Chapter 206: After Joy Comes Sadness for Ye Dai

Chapter 206: After Joy Comes Sadness for Ye Dai

“Oh no, I can’t seem to gather my true qi!”

“Mm? Something’s wrong. My spirit ocean seems to have sucked in something!”

“Ah, my true qi can’t be gathered either!”

Everyone on Ye Dai’s side started yelling all of a sudden.

Ye Dai’s face also greatly changed, because he too discovered that he couldn’t summon his true qi. Not only his men, but even he himself had an empty dantian, as if his true qi was locked by something and he couldn’t gather the slightest bit of it.

Chen Li’s face had drastically changed. It was as if he was a duck whose throat was being clutched by a hunter as he emitted raspy sounds, “Jiang Chen, you used poison?”

“Congratulations, you’ve guessed correctly. Chen Li, is it? How many times the agreed upon rate do you think you can get now?” Jiang Chen had a shadow of smile on his face.

Chen Li’s disposition was ashen faced as his arrogant flames seemed to have been directly put out with a bucket of cold water. His face was filled with a terrified look, “Jiang Chen, if… if you dare kill me, the Precious Tree Sect will never let you go.”

Jiang Chen’s face darkened, “Give me a reason not to kill you.”

“I… ” Chen Li’s first notion was to say that ‘I’m a genius of the Precious Tree Sect...

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