Chapter 2049: Danger Descends

Outside of Sandplain Island, rays of faint, strange light materialized in the air. Inside it, countless moving glyphs spread like plague and swarmed to cover a large area. 

The entire island was enveloped by the light, which morphed into an enormous kiln, trapping and refining the island.

Radiance’s forefather exclaimed, “Scum, what gives you the courage to stir up trouble in Sandplain?”

With a wave of his arm, a powerful attack hit the wall of light with a bang.

The light trembled dramatically, but it remained intact. Its impressive elasity had enabled it to withstand a hit from a divine cultivator!

Radiance’s and Sunrise’s forefathers exchanged a glance. They both read shock in the other’s eyes. They had a feeling that something big was coming.

“Let’s try together.”

The two forefathers were old partners and knew each other well. Without missing a beat, the two of them made their moves at the same time.

Two powerful torrents of air split through the sky like twin dragons, their combined forces terrifyingly mighty. It hit the faint sheen of light with a loud bang.

The wall of light trembled even harder, but once again, it didn’t shatter. The tremors subsided gradually until they calmed.

Like a spring, no matter how much force was applied, the light was only be compressed and reverted back to its original form once the outside force departed.

The two forefathers’ hearts sank. They hadn’t encountered anything in Myriad Abyss that the two of them couldn’t resolve. Yet here, this unassuming looking wall of light had resisted their concerted attack!

The strange turn of events painted a scowl on their faces. With grave expressions, they carefully inspected the area.

Unfortunately, they didn’t find anything. The wall of light seemed to have emerged out of nowhere.

Concerned, they stopped wasting their time and returned to the island at full speed. Everyone turned to them with questioning looks.

“The island is trapped in a strange wall of light,” boomed Radiance’s forefather. “We’re in trouble, everyone.”

Everyone was shocked to hear that. Some of them couldn’t help but sneak glances at Jiang Chen. It was surprising that young genius had been the first to sense the danger, rather than the forefathers of the ten sacred lands.

A strange atmosphere permeated the air.

“Come on, let’s go take a look ourselves,” remarked Eternal’s forefather. Everyone had been waiting for him to make the order since Eternal was the alliance head.

They had a lot of questions, but everyone followed the order and rushed toward the fringe.

Jiang Chen wasn’t in a hurry to leave. He slowed and fell to the back. Noting his unhurried look, Ziju Min asked, “Have you discovered something?”

“Something’s fishy. I’m going to take a look around.” Jiang Chen was calmer than most. He knew this must have been a targeted move against Sandplain.

He remembered the large group of escapees from the Boundless Prison. They had been lurking in the dark, waiting to strike.

Once they spotted an opportunity, they’d surely exploit it. And perhaps they were responsible for the situation they were facing now.

Jiang Chen had gotten some information from Divine Kasyapa. He knew the fugitives would stir up trouble sooner or later. In fact, he’d warned Eternal’s senior executives before coming to the island.

However, everyone had been too busy dealing with the offworld battles. They hadn’t had the effort to spare for the fugitives from the Boundless Prison.

Besides, they didn’t have a good grasp on the number of cultivators who had escaped. Therefore, they relaxed their guard.

Ziju Min had a newfound admiration for Jiang Chen, especially since the young man had sensed the danger before the ten forefathers. He believed Jiang Chen could actually rival the forefathers in some aspects.

Jiang Chen stayed silent as he surveyed the area. Wu You and Gan Ning trailed after him, worried.

Not long after, the ten forefathers returned. It was clear from their expressions that they were anxious. Eternal’s forefather was especially concerned.

He’d just become the head of the alliance. Everyone was looking to him for orders. This was the first trial of his competence and judgement. If he failed, the other sacred lands would question his leadership.

On the other hand, if he could steer the ten sacred lands through the crisis, he’d win everyone’s approval once and for all.

“Fellow daoists, the wall of light came out of nowhere. I believe it’s not the work of offworld invaders, but the cultivators escaped from the Boundless Prison.” That was Eternal’s forefather’s speculation.

“How so?” someone questioned.

“We’ve just come from the offworld battlefields and made the necessary arrangements before we departed. The offworld invaders may be powerful, but they can’t have broken through our defense in such a short time. Besides, it’s clear that this must have been a planned attack. Otherwise the wall couldn’t have been set up without us noticing.”

Eternal’s forefather had a clear head on his shoulders. Jiang Chen agreed with his speculations.

“Even if it is the fugitives from the Boundless Prison, we have to leave the island as soon as we can,” someone objected. “Otherwise, once our planar defenses are broken through, the offworld invaders will enter in droves! We’ll be in real trouble then.”

That was true.

The war offworld was at its peak; every second mattered.

If they were trapped in the island for too long, it’d hinder their war efforts on the offworld battlefields. The consequences would be catastrophic.

It was up to Eternal’s leadership now. They had to break out of the island quickly, or the offworld invaders would bring about a crisis and thus disrupt Myriad Abyss’s order.

Eternal’s forefather nodded. “We’ve been caught off guard. We need to brainstorm a solution. If you have any ideas or opinions, please don’t hold back. This is exactly when the newly formed alliance has to work together!”

Jiang Chen silently complimented the forefather. The old man had deftly made the problem everyone’s problem. They had to shoulder the burden together.

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