Chapter 2050: The Prismatic Convergence Formation

The other factions weren’t going to complain at this point in time. They knew it was unrealistic to expect Eternal to turn the tide on its own. Working as a team was the proper way forward.

However, even the ten forefathers didn’t understand the strange curtain of light. It was beyond their knowledge and imagination. Many refused to give up and persisted in their attacks, but the light persisted no matter what they did.

As more and more saw what the strange wall was capable of, the air thickened with tension.

Pessimism descended when they saw that even the divine forefathers couldn’t do anything.

As the supreme leaders of the ten sacred lands, the divine forefathers were mostly equal in power and knowledge. Even when they all worked together, they couldn’t figure out a way to break through the wall.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen was still observing the bizarre wall made of light.

One by one, people shifted their gaze to the Eternal genius. If there was someone who could do something, it’d be Jiang Chen.

There was a tangled mess of questions in Jiang Chen’s head. There was something familiar about the wall of light, but he’d seen too much in his past life. It’d take some time for him to retrieve the right memory.

“Venerated forefather, I believe brute force isn’t the way to go. We have to identify the wall’s weak point.” He didn’t have an answer just yet, but instinct told him this was a cleverly crafted formation.

Breaking it through brute force would be extremely difficult. It wasn’t something the forefathers of Myriad Abyss could do.

Eternal’s forefather had no time to care about if Jiang Chen had taken his spotlight. He asked in a low voice, “What do you think about the wall of light, Jiang Chen?”

“This should be a formation, and one pre-planned at that. Once it’s activated, it won’t go down. I believe the formation won’t do us harm. Its sole purpose is to keep us trapped.” Jiang Chen ventured forth his speculation.

No one was going to dismiss his words at this juncture. The ten forefathers exchanged a look, their expression concerned.

Lu Mingye blurted out, “What empty words! We all know this thing is meant to trap us. We need a solution.”

Expression calm but eyes sharp, Jiang Chen chuckled and shot Lu Mingye a look. “Why don’t you share with us if you have a solution?”

Lu Mingye huffed, his face dark. “If I had one, Eternal wouldn’t be the alliance head.”

That prompted even Flora’s forefather to snap at him, “Shut up and mind your manners!”

The others were displeased as well. It was unbecoming of Lu Mingye to remain bitter and focused on factional conflict even at this moment.

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. “Since you don’t have a solution, kindly keep your mouth shut. I just had the inklings of an idea, but they went away because of your interruption. Now I have to go over the clues again.”

The best counterargument was to use the other’s words against themselves.

He didn’t throw around a single curse word, but his response sent a shudder down Lu Mingye’s spine. Countless angry glares were cast his way.

Flora’s forefather shook his head in resignation. He had to admit the Eternal genius was sharp.

“Young friend Jiang Chen must have a way. We shouldn’t interrupt him.”

“That’s right. Let’s give him some room to meditate.”

“He sure lives up to his reputation as a god incarnate. It’s only right for Eternal to be the alliance head!”

Jiang Chen didn’t take the compliments seriously. If he didn’t solve the problem they were facing, the compliments would soon turn to doubtful criticism.

Besides, he wasn’t trying to find a solution because Eternal was the leader. He simply was equally eager to leave the island so that he could return to the human domain.

“With this strange wall of light here, I worry that someone will take the opportunity to strike,” commented Eternal’s forefather. “I suggest everyone select an area to guard and work in concert with your neighbors. That way, we’ll be able to react to any attacks. Stay put and alert to any changes.”

The suggestion won everyone’s approval. They nodded in agreement.

Jiang Chen tuned out the forefathers assigning the defense posts. He concentrated solely on the wall of light and searched through his memory.

Suddenly, realization struck. It was the Prismatic Convergence Formation!

The name of the formation seemed to have opened a floodgate in his head. Everything he remembered about the formation surfaced his mind. More details came to the forefront.

What he remembered about the formation matched the characteristics of the wall of light, which further cemented his conclusion. He knew he had the right answer.

The Prismatic Convergence Formation was a multifunctional formation that contained spatial and elemental arts. By manipulating time and space, the formation attracted spirit energy from all around it to instantly form an impenetrable defense.

The one thing that stood out about the formation was its speed. It was amazingly quick!

Once attacked, energy from other parts would shift to the targeted spot faster than the speed of light, forming instantaneous reinforcements with no regard for distance.

If another spot was attacked, the defensive energy would then move again.

The secret of the formation were the various focal points along the wall, which were key to transferring the spirit energy. Without them, the energy wouldn’t be able to move so quickly, and the formation would lose what made it powerful.

If they could destroy one of the focal points, the formation would lose thirty percent of its power. If they could destroy two, the formation would be half broken.

There were records about this formation in the heavenly planes. Its power differed in different cultivator’s hands.

When used by a heavenly plane expert, the formation was terrifyingly mighty. The focal points were so mysterious that no one could even identify them.

Without identifying the right targets, the formation was practically unbreakable. That was what made it formidable.

For a moment, Jiang Chen was stumped as well. He knew how the formation worked now, but it wasn’t easy to find the focal points.

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