Chapter 2054: A Difficult Choice

The mist was very odd indeed. Jiang Chen silently transmitted to the ten forefathers immediately. 

“Everyone, hold your breaths. If you have any treasures to ward off poison, use them now. Don’t touch the mist or charge out unprepared. Anyone who tries to incite chaos or spur others to run for it is gravely suspect.”

Myriad Abyss Island was situated within an endless sea. It was extremely difficult to find the exit in dense fog. The unwary traveler who didn’t mind his way would only meet misfortune.

Any enemies lying in ambush would be able to slaughter a fleeing throng.

The ten forefathers’ consciousnesses could barely make out a few hazy shapes beyond the fog. Nothing else was visible or perceptible.

They had a decent chance of escaping themselves, but it was unrealistic to bring along the thousands of people stranded on Sandplain.

The Prismatic Convergence Formation might be broken, but their way out was still barred.

“Jiang Chen, is the mist toxic?” messaged the Eternal forefather.

Jiang Chen nodded. “The mist is composed of a complex mixture. I can’t analyze it right now, but it is most certainly artificial. There’s nothing wrong with being careful.”

He couldn’t actually judge whether the mist was poisonous in so short a time, but was there any need to?

The young man used his God’s Eye to gaze outward, but his line of sight didn’t manage to get very far. It was the first time in his career that his God’s Eye failed to give him a clear view. He was extremely astonished.

His ability had increased along with him. If even it was limited here, the mist was terrifying beyond comprehension. There was almost zero chance he would be able to find his way in this mist.

If the mist was allowed to spread, it would hurt the cultivators all the same. It wasn’t possible that is was a mere smokescreen.

The poison might not be a fast-acting one, and be countered by antidotes to boot, but lingering on Sandplain would allow its toxins to slowly and surely spread.  

Jiang Chen was immune to poisons, but the others couldn’t say the same.

The young man was quite conflicted. He didn’t want the others to simply wade into danger and death, but waiting around would only render them sitting ducks.

“Forefathers,” he messaged, “can you make out where Sandplain’s exit is?”

Since Sandplain Island was a secret realm, it had only one entrance and exit. It was impossible to depart otherwise.

The enemy had exploited this fact to hem them with a single Prismatic Convergence Formation.

Though they had shattered that particular obstacle, the mist before them was a superb backup measure. As long as the exit was tightly blocked shut, they would have nowhere to go.

This was nothing short of a death trap!

If the ten sacred lands hadn’t been plotting other things, they wouldn’t have been taken so unawares.

The forefathers were capable, yes, but even they couldn’t see too far into the fog. How were they supposed to find the exit?

“Jiang Chen, this mist is very thick and potent. It’s hard to find the exit. The enemy was well-prepared for us.” The Eternal forefather sounded mildly perturbed.

Clearly, he felt his skin prickle with anxiety. The trouble they were in here was much more difficult than any situation in the ofworld battlefield.

There, they had always had the prerogative to choose their next course of action. That same was not true here. They were forced to react rather than act; a terrible feeling indeed.

“We have only two choices in front of us,” Jiang Chen mused. “Either take the risk of attempting a breakthrough, or stay here on Sandplain. If the mist creeps in, no one can guarantee immunity from its poisons. Sooner or later, we’ll perish on our own without being attacked.”

“Is there no third option?” The Eternal forefather was rather upset.

“Sure. If the enemy decides to show himself for some reason, we can parley with them. Maybe that will be enough to resolve things.” This was naturally an empty suggestion.

Jiang Chen knew, as did the others, that an enemy who employed so many methods wouldn’t simply sit down and bargain for a truce. Why should they give away their existing advantage?

The Eternal forefather engaged in somber discussion with the other divine forefathers. They were embroiled in a life-and-death matter. The only way out was to face the crisis head on.

The forefathers perfectly understood that no selfishness or prejudice was tolerated here.

Either they all lived, or they all died.

“If death is the only thing staying has in store, we must break through at whatever cost.” The Radiance forefather was firm.

“Yes. The enemy’s plan is quite crafty, and we are ensnared in its interlocking links. The Prismatic Convergence Formation was designed to hold us in place while the mist slowly seeped in. We would’ve been none the wiser until it was too late.”

“We can’t squander the opportunity to escape that Jiang Chen has given us.”

There was largely a consensus about the course of action to take.

The Flora forefather became hesitant. He wasn’t sure whether breaking through was feasible. But what if the mist was harmless after all? He couldn’t afford to take a gamble though.

If the poison seeped in enough to incapacitate mid-travel, that would have deleterious effects on their group.

The forefathers of Polylore and Void, allies of Flora, couldn’t sit still.

“Daoist Flora,” they expressed, “we’ll die a slow death if we stay. Breaking out might incur a few sacrifices, but as long as our elites get out safely, we’ll get back the upper hand sooner or later.”

“Yes. Time waits for no man. Each additional second here means heightened danger!”

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