so long made them anxious.

The other divine cultivator of the duo, a bald, large-eyed man, glared at Kasyapa. “Old Brother An, I actually admire you quite a bit. Your lack of cooperation and outright hostility to Master Lightford is a bit too much though. I recommend you turn back while you still can. I will intercede on your behalf for this offense.”

“Enough wasted words.” Divine Kasyapa laughed. “I’ve no interest whatsoever in the Master Lightford you serve. Even if he came himself, do you think I’d be afraid of him?”

The sallow cultivator barked out a sinister snicker. “You should be careful how you puff yourself up. Would you be so sure of that if he was here in person?”

Kasyapa smiled coolly. “Why hasn’t he come, eh?”

“Don’t be so full of yourself! Master Lightford has work elsewhere, but he’ll deal with you himself one day. Though he hasn’t come, his two enforcers have received our request for aid and are on their way as we speak. An Kasyapa, I hope you can stay as intractable as you are after they arrive!”

Divine Kasyapa was shaken at this revelation. Back in the Boundless Prison, Master Lightford had commanded a considerable amount of influence.

Not because of any virtues he might have had, but force of arms and methods instead.

His two enforcers served as his loyal lapdogs, performing a great number of evil deeds in their master’s will.

Lightford had become famous far and wide because of his servants’ cruelty and viciousness. This kind of reputation garnered him fear rather than respect.

An Kasyapa could win one on one against either enforcer, but he’d have a hard time facing both of them alone. If the two of them were joined by these two gods in front of him, he would find it best to retreat as quickly as possible.

Unless he could reach mid divine realm, he couldn’t possibly fight as one against four.

The subtle change in An Kasyapa’s expression didn’t escape the sallow cultivator, who grinned evilly. “If you’ve the balls, An Kasyapa, then stay and die alongside the Eternal Sacred Land.”

An Kasyapa wasn’t in the mood to squabble anymore. Sneering in response, he vanished into thin air. Eternal’s great defensive formation still remained, and would hold a while longer yet.

The divine summoned Huang’er and her family, relating the circumstances outside to them.

“Huang’er, I’m not scared of taking them on by myself. However, I’m not sure if I’ll still be able to protect all of you when those two enforcers arrive. You need to come with me now,” An Kasyapa stated gravely.

Huang’er was an astute young woman. She understood the gravity of the situation instantly. However, she couldn’t just abandon the Eternal Sacred Land.

“Grandfather, I’m not a disciple of the sacred land, but this place is Brother Chen’s home. As his dao partner, it’s mine too. It’s very difficult for me to just abandon it.”

“Foolish girl. If that kid really loves you, he would support your departure himself. He wouldn’t want you to go down pointlessly alongside the sacred land. Wouldn’t he regret it for the rest of his life if you came to harm? Is your future together more important, or your stubbornness?” An Kasyapa knew an appeal to emotion wouldn’t work.

Huang’er cared more about Jiang Chen than anybody else. After all, her parents hadn’t overseen her growth from childhood, while Jiang Chen had been alongside her through thick and thin.

“Your grandfather is right, Huang’er. For the sake of you and Jiang Chen’s future, you must leave this place. I’ll stay,” Yan Wanjun declared.

“I’ll stay as well,” Yan Qingsang volunteered.

“Us brothers will stay with you as well, father.” Yan Qingsang and Huang’er’s fathers both chimed in.

“All the rest of you will leave. Our family is hardly beholden to the Eternal Sacred Land. My presence here should make our gratitude clear.” Yan Wanjun waved a hand, silencing the others.

“How could I leave?!” Yan Qingsang flared up. “I’m a disciple of the sacred land. I can’t possibly flee to save my own hide now.”

“Hmph, I’m not a disciple of the sacred land, am I? I’m doing your part for you. How much can you possibly do by staying here? At least I can help a little.” Yan Wanjun cared about the survival of Yan Qingsang the most among the people here.

He had spent the majority of his efforts over many of the past years on him, as much or more than he had on his two sons. He wouldn’t allow Yan Qingsang to stay.

As they conversed, a sacred land disciple hurried in.

“Good sirs, the second and third prime request your presence. The enemy’s attack is fierce, and we must discuss how to fend them off.”

In truth, the Yan family had little to do with the decision-making process in the sacred land. The two primes merely wished for Divine Kasyapa to help.

The divine in question harrumphed. “What’s there to talk about? Get your two primes to start organizing a breakout. We can’t possibly defend this place for too much longer. Collect any important treasures. Bring as much as you can with you. The enemy means to steal your foundation here!”

He knew Lightford’s ambitions better than anyone. Lightford wanted to take the foundations of the sacred lands for his own, and thereby become the ruler of Myriad Abyss.

If he could take the sacred lands’ bases, all their riches would be his.

Alas, Eternal currently had little recourse to prevent this from happening—at least from Kasyapa’s perspective.

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