Chapter 2052: Existence Of A Latent Threat

The area Jiang Chen designated wasn’t large at all. It was comparatively much easier to find a node within the constraints.

“Is a joint attack enough to shatter the node?” inquired the Eternal forefather.

“The Prismatic Convergence Formation is a rather intricate work,” Jiang Chen mused. “Each node is of crucial importance. If we can shatter one node, we’ll be a third of the way to destroying the formation. Two nodes, and we’re as good as done. Therefore, let us wait a little. We’re in no hurry to destroy this one just yet.”

“Why is that?” The Radiance forefather didn’t understand.

“Finding a second node and striking both at the same time would give us a much greater chance at fully breaking free. What if the enemy has reinforcements on the other side of the veil, or other countermeasures against our jailbreaking attempt? It might be hard for us to get out if we only break one node."

“Ah, I see. You want to remove this particular obstacle so that we might be unhindered by it in any ensuing conflict.” 


“Why can’t we break this node first, then? We can break the second after we find it.”

“I’m worried that we’ll alert the enemy that way. Breaking this node now will only give them time to rally their forces and build additional defenses. This formation was probably made to delay rather than trap us here. I think there’s a bigger conspiracy brewing.”

The forefathers were just as concerned about this possibility as Jiang Chen.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s find the second node,” declared the Sunrise forefather.

The second would be found much more quickly than the first, experience hastening things for all parties involved. However, the construction of the formation necessitated quite a bit of distance between the two.

The same methodology revealed the area another node was located not long after.

Based on the distance between them, Jiang Chen had a good guess of what level the formation was at.

“This Prismatic Convergence Formation isn’t particularly high level. It should have five nodes in total. If we break two, that should more than suffice.”

“Why not find a third?” the Eternal forefather suggested conservatively.

Jiang Chen thought for a moment, then disagreed. “We’d have to split up into three teams then. I’m not sure if we have enough people for that.”

He had thought carefully about the choice of two nodes.

If the forefathers were all mid divine realm, they’d be able to handle attacking even five nodes at the same time.

However, the forefathers were collectively only initial divine realm. None were fourth level or higher. It was, thus, considerably more difficult for them to destroy three nodes simultaneously.

Even the aid of the Vermilion Bird and Black Tortoise wouldn’t be enough.

Plus, there was no need to attack the third if two destroyed nodes would be enough to shatter the formation.

Jiang Chen’s certainty silenced any further doubting voices. The forefathers were laymen when it came to this formation, having not even heard of it in the first place.

The ten sacred lands’ forefathers gathered once more. This time though, no one else was in attendance.

“Everyone.” Jiang Chen spoke. “We have a method of breaking out from the formation. However, I have something important I think I should mention at this juncture. The gravity of the situation is not to be understated.”

Everyone steeled their hearts and listened carefully. They knew that Jiang Chen wasn’t in the habit of making things up.

“First, we’ve found two of the Prismatic Convergence Formation’s energy transfer nodes. If we destroy them, the formation will crumble by itself.

“Second, we must be prepared to face an outside foe once the formation disappears. Who knows what enemies await us and how strong they are? We can’t get complacent just because we have a way out. We must be ready to fight a bloody battle, possibly to the death. If we let our guard down here, we’ll be in for a world of pain.”

“The third matter is the most important. It’s only a hunch at the moment, but please do listen.”

“What is it?” the others asked curiously.

“I think that some of the factions that have come here to Sandplain have been bought and paid for. Or rather, they’ve been conscripted by another.”

“Oh? How so?”

“Many more experts than imaginable have broken out from the Boundless Prison. According to my information, some factions have already fallen under other gods’ thrall. Many of the second and third rate factions here in attendance have dubious origins. I suspect that there are traitors among us who’re passing messages to the outside. How would they have found a place as well-hidden as Sandplain otherwise? How would they have set up a formation in so short a period of time?”

The forefathers sank into thought at this.

“The ten sacred lands have always followed a strict standard for selecting disciples. I don’t think our own would be converted so easily, eh?”

“These traitors are surely not our own.”

“Do you have any concrete information, Jiang Chen?”

“I can’t speak too much on the subject,” Jiang Chen remarked. “The Eternal Sacred Land is the leader of the alliance, so our words must be founded in fact. Still, I have a few suspects lined up.”

“Go ahead and say the names,” the Eternal forefather stated. “I will take on whatever ire you draw.”

Jiang Chen nodded. “According to rumor, the Bluesmoke Isles were recruited by a mysterious expert from the Boundless Prison long ago. It was his place of origin, in fact. Because of that, Bluesmoke is a very likely candidate for where any spies might’ve come from. Plus, they hawked their geniuses with rather excessive eagerness. Three of their geniuses ranked among the top ten.”

Everyone blinked, then realized the truth of the youth’s words. Many couldn’t help glancing at the Flora forefather.

Flora had taken almost all of Bluesmoke’s geniuses under its wing.

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Finally the shoe drops! Will those new geniuses betray the sacred lands so quickly though, if they really are traitors?