Chapter 2055: The Most Unexpected Plan

Flora’s forefather did want to break out, but he was worried that Eternal might assign Flora to take point. They’d suffer the most casualties then.

Given the circumstances, Flora wouldn’t be able to oppose Eternal’s decision, or others would fault them for failing to consider the big picture.

Normally, the other sacred lands might not target Flora, but no one wanted to be cannon fodder. It was human nature to want others to take on the most dangerous task.

Flora’s forefather deeply worried that they would be sacrificed.

Jiang Chen could read the forefather like an open book. He smiled faintly. “If we stay, we’ll be sitting ducks. It’ll be up to our enemies to decide when they’re going to kill us. If we break out together, we stand a chance of surviving.”

Jiang Chen did have an idea. However, he had to consider how viable it was.

Most importantly, he needed everyone to be on board with it. If they couldn’t put aside their differences, no amount of planning would save them.

He had confidence in his plan, but he worried that the traitors would stir up trouble. The hidden threats introduced an unpredictable element to the situation.

Nonetheless, as long as the ten sacred lands remained true to their goal, a little turbulence from the second and third tier factions wouldn’t have that much of an impact.

Jiang Chen estimated that the group behind the Prismatic Convergence Formation and the mist wouldn’t have assigned their main forces here. They’d trapped members of the ten sacred lands for a reason.

Although it would be risky to break out and their enemy might have set up an ambush, the risks should be manageable.

Flora’s forefather’s eyebrows furrowed. “I agree that we should take the initiative, fellow daoists. However, we need to assign the tasks fairly. Since we’ve formed an alliance, no sacred land should end up bearing the brunt, correct?”

Eternal’s forefather smiled faintly. “So this is what you’re worried about.”

Flora’s forefather didn’t deny it. “What do you plan to do?”

“Hmph, of course we have to be fair, and everyone has to play a part,” Eternal’s forefather responded, displeased. “Do you think I’ll order Flora to take point and sacrifice you?”

“As long as the arrangement is fair, Flora will do our best! We won’t be deadweight!” Flora’s forefather made his promise.

“Alright, then we’ll work together to overcome this challenge!” Eternal’s forefather shook his fist, his eyes determined. “With our foundation and strength, we’re not going to be intimidated!”

“We’ll stand together until the end of the line!”

“Fight to our deaths without fear!” The forefathers declared solemnly, concisely announcing their attitude.

Jiang Chen spoke up, “Seniors, I have a plan. If we do it right, we can avoid a lot of casualties. If it’s perfectly executed, we may even break out of the island at almost no cost!”

That caught everyone by surprise. They turned to Jiang Chen questioningly, waiting for him to explain his idea.

Instead of giving them an answer, Jiang Chen asked, “Seniors, if you were our enemy, how do you think the cultivators on Sandplain Island would escape?”

It was a good idea to think from the enemy’s perspective.

Everyone put some thought into the question. Taking the enemy’s perspective allowed them to form a clearer picture of the situation.

“I’d bet on airboats. They’re quick and they provide cover for the cultivators, which would prevent immediate casualties!”

“Flying without airboats is another option. It’s more flexible. Cultivators will be able to react quickly when something happens. However, there will be no cover. An attack will easily kill them.”

“Or other flying items might be used, such as flying swords. Compared to physical flying, the items may be a distraction.”

The forefathers proposed many possible scenarios.

Jiang Chen thought for a moment and nodded. “Our enemy must have thought of those possibilities as well, but none of you mentioned another option. Perhaps our enemy has overlooked that, as well.”

“What is it?” Everyone was curious. What had they not thought of?

Jiang Chen gave them a mysterious, leisurely smile. “It’s a simple method, but most people will dismiss it immediately.”

“Which is?” They were even more befuddled. Jiang Chen seemed serious, but they couldn’t think of another option.

“Traveling by water! Sandplain is surrounded by sea. Traversing it is the most primitive and straightforward way to escape.”

“By the sea...”

The ten forefathers smiled wryly, disappointed. The most basic method did come to them easily, so much so that they didn’t give it any thought. It was common sense in Myriad Abyss to avoid traveling by sea as much as one could!

There were too many unpredictable elements about the ocean that could lead to a cultivator’s death. Traveling by water was the slowest and most dangerous method of transportation.

There were many strange creatures lurking within the water. They could strike any moment and were impossible to avoid!

That was why no one thought of it as an option. The odds that it’d work were close to zero. They couldn’t possibly cross the vast ocean to their freedom.

The mist would affect their vision, and the enemies would be able to attack them. With the water preventing them from moving fast, the enemies would have more opportunities to attack.

Jiang Chen wasn’t surprised by their reaction. He knew people wouldn’t take his idea seriously. However, the calm smile on his face never faltered.

“Your reactions further convince me that my idea will work!” Jiang Chen boldly declared.

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